Why Is My iPad Alarm So Quiet?

Missing your alarm is never an ideal way to wake up. And a quiet iPad alarm makes doing so even easier. That’s why we’re exploring the topic of quiet iPad alarms. We’ve compiled various possible explanations & solutions to the problem.

Your iPad alarm is likely too quiet because of the volume settings in your alarm app. Volume settings are often set to a default mid-level that may be too quiet for you. Alternatively, your iPad speaker may be blocked by dust or dirt; this can is easily solved by cleaning your iPad’s speakers.

Now that you know the two most common reasons for a quiet iPad alarm, let’s explore these solutions in more detail s well as a few uncommon solutions. Read on for these quick fixes so you won’t miss your iPad alarm ever again.

Low Volume Settings and How to Change Them

Have you ever put in earbuds and started your tunes only to have your eardrums nearly ruptured by the volume? This scenario isn’t uncommon, which is why most software developers set default volumes to a mid-level. If you find this setting too low for your iPad alarm, you can change it in a few simple steps.

Go into the “Settings” on your iPad, then navigate to “Sounds; Haptics”. Locate the slider in the “Ringer and Alerts” section and move it to your desired volume. Set your alarm to the next minute or so to make sure the volume isn’t too quiet anymore. 

Clean Your iPad Speaker

If you go into your iPad settings and find the alarm volume is already at its maximum, you may need to troubleshoot a bit more to increase your iPad alarm volume. We recommend giving the speaker a little wipe-down so that you can be sure nothing is blocking it. 

Most iPad speakers are located on the bottom of the device. Bring the bottom of your iPad to the light and check if you notice any debris lodged in the speaker. Even if nothing is obvious or even visible, it still won’t hurt to give it a clean. You can buy wipes specifically made for electronic devices or simply use a Q-Tip or tissue. The more thoroughly and frequently you do this, the better your speaker will perform in the long run. 

iPhone alarm starts loud then goes quiet?

If you notice your iPad alarm starting off loud and then lowering the volume, you may have enabled “Attention Aware Features”. This feature lowers the volume of your alarm, the brightness of your iPad, and the volume of other notifications when it senses inactivity. To disable this feature, simply go to settings -> Accesbility-> Face ID & Attention -> turn off Attention Aware Features

If you notice your iPads alarm volume starts of loud then starts to drop

Your Alarm Only Makes Your iPad Vibrate? 

Quiet is one thing, but no noise at all, and only vibration is a whole different story. Though vibration helps with certain notifications such as emails and texts, it may not be enough to wake you from your slumber. 

If your iPad alarm is only vibrating and not making any sound, you will need to check that your alarm sound hasn’t been set to “None”. To do so, simply access the clock app then the alarm tab, and “Edit”. Tap the alarm and then the “Sound” button and choose whichever sound suits you. Be sure to test it’s worked properly, so you don’t end up late for work the next day!

How to Change My iPad Alarm From the Default Tone

If the default iPad alarm isn’t your favorite sound, don’t worry. There are various sounds to choose from so you can wake up the way you like each day. 

To change the iPad alarm from its default setting, all you need to do is go into your alarm from your clock app and tap “edit”. Select or set a new alarm and when doing so, tap “sound”. There will be several tones to choose from. You can try out each one by clicking on the title of the tone and letting it play. Make sure your volume is turned up so you can hear exactly how the alarm will sound if you select it. 

Can I Make My iPad Alarm a Song?

If you have a great tune you like to hear when your alarm goes off; you can set it as your alarm too. All you have to do is follow the same steps you did to change the iPad alarm from the default tone (immediately above). However, when you get to the “sound” selection, tap “pick a song”. You will then be able to scroll through your iTunes music library where you can select that song you had in mind. Waking up to the alarm of your favorite song is a great way to start your day! 

Can I Set Different Volumes for Different Alarms?

Worried you’ll snooze through that second alarm if it’s too quiet? You’re not alone. The “hit snooze” and wake up an hour later is not an uncommon situation. Unfortunately, you can’t make some alarms louder than others. However, we recommend making use of the various tones as some feel much louder and some, much quieter. For instance, “Ripples” is softer than the classic “Alarm”. If you’re a heavy sleeper, you may be better off using a less subtle tone to ensure you aren’t dozing into snooze!

You may also wish to try using the different vibrations if the volume is still too quiet for you. You can choose from various vibrations, just as you can choose from alarm tones. These vibrations may help with the alarm’s effectiveness even if it isn’t very loud. 

Will My Alarm Go Off in My Ears if I’m Wearing Earbuds? 

Yes! The alarm will go off in your earbuds if you’re wearing them. If you do adjust your iPad alarm to its maximum setting, you should be cautious while wearing your earbuds or headphones, as the alarm will go off directly into your ears. 

Also, don’t forget that your alarm will still sound if you’ve switched your iPad to silent mode. So, if you’re in a movie theatre or presentation of some kind, you should be sure to turn your iPad off completely if any alarms are meant to sound or simply disable them. 

Final Thoughts

iPads are great for many reasons, one of which is that they can serve as alarm clocks. You can set all kinds of alarms, change the label, sound, vibration, and perhaps most importantly, the volume! 

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