Why is My Arlo Camera not Connecting?

If your Arlo camera does not connect to your Wifi Network, there may be a problem with the application or the base station. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to get it connected. 

Solution 1: Make the Camera Discoverable

Keep in mind that the camera needs to be discoverable. The router needs to emit 2.4.GHz WiFi. If it emits 5 GHz, the camera will not connect. The router needs to connect to a 2.4 GHz network in order for the camera to show up on the list. To do this, go to the router’s panel on your computer. Go to advanced settings and select WiFi. Select the 2.4 GHz setting. Then, connect your smartphone and base station to it. After that, press the SYNC button on the camera.

Solution 2: Reinstall the Phone App

Perhaps, the app did not install properly. Go ahead and delete the app from your phone. Go to the App Store or Android and reinstall a new app. Then, press the SYNC button on your camera. See if it then shows up on the list on your device. If it does, it’s a go.

Solution 3: Hard Reset the Station

If something is amiss with the base station, your camera will not connect. The solution is to do a hard reset. This will give the device a full reboot. In order to do a hard reset, you need to find the reset button. It is located in a small hole in the back of the base station. You will need a small knife to reach into the hole. Reach into the small hole with the knife and press the reset button for approximately 10 seconds. Wait for the green LED light to go on. Then, press new system startup and follow the instructions outlined on the screen. Next, press the SYNC button and see if the camera now connects.

Solution 4: Delete and Re-add all Account Devices

Your Arlo camera may not be connecting because other devices are already on the account. In this case, you will have to remove them and then re-add them. The system will not recognize new ones if there are preexisting ones. You will need to remove all devices from your Arlo account. Go to settings and click remove. Remove everything, including the base station. You are now ready to add your new device to the app. The most important thing to remove is the base station. When you re-add, start with your camera first.

Solution 5: Recycle the Router

Try recycling your router if your Arlo camera will not connect. Log out of your account and reboot the modem. The network system may just be overloaded, or the router may be overheated. To do this, press the button on the back of the router. Remove the adapter from the outlet. Wait about 3 minutes. Then, plug the adapter back in and put the router on. Log out of your Arlo account and log back in. Then, check to see if your camera is now connected.

Solution 6: Use the Same Network

Your mobile device needs to be connected to the same 2.4 GHz network as the camera. Make sure that they are, or your Arlo camera will not connect.

Solution 7: Use the Correct Network Name and Password

The right WiFi network name and password must be used for your camera to connect. It is very case-sensitive, so it must be exact. Use the password eye icon to see your password before you enter it. It is a simple mistake that anyone can make.

Solution 8: Keep Both Devices Close to WiFi Router

Your camera will not connect if your Arlo device and phone device are too far from the WiFi router. During the setup process, it is highly recommended to keep your camera about 11 to 15 feet from the WiFi router. After the camera is set up and connected, you can then place the devices within any range of the WiFi router.

Solution 9: Note the Blue Blinking Light

The blue camera LED light must blink blue when the camera is being connected and discovered. Keep in mind that the LED can time out if it blinks for more than 2 minutes and does not connect to the WiFi network. If this happens, just press the sync button. The blue LED light should blink the whole time during the connection process.

Solution 10: Listen for the Chime

You should hear a chime noise after your Arlo camera scans the QR code. You need to hear this chime in order to continue with the connection process. Do not continue with the connection process if the QR code is not scanned.

Solution 11: Check for Signal Interference

Environments with various WiFi devices, multiple WiFi networks, and frequencies can result in signal interference. Reduce the number of these where you put your Arlo camera. To adjust the WiFi settings, check the instructions that came with your router. The signals might be interfering with each other.

Solution 11: Check the Power

If your Arlo device has a battery, it must be properly inserted and charged. The app will show if it is low. And if your device uses a solar charger or electrical outlet, make sure they are receiving power. Connections must be secure. It is also highly recommended to use Arlo cable accessories. Other accessories can cause issues when you are trying to connect your camera.

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