Why Are My JBL Headphones/Earbuds Not Charging?

Many people have the problem that one of their JBL earbuds doesn’t charge after a while. This can happen with any type of JBL wireless earbuds. 

Solutions to JBL headphones/earbuds not charging include cleaning the charging pin connections, making sure the charging pins retract properly, and turning your earphones on/off to get them to re-pair with each other and your device.

We’ll talk about all that and more below.

How do I know if my JBL earbuds are charging?

You’ll know if your JBL earbuds are charging if both headphones have their blue LED indicator lights on and stay on a solid colour. 

If one of those lights is off, it may mean there is a connectivity issue between the charging pins and the earbuds. 

It could also mean there is a misalignment between the pairing of the headphones. 

We’ll go over some solutions to these common problems for JBL earbuds in the sections below. 

What should I do if my earbuds won’t charge?

Step 1: Check Pins

Check to see if the pins are pushed in on the inside of the charging case. There will be three, and they make the connection with the earbuds for charging to occur. 

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Use a small pair of pliers and be prepared to be delicate. 

Step 2: Push Pins Up/Down

The second thing you should do with the pins is check to see if they protrude out the same length. Push them down. 

One or two of them may not be coming out as far as they should to make the connection to the earbuds. 

In that case, push and pull on the pins to ensure they are retracting and expanding the same amount. 

Step 3: Clean Charger Contacts

The third thing you should do is make sure the contacts are clean. If you look at your pins, if you’ve had your earbuds for a while, you’ll likely be surprised by how much dirt has accumulated up around them. 

This could be the cause of the poor connection, resulting in your earbuds not charging. 

Use a microfibre cloth to wipe off as much of the grime as possible. If your pins are having trouble retracting, this will likely help with that connection problem as well. 

Step 4: Clean Earbud Contacts

The last thing to check for is on the earbuds themselves. 

If you turn your earbuds around, you will see three holes. These are the holes the connection pins go in when charging.

You’ll want to make sure these are clean as well because, over time, they will fill up with some earwax, grime and dirt. 

Use a paper clip or a toothpick to gently clear out the recesses inside the three holes. Make sure you are being gentle as you do not want to damage the metal contact. 

Once you’ve finished cleaning out the three holes, you should be able to see through to the metal contacts. Now you can try placing them back in their charger. 

You should see the light appear indicating that contact between the pins and the charger has been made and charging is in progress. 

If you still do not see the charging indicator light, try wiggling the earbud around a little from side to side. This ensures contact is made.

How do I fix my JBL left earbud not working?

If your left earbud is not working, but your right one is, don’t worry. There are still many things you can do to solve this problem. 

Step 1: Disconnect Bluetooth

The first thing you’ll want to do is disconnect the Bluetooth from your phone or whatever device your earbuds are connected to. 

We don’t want anything trying to connect with our earbuds while we are troubleshooting the problem. 

Step 2: Turn Off Left Earbud

Take out the left earbud. This should start turning it on, and the LED should start blinking. If it is not flashing, you might have a different problem. 

Presuming your LED indicator light is blinking, what you want to do is hold the side down for about 10 seconds so that it will power off. 

Step 3: Turn Off Right Earbud 

As soon as it is powered off then take the right earbud and repeat the same process:

  1. When you take it out, it will begin trying to connect
  2. Hold the side down for 10 seconds
  3. The JBL earphone will power off 

Step 4: Turn ON Left and Right Earbuds

Now go back to the left earbud. Press the button to turn on your left JBL earbud. Once your left earbud is on, press the button on the side of the earbud three times quickly, 1, 2, 3. 

This will result in your LED indicator light turning blue and flashing blue and white. You’ll want to leave it in this state for a moment while you do the same thing to the right earbud. 

Now they are both in pairing mode, and you will notice the left JBL earbud – the one that wasn’t working – will not turn solid blue, indicating it has paired with the other earbud. 

Step 5: Turn On Bluetooth

Now you can go back to your device, turn on the Bluetooth, and it should be able to reconnect with both headphones working without any trouble. 

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