Why Are My Jabra Headphones So Quiet?

Jabra headphones are awesome. It is unlikely that you will ever have to deal with a problem with them. When you do, chances are that the issue will be quite minor. One of the most common issues with Jabra headphones will be them being a little bit too quiet. Thankfully, this should be a simple problem to fix, and we want to help.

So, why are your Jabra headphones so quiet ?

the biggest reason why your Jabra Headphones might sound quiet is because there is an audio limiter on your audio device. This is closely followed by there being a connection issue between your headphones and your audio player.

Let’s expand upon this a little bit. Not only do we want to go through the reasons why your headphones could be so quiet , but we also want to tell you how to fix them. We will be covering both wired and wireless Jabra headphones here.

Headphones are not turned up 

Let’s start with the most obvious answer. However, because it is the most obvious, a lot of people don’t actually check for it.

Most Jabra headphones will have a volume dial on them. It doesn’t matter how high your audio device is cranked up. If the volume dial is turned all the way down, then the headphones will be quiet.

So, switch that dial up. We reckon that this will help the vast majority of Jabra headphone owners.

Volume limiter on your audio device 

If you have an Android device, then there may be a volume limiter in place. This means that you may not be able to turn your headphones up beyond the 75% mark.

Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix. Al you need to do is turn up the volume of the device. When you hit the audio limit, there will be a confirmation message. Agree to it, and you will be able to take the volume all the way up to 100%.

You may be asked to re-confirm the removal of the audio limiter every so often.

Remember, the volume limiter is supposed to serve a purpose. The whole idea is to ensure that the volume doesn’t damage your hearing.

Problem with the wires on your headphones

If you have wired headphones, then there could be a problem with the wire. This is normal. Wires get damaged over time. After all, they are being bent and twisted about a lot.

Again, this is a problem that should be easy to fix. With most Jabra headphones, you can just swap out the headphone cable. This will be a 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable. Basically, it is your standard audio cable.

Try and purchase a quality audio cable. Not only will it be able to pump out better sound, but it is probably going to end up lasting a whole lot longer than your previous cable too!

Problem with the Bluetooth connection on wireless Jabra headphones

If you have wireless Jabra headphones, then these will connect up to your audio device using Bluetooth technology. This is currently the best way to transmit audio. It isn’t without its problems, though. These problems can often result in your headphones being a little bit too quiet.


One of the most common reasons why wireless Jabra headphones are quieter than they should be is due to interference.

Your headphones should never be more than a meter or two away from your audio device. Any further than this, and there may be a noticeable drop-off in sound levels.

If there is something metal close to your audio device, then this could also cause signal interference. This can lead to quieter headphones.

Factory reset

Every so often, you will need to reset your wireless Jabra headphones. This can clear up any software issues with them.

How you do this will be dependent on the model of Jabra headphones that you own, so consult the manual. in most cases, you will need to hold your finger on the power button for about 20-seconds.

When you have factory reset your headphones, you will need to pair them with your audio device again.

Wireless Jabra headphones have lost their charge

If the battery on your Jabra headphones is close to being fully drained, then there will be a drop in sound levels. Again, this is going to be one of the quickest issues to solve. You will need to put the headphones on charge and you are done.

Remember, as your headphones get older, the battery will drain even faster. There is nothing that you can do about this. It doesn’t mean that your headphones are broken. It just means that your battery is old. 

Dirty headphones

This does seem to be a problem with earbuds more than headphones. However, some people have noticed that their headphones can get dirty.

if your headphones are dirty, then they may be limiting the amount of sound that can come out of them. This means that giving your headphones a quick brush down every so often will work wonders.

This is normally going to be the case if one side of the headphones seems quieter than the other side.

Remember, if you are going to be cleaning your headphones, it is important that you do not use any water. Tissue paper or gentle brushing with a soft brush should do the trick.

Other issues

If you still can’t fix your headphones, then it may be worth reaching out to Jabra if your headphones are still in their warranty period. They may be able to help.


If your Jabra headphones are a bit quieter than they normally are, it doesn’t mean that your headphones are broken. There are multiple reasons why the sound levels can plummet. Luckily, most of these issues can be easily rectified. It may mean removing the volume limiter on an Android phone. It may involve swapping out some cables or re-pairing your headphones. However, we can assure you that the problem can be fixed.

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