When Does Hulu get New Episodes?

Hulu has numerous shows available from many different creators, and for many users, it is one of the best ways they have to watch these series. It is not only a convenient way to do it, but if you are a fan of binging television in one sitting, you can do that with most of the shows on Hulu. But how long does it take for Hulu to get new episodes of shows on the streaming service?

Hulu has the rights to upload episodes of a show as new episodes air; a new episode will typically be uploaded to the service about 24 hours after it originally aired on television. However, there may be circumstances that force Hulu to break this cycle, especially in situations where defying this schedule is unintentional. Further, it may even be a matter of licensing issues that prevent the episodes from coming in on time, or in some cases, ever.

In order to understand their episode upload schedule, as well as exceptions to this schedule, read on below.

When Does Hulu get New Episodes?

First off, it’s important to understand that, as far as series go, Hulu has a mixture of original programming and cable television programming. On cable television, as many are readily aware, it is typical to see shows released week to week (or even longer), and shows usually take a break (divided up by seasons). However, a lot of streaming services do this differently with their own original content, as many tend to dump these original series all at once (at least season by season anyway).

Some streaming services are more inclined to take this all-at-once model for a lot of their series, but others prefer the older model, such as Disney Plus. There are a lot of pros and cons related to whether one is better than the other, but ultimately, it will come down to personal preference. Do you like the enjoyment of watching a show stretched out for a longer period of time or a shorter one?

Why aren’t certain show getting any more new episodes on Hulu?

There are multiple reasons why your favorite show may not be getting new episodes for longer than is normal. The most common reason why you would expect to see this happen is if the show is currently on break. Ie, it is in between seasons, the show has been put on hiatus, or worse, the show is simply no longer getting any more new episodes.

Another common thing to happen on Hulu, as well as its competitors, is because the streaming service does not have the license for future episodes. At times, this may be because the license holder for the show wants to give timed exclusivity to another platform before it comes out elsewhere. It may also be that Hulu has an agreement for the episodes they currently have, but one or both of them are unwilling to negotiate further episodes.

A show may also simply not be getting any more new episodes, or be on hiatus. You can check the status of most shows on the Internet, such as on websites like Wikipedia, which frequently have episode lists of major shows. In addition to episode lists, the articles may have information about its schedule, whether the series is over, and if not, when new episodes may be coming again.

Does anime take longer to come to Hulu than other shows?

It is entirely possible that anime may take longer to actually come to the service than a typical show, but it is not because of any process behind the way anime is distributed in English-speaking countries. The pace of anime releases in English will ultimately depend on many factors, such as whether it is a Japanese dub with English subtitles or an English dub. The former is a relatively quick process, while the latter will take a lot longer depending on budget and time allocation.

Places like Crunchyroll and Funimation get Japanese dubs with English subtitles fairly quickly, but English dubs are another matter. This is because there is a lot of planning to do with the translation; for example, you often cannot simply directly translate a line from Japanese to English, as the resulting English line may make no sense. Thus, writers need to be involved to plan out things like that, as well as make sure the English dialogue syncs up with the characters’ mouth movements.

Another major issue, besides budget and time issues, is that the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously hampered a lot of things, including the production of English dubs for anime. Normally, Crunchyroll adds English dubs about four weeks after the episode originally aired in Japan, but this can vary depending on how the schedule allows it. Funimation meanwhile has showed faster turnarounds in the past, but due to the pandemic, the wait time has become significantly longer, going from 2-3 weeks originally to as long as 12 weeks to complete.

If Hulu isn’t getting more episodes of a show, where should I go to see more?

There are many shows available on Hulu, but unfortunately, licensing sometimes prevents them from getting more episodes and keeping its users up-to-date with users on other platforms. It may also be that Hulu has decided that getting more episodes of a show is not worth the cost of paying for more episodes of the show, which usually occurs when a show underperforms.

Hulu has its fair share of anime in its streaming library, but it is far from a market leader in terms of anime selection. You can get a lot of great anime shows and films, but if you are a fan of anime, your best bet is to go for a streaming service that specifically covers anime, like Crunchyroll or Funimation. Further, Hulu has some series where their selection of said series is limited by comparison and has been relatively stagnant.

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