What Type of Charger Does a PS4 Controller Use?

Although no longer Sony’s newest console, the Playstation 4 is still beloved by casual and hardcore gamers alike. Sony changed the game with its PS4 controller, adding a clickable touchpad while retaining most of the intuitive design from previous Dualshock controllers. Like those on the Playstation 3, PS4’s controllers are wireless and need to be charged.

Playstation 4 controllers charge with a standard micro-SD cable, which is included with the system. It has a power rating of 5V 800ma (0.8amps). The controller will only draw 800ma (0.8amps) when plugged into a PS4 console or USB wall charger. If you’ve lost the cable, it’s the same one that came with many mobile devices, including Android phones, before 2020. You can repurpose another cable with similar specs or buy a longer one to charge while playing games.

Although you might use other charging solutions for your PS4 controller, you’ll need a micro-USB controller at least once if you want to play games. 

Using Your Playstation 4 Controller Wirelessly

Aside from charging the phone, you use the same cable to initially connect the controller to the console. After the controller is connected, you can remove the cable to play wirelessly. However, there’s no other way to connect the controller without a cable. Of course, you can keep your controller plugged in to charge while you play.

Charging Your PS4 Controller

You don’t have to connect your controller to your Playstation 4 to control it. Instead, you can plug it into any device with a USB port to charge. Other video game consoles should work for this. You can also plug a micro-USB cable into a USB outlet in your wall or power strip or use an adapter to directly charge your controller without another device.

Many gamers with multiple controllers purchase charging docks. This is a convenient solution that allows you to store and simultaneously charge your controllers. Some docks also use Fast Charging technology to charge your controller batteries quickly.

Typically, you place the controller onto the dock flat or upside down, so that the micro-USB port on the back of the controller interfaces with the plug on the dock. If you use a controller grip, you may need to remove it to dock your device.

Although most docks are designed for your Dualshock controllers, you can also buy options to charge your Playstation Move controller, including docks that charge both types of controllers at once. Move controllers usually sit in charging docks vertically.

Charge Your Controller Faster

Just like putting your phone into airplane mode allows you to charge it more quickly, you can charge your Playstation 4 controller’s battery a bit faster if you turn off the speaker, light bar, and vibration functions. Charging your controller while in use will take longer than if you charge it when you’re not playing with it.

Can You Use the Same Charging Cable As Your Playstation 3 or 5 Controllers?

No. PS3 controllers use the older mini-USB specification, with a larger plug and port. Sony has updated its charging cables to USB Type C for the Playstation 5. The plugs are similar in size to micro-USB plugs but are symmetrical and can be plugged in using either orientation, which makes them more convenient for users.

However, once your controller is charged, you can use it with other consoles if you add it as a Bluetooth device.

Checking Battery Level

When your PlayStation 4 controller is plugged into the controller, you can press the PS button to see the battery charge status.

What About Third-Party Controllers?

If you bought controllers made by a company other than Sony, either because they were more affordable or offered features or designs you preferred, they most likely use mico-USB cables to charge, too. This allows you to charge them with the same cable and potentially the charging dock, as long as the controller is shaped similar to an OEM Playstation 4 controller.

If Your PS4 Controller Won’t Charge

First, make sure your Playstation 4 (or charging dock, outlet, or power strip) is on. Your controller will only charge when there’s an electrical current. It’s okay if the PS4 is in rest mode, however. 

Because Playstation 4 controllers use a micro-USB cable, you can easily swap out the cable for another one if your controller won’t charge. If the problem persists after trying multiple cables or charging docks, the issue may be with the controller itself. The port could be damaged or the battery dead.

You can purchase replacement batteries for your PS4 controller if you’re comfortable taking it apart and replacing it yourself. Otherwise, you may be able to pay for the service or ask Sony for a repair or replacement if your device is still under warranty. However, you’ll need to replace your PS4 controller if you’ve exhausted these other options.

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