Why Won’t My Airpods Flash White?

A white flash of the Airpods case’s LED indicates that your Airpods are in pairing mode; this allows your AirPods to be discovered by other devices. However, there may be a case where your Airpods aren’t able to enter pairing mode.

If your Airpods won’t flash white even after manually setting them on pairing mode. Then chances are the bottom tips of your Airpods may be clogged or blocked by debris, or the charging pins located in the case will need to be cleaned. Another common solution is to charge your Airpods for around 30 minutes, even if your device is fully charged, then manually set them to pairing mode. 

Airpods not entering pairing mode is a common problem ; there are a few reasons this may occur, so let’s look at the rest of the troubleshooting methods. Let’s dive in!

How To Fix Airpods Not Flashing White

As we mentioned above, a white flash indicates that your Airpods are on pairing mode and are ready to connect to your device; this is typically done by opening the lid of the charging case and pressing & holding the button located on the back of the case until the LED flashes white.

However, there may be instances where this doesn’t work. Here’s how to fix it:

  • Place Your Airpods and the charging case in the charger for 30 minutes
  • Clean the connectors in the charging case
  • Press down on your Airpods When Pairing

Charge Your Airpods and charging case for 30 minutes

The most common solution to this issue is to charge your Airpods and the charging case for 15-30 minutes, even if your devices are fully charged. Once you’ve kept them in the charger for around 30 minutes, set them in pairing mode by opening the Airpod case’s lid and pressing and holding the button located in the back until your Airpods flash white.

Clean the connectors in the charging case

The second most common solution is to clean your Airpods and case; more specifically, you want to clean the charging connectors; you can do this by using a cotton swab to remove any debris that may be blocking your Airpods from properly resting on the case’s charging pins. You’ll also want to clean the bottom tips of the Airpods; you can do this with a micro-fiber cloth.

Press down on your Airpods When Pairing

As we mentioned above, a very common reason this issue occurs is because there may be an issue with your Airpods making contact with the charging pins. A solution that worked for several users was to push down on the Airpods while in the case and enter pairing mode while pressing down on the airpods, ensuring that the bottom tip of the Airpods is in contact with the charging pins.

(Skip to 2:00 for video demonstration)

How do I know if my AirPods & charging case is charging?

You can check the battery status of your charging case by looking at the case’s LED. Green indicates your charging case is fully charged; amber indicates that there is less than one full charge remaining.

Opening your case next to your iOS device will display your Airpods & charging case’s precise battery level.

Why is only one of my AirPods charging?

Similar to issues with placing your Airpods on pairing mode, the most common reason for charging issues stems from a blockage in the Case’s charging connector or debris located on the bottom tip of the Airpods. This causes issues with the Airpods establishing a connection with the case’s charging pins.

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