How to view Wyze cam on TV

When you are setting up your Wyze cam for a little home security, you’ve got a lot of viewing options. So, what if you are just wondering how to view Wyze cam on TV without the internet? 

In that case, you’re in luck. 

Viewing your Wyze cam on TV is most easily accomplished through 3 mediums. You can use Tiny Cam Pro software to do it, you can utilize Chromecast, and an Amazon Firestick will also do the trick nicely. Note: These steps are only supported on the V2 and Pan models. 

That said, today we’ll detail all 3 of these options for you with a step-by-step approach that can get you set up in minutes. It’s quick, easy, and you’ll just need to choose the option that you like and we’ll provide the rest! 

Viewing your Wyze cam without the internet 

Your Wyze cam is WIFI-equipped and so technically, you don’t have to limit yourself on viewing it through the internet. If you are safety-conscious you can view if from your ‘safe room’ or simply set it up in the bedroom so that your electric-eye is at your disposal whenever you need to quickly surveille the premises. 

Getting started, you’ll need to have one of the following Wyze cam models: 

  • Wyze Cam Pan 
  • Wyze cam V2 

If you have one of these, then select your favorite medium listed below and proceed to the steps we’ve provided in the sections to follow. Here are the mediums: 

  • Tiny Cam Pro software 
  • Google Chromecast 
  • Amazon Firestick 

Viewing your Wyze cam on a smart TV using Tiny Cam Pro software 

Tiny Cam Pro is a heavy-hitter in providing accessible home security cam access, with over 12,000 security cameras supported by their app. With Tiny Cam Pro, you can access your security feed on your Android or IOS phone and since it is an app, it’s also going to work if you’ve got a smart TV! 

Here are the steps that you need to follow to take advantage of this popular medium: 

  • First, you will need to download the appropriate app depending on your devices. Visit the Apple store for IOS phones and Smart TVs or Google Play for the Android variety to download the Tiny Cam Pro app. 
  • Once the app is installed, scan to look for your Wyze cam . You should find it readily on your home network and once you see it, select it to Sync it to your phone and to your smart Television. 
  • Your Television should now have access to your Wyze cam feed! 

As you can see, these are quick and simple steps, but if you have multiple cameras, you can add those too. You will need some specific information, such as the make and model as well as the password for each individual device if you would like to add them this way. 

This is one of the easiest ways to get the feed to your TV but there are other software apps that are available. We’ve selected this one due to it’s popularity, ease-of-use, and as an example to show you what to expect when using a software solution with your Wyze cam and smart TV. 

Wyze cam can also be viewed on your TV with Chromecast 

Google Chromecast is another wildly popular option that allows you to stream media from a wide assortment of devices and your Wyze camera is definitely one of them. Chromecast can easily broadcast the ‘Where Cam’ stream to your TV with a few simple steps and it’s a fun option for one simple reason. 

Voice commands. 

That’s right. When you want your security feed, you can simply announce ‘Google, show me Wyze camera’ and your security feed will pop right up at your command. You don’t even need a remote for this option, so if you like your home security with a little voice-activated ‘flash’ then Chromecast might be your medium of choice. 

Setting up your Chromecast to work with your Wyze cam requires the following steps: 

  • The first thing you need to do is connect your Chromecast to your Google home device so that it is networked and ready for those voice commands. 
  • Net we need to add your Wyze camera to Google Home. To do this, we first select ‘add a device’, followed by the ‘set up new devices’ option. 
  • Finally, we need to pair the devices. This is done by selecting ‘Google Home’ so that it will be prepared for the pairing and then you must select your camera and ‘Pair’. 

This should successfully pair your Wyze camera feed with Chromecast and Google home, so that you can use voice commands to view your feed on your TV. 

This option also works with many of your other media devices, so if you like a solution that allows you to voice-control and access your security feed, as well as media from a long list of other supported devices, Google Chromecast might just be the perfect solution for you. 

Using Amazon Firestick to view Wyze cam on your TV 

Our final popular viewing option for casting your security feed to your television is the Amazon Firestick. If you aren’t familiar with them, Amazon Firesticks can convert a normal TV into a smart TV, allowing you to stream from supported devices and giving you access to movies and television shows in the bargain! 

Like Google Home, you’ll have a voice-control option as your Fire stick works with Amazon’s Alexa. This means that you will want to first install the Alexa app through your Fire stick , however, but once you’ve done that, then you will simply need to follow the steps below: 

  • Open up the Alexa app and once it loads, select ‘menu’ to bring up our options. 
  • Find the option called ‘Smart Home’ on the list. You might have to scroll down a little but this should be present. 
  • After selecting ‘Smart Home’, we want to look next for an option which says ‘Device’. Select ‘Device’ and then we want to add the skill for ‘Wyze camera’ 
  •  Provide your credentials for accessing the camera to Alexa and this should allow you to synchronize the two. 

This should allow you to view your camera feed through Alexa and your Amazon Firestick. Also, now that you have added the ‘Wyze’ skill you can also manually add more cameras by selecting the ‘Devices’ option and then choosing ‘Discover’. 

…or just tell Alexa “Alexa – discover devices!’ through your Firestick’s included Voice remote and Alexa will walk you through the rest. It’s a fantastic setup and if you’ve never had the joys of a smart-home networked together with Alexa, this is an excellent option to consider. 

In closing 

Setting up your Wyze cam for home TV viewing is easy and can be done in minutes using the steps which we have provided today. Just be sure to follow the step-by-step for your chosen medium and you’ll have your TV ready to receive your security feed in no time. 

Finally, if you want a little flash, we highly recommend going with Google or Alexa. There is nothing quite like an instant security feed that appears at your command. Until next time, we wish you the best and hope that you enjoy your new and convenient security channel – Security TV! 

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