How to Turn Up Brightness on a Dell Laptop 

You have a Dell laptop and you are not happy with the brightness on the screen. Perhaps you are watching a video and you can barely make out what is being shown. You might be playing a game and your character keeps dying because you can’t make out what is going on. Your head might be pounding because you are straining your eyes trying to read what is on the screen while you are drafting an important document.

Another problem might be that the darkest dark is too hard to see, while the brightness could also be hard on your eyes. So you want to be able to change things to make things easier for your vision.

So the solution is to up the brightness of the screen. But how do you do it? We are here to help. There are several solutions: 

Go To The Display Settings

Since you are using a Dell, that means that you have Windows 10/11 on it. It’s a simple matter of hitting the Windows key and typing in “Display Settings“, where you can change everything from the resolution to the brightness. You can adjust the brightness and even the contrast from here. Then you can resume doing what you were before and can always return to this if you need to make minute adjustments. 

Go Into The Graphic Card Settings

You can go into the display settings again and this time, choose the Advanced options. Here, you can see the graphics card – which is what helps you see what is on your screen – settings and adjust the brightness or the contrast. You may have an NVidia or an Intel graphics card, depending on the model of the laptop. Being able to adjust the contrast can also make a big difference in helping you hone in on sharpening what you can or can’t see, especially if you are doing something like highlighting something in a word processing document or another text-based one. 

Use The FN Keys at the Top

There is another option. Look at the top of the keyboard with the FN (Function) keys at the top. You will see F11 and F12. Just press the CTRL button and then use either F11 or F12 to make the screen brighter or darker. That will allow you to see things that you could not before.

Set Up Adaptive Brightness

Over the decades, laptop creators have been working on different ways to make life easier for people who use their products. One such feature is a brightness sensor. You can set up your laptop to automatically change the brightness based on what kind of light there is around you. If your laptop is equipped with this, you can check “change brightness automatically when light changes” in the Display settings. If you do not see this option, it means your laptop does not have a brightness sensor.


Of course, with anything technological, things can happen. One thing that you need to check if you find that your brightness is not adjusting properly, especially if you recently upgraded your version of Windows, is if your graphics card has an upgraded version of its driver. You will often find that updating will fix whatever issues you are having with your brightness. 

While it is nice to have a brighter screen for when you are using it, it does come at a cost. Doing this will tax the battery on your laptop a considerable amount – just like it does on your phone. You could adjust the brightness while you are plugged into power, but being on power all the time could reduce the effectiveness of your battery too. Ultimately, you should consider reducing the brightness again when you are finished doing what you need. Then your battery could last a lot longer. 

There is another option to help you with your brightness and your battery life. You can go into your power settings and have the brightness automatically start dimming if your battery reaches a certain threshold. This is an excellent option if you are traveling and you do not have a power source to plug into. That way, you can continue working on whatever it is that you need. You will be dealing with less stress if you are on a deadline. 

Laptops are still very useful in current times and should be for the not-too-distant future. It is hard to replace the feel of the keyboard on a tablet, and it can be a bit hard to set up those Bluetooth keyboards for tablets. So you have the trusty laptop … and you will be able to preserve your eyes with the above tips on how to adjust the brightness on your Dell laptop. 

Steven Carr

Steven is a certified IT professional and gaming enthusiast. He has been working in the tech industry for over 10 years, and specializes in all things Tech-related. When he's not geeking out over the latest hardware or software release, he can be found testing out the latest video game.

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