How to Turn off DJI Mini 2 Controller 

Flying a drone is a heck of a lot of fun, and brings back lots of fond memories of flying RC helicopters as a kid. Yet, drones can do so much more, able to not only travel much larger distances, but also able to show us a feed of what it sees.

Some drones are more complicated to figure out than others, with certain drones very clearly not being intended to be used by beginners. However, that is not the case with DJI Mini 2, which is a great choice for beginner drone pilots. However, some questions have arisen when trying to operate the DJI Mini 2, including how to turn off the DJI Mini 2’s controller.

How to Turn off DJI Mini 2 Controller

How to Turn off DJI Mini 2 Controller

To turn off the DJI Mini 2 controller, you need to push the power button once, and then press it again and hold then the power button until you hear a beep from the controller. Once you hear the beep, the controller will now be powered off.

For as fun as controlling a DJI Mini 2 drone is, what isn’t fun is the battery drainage that comes with it. This drainage is inevitable, even if you left the controller on standby. However, there is no good reason to leave it on standby, especially considering the fact that turning the controller off is a pretty quick and easy task.

From now on, instead of leaving the controller to sit and drain the battery, do these steps. First, push the power button, which is the bottom-right button on the controller. Pushing the power button on its own is not enough to make it turn off, however. To finish the process, you need to press the power button a second time, this time keeping it held down until you hear the controller beep. Once you’ve heard this beep, congratulations – your DJI Mini 2 controller is now powered off. This method applies to many of the DJI brand’s controllers.

If you do not power your controller off judiciously, you run the risk of having the battery drain faster than it normally would. This is a problem both in the short term for your device, as well as in the long term for devices in general.

What To Do If You can’t I turn Your DJI Mini 2 controller back on

Once you are ready to power your DJI Mini 2 controller back on, you may be confused as to how to get it on. Just pushing the power button only shows the battery level of the controller. In order to actually power it back on, you need to repeat the same steps as you used to power it off. To do this, push the power button, and then push it again and hold until the controller beeps. This lets you know that the controller has now powered on. But what do you do if you try this method, but it somehow does not work?

The most common reason why the DJI Mini 2 controller is not able to power on, aside from performing the above-mentioned steps, is because the battery has been depleted. Thankfully, the DJI Mini 2 controller uses a rechargeable battery. This battery is 5200 mAh (milliampere) and is a lithium-ion battery. This means that all you need to get the controller charged to maximum capacity is to plug it in using a USB cable.

Be sure to plug it into a USB port that charges relatively quickly. In ideal circumstances, the DJI Mini 2 controller should be able to be fully charged after four hours. This assumes that you use an 18W charger. Anything less than that will charge it relatively slowly, while if it is any higher than 18W, this may be dangerous for your controller. Be sure to allow the battery to charge to full capacity before you stop charging if you can help it, as it can affect the long-term battery capacity of the DJI Mini 2 controller.

In addition to potential issues with the battery, the controller may be damaged in some way, preventing it from working as normal. There are two ways this can manifest. The first is by the controller simply not having power to it, even when the battery should be at full capacity. The second option, meanwhile, is if the camera feed is non-operational, which may suggest that there is something going wrong with the monitor on the controller or the camera on the drone. The power button may also be stuck in some way, preventing you from either turning the DJI Mini 2 controller on or off.

If the normal method of shutting down the controller is not working properly, this may mean that the DJI Mini 2 is currently frozen and needs to be rebooted. This may become more obvious if the screen on the controller is frozen and not matching what the drone is seeing. In this case, try holding the power button for 10 seconds. Eventually, the DJI Mini 2 controller should fall asleep on its own.

Is there a DJI Mini 2 app?

The DJI Mini 2 controller has an appt that accompanies it, although how much it affects the quality of the DJI Mini 2 experience is debatable. This app is called DJI Fly, and can be used to interact with a multitude of DJI devices, including the DJI Mini 2.

Can you use the DJI Fly app to control the DJI Mini 2 drone or controller?

It may be nice if you could utilize the DJI Fly app to make your DJI Mini 2 experience better, but unfortunately, the app is less of an app to control your DJI Mini devices, and more for uploading your DJI Mini 2 content to the app for others to see. In addition to this social media functionality, you can also review tutorials designed to help make you a better drone pilot.

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