How to Connect Wyze Camera to New Wifi

Have you moved or changed your internet service provider and now your Wyze Camera isn’t connecting as it should? It can be tricky to figure out how to go about resetting the Wyze Camera to a new wifi connection. While it isn’t a quick and easy thing to do, we’ll walk you through how to set up a new Wifi connection on the camera.

Connecting a Wyze Camera to new Wifi settings is easier if you set it up as a completely “new” camera, without adjusting or deleting the previous settings you had with the old Wifi connection. 

Want a complete walk-through that will take you step by step through that process? Read on to see how to switch Wifi connections on a Wyze Camera and how to update the camera’s firmware to have a completely functioning security again.

How to Connect Wyze Camera to a New Wifi Connection

Just like we stated earlier, we’re going to connect to the new Wifi connection just like it is a completely new camera. So first off, don’t delete or adjust the old camera setting. We’ll use the old camera in this case (no need for a new one) and set up a completely new Wifi setting connection for it.

Make sure before you go through our step by step, that you have the camera, a power source, the smartphone app, and a working Wifi connection. Make sure all are working, updated, and ready to connect.

Step 1 – Click on the Wyze app on your smartphone and launch it, logging into it if needed.

Step 2 – Plug the camera into the power outlet or your USB port and wait about half a minute for it to flash yellow.

Step 3 – Find and hold the Setup button that is on the camera’s back. You should hear a “ready to connect” message and then you can release.

Step 4 – On the smartphone app, look on the top right of the screen and click on the three dots. Click again on “Add a Product” and find your device’s name to add.

Step 5 – Follow the instructions on the setup window screen after choosing your device.

Step 6 – Afterwards, choose the 2.4GHz Wifi connection network and put in the password. Wyze doesn’t operate on 5GHz. After the password, connect to the network.

Step 7 – On the smartphone app, scan the QR code with the Wyze Camera. You should hear “QR Code Scanner”. If so, click the “I heard the voice command” button.

Step 8 – Pick a new label for the camera with the gear icon by clicking on the name and entering a new one.

Congrats, you should have a completely new connection to the old camera. If not, go through the steps again until it has been rectified.

Updating the Wyze Camera Firmware With and Without a Wifi Connection

After establishing a new and solid Wifi connection, you’ll want to make sure that your Wyze camera has the latest firmware settings so that your camera works properly at all times. There are two ways to update the camera’s firmware.

Updating with a Wifi connection – Open the smartphone Wyze app and click on Wyze Camera. Click Settings. Click on the Device Info. Lastly, click on Firmware Version and if you see the update/upgrade option then click on it and install. If it isn’t there, the Wyze camera firmware is already up to date.

Updating without a Wifi connection – Go to the Release Notes and Firmware Page at Wyze on the computer and find the latest firmware for the camera and download that to your computer. Next, take the microSD card out of the Wyze camera and put it into the computer. Extract to the SD card’s root directory (the first folder) the firmware files. Put the microSD card back into the camera while the camera is off. Hold your camera’s Setup button and plus in the USB cable while still holding the button until there is a purple light showing or a blue light showing (depending on the model of camera) Wait for a four-minute restart. Your camera should now have the latest firmware.

Having a Wifi connection as you can see makes for much easier firmware updating. Doing the steps above first before a firmware update will make for a quicker and easier time of it.

Reconnecting a Wyze Camera to a Wifi Connection

If you need to reconnect the camera, go to the smartphone app and click on the plus (+) and then Add Device. Find your camera in the list and go through the setup stages that will be listed.

You’ll need to reconnect a Wyze camera if it becomes disconnected for any reason from the Wifi connection. This can happen when you’re trying to update or could be from a glitch. Reconnecting a Wyze camera should be done as soon as you realize your camera has lost its connection. Should it not connect to a working Wifi connection, you should go through the steps above to make a new connection and sync it to your camera. Your Wyze camera will only work as it should with a solid Wifi connection.

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