How To Connect PS4 Pro To Wifi And The Internet

The PlayStation 4 console is Sony’s flagship device. It still holds nearly 58% of the market share, with over 115 million units sold worldwide. As of June 2021. The PS4 has surpassed the Nintendo Switch (80 million sales) and the nearly flat-lining Xbox One (40 million sales).

What about PlayStation 5 ? According to a piece TheVerge.com, with the spoiler title, “Don’t count on being able to buy one any time soon,” reports are that Sony “is struggling” to produce PS5 consoles. That’s because of an unprecedented computer chip shortage, compounded by pandemic-era supply line problems.

This article will focus on the PlayStation 4 operating system and how to set up the PS4 console for WiFi—that’s if you can find one, because it looks as if the PS4 could be either in short supply or at least overpriced this season.

PS4 Has Its Own WiFi and Internet Browser

The power of the PS4 console is leveraged by its own built-in internet connection and integrated WiFi connectivity. The PS4 also allows users to play games online with HD content and use streaming services like Netflix and Spotify.

For the fastest and most robust connection—and to take advantage of membership perks–however, users need to connect with wireless LAN or Ethernet connection to a local router. A WiFi connection is convenient, but console connection speed is slowed by physical barriers. Using an Ethernet cable and plugging it into the rear of the PS4 console, gets the best performance.

A Quick Guide to Networking Your PS4 Console

Turn on your console and follow the below steps to set up your PS4 WiFi connection:

Step 1 – On the home page, in the upper menu (push the left controller plunger forward) and navigate to the second to the last icon, the toolbox-shaped “Settings.”  Press the X button on the controller.

Step 2 – On the Settings screen, navigate 7 items down to the globe-shaped “Network” menu. Press the X button.

Step 3 – Select the second item, “Set Up Internet Connection,” and choose either “Use Wi-Fi” or use a LAN cable. (Again, a cable connection results in a more stable, faster internet connection.)

Step 4 – Press the Back (O) button and check the “Connect to the Internet” Box. Use the bottom 3 items to:

  • test your internet connection
  • check the status of your PlayStation Network Services
  • view your network connection services

Now you’re ready to use your PS4 console as a web browser.

Using the “WWW” PS4 Internet Browser

Return the console’s main menu using the Back button. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Look for the Blue “WWW” Internet Browser selection on your list of games and apps.

Step 2: If the Internet Browser selection is not displayed, do the following:

  • Navigate to the Library menu (last item on the far right of the PS4 home screen).
  • Open the menu with the X button.
  • Select “Applications” on the left pane of the screen.
  • Navigate to the “WWW” web browser icon. Select the “WWW” square, and select “Start.” The selection will appear on the home screen.

Note: If your home screen is overcrowded with a long horizontal list of games and apps and you want to unclutter it, do the following:

  • On the top of the home screen, select “Settings” (See Step 1 above on the quick guide on how to set up your PS4 console).
  • Navigate down to and select “System,” the second-last selection in the Settings Menu.
  • When the System menu opens, go to the 4th item and check the box under Limit Number of Content Items on Home Screen.”)
  • You can reactivate any game or app icon that disappears from the home screen by going back to the “Library” menu and selecting “Start” after selecting the game or app.

Now that you have your PS4 “WWW” button active, you can use your console as a web browser.

How to Use Your PS4 Web Browser

The PS4 web browser is a fully functional browser, but can be a bit clunky to navigate. The home screen is the PlayStation Support site. See the PlayStation 4 User’s Guide as a handy reference for navigating the.

Here is a fast-start for experienced internet users:

  • You operate the cursor with the left joystick directional button.
  • To navigate to the URL and keyword search boxes at the top of the screen, press the blue triangle on the top right of the controller.
  • To manually enter a URL in the left pane, press the X button on your controller and use the onscreen keyboard. If necessary, use the pink 🔲 button on the controller to backspace over any URL already in the box. Then select “Go” (the controller R2 button) to navigate to the site.
  • Use the R2 and L2 buttons on your controller to navigate between active browser screens. The screen on the far right will display bookmarks of your frequently used pages.
  • While the browser is active, press the Controller OPTIONS button on the top right of your controller for more web browser features.

Note 1: Want to watch over 60 live broadcast and cable television channels on your PS5? Go to ustv247.tv. Some of the channels require a virtual private network connection, but most do not. Look for the large white arrow on the screen for those that work without a VPN.

Click on the arrow to start viewing the channel. Rest the cursor on the screen and select the diagonal double arrows on the bottom right for full-screen viewing.

Note 2: You can connect a mouse and keyboard to your PS4 console. Not all PS4 games will work with a mouse, but having a keyboard connected makes it much easier to enter URL data and navigate web applications. Try using a keyboard with the controller. For further hints, go to the web article at PSU.com.

Your Takeaways

You’ll need a WiFi and internet connection to take full advantage of the PS4’s features. The PS4 Settings/Network menus are your gateway to setting up and configuring both wireless and wired settings.

PS4 has a full-featured internet browser. If the browser application doesn’t appear on your home screen menu, go to the Library menu and select it.

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