How to Change Email on Etsy

Etsy is one of the best websites for sellers who want to be able to get their products out, and for buyers looking to find art they may not be able to find anywhere else.

You can easily browse the website as a potential buyer without an account, and you can even buy most items without creating an account on Etsy.

However, creating an account is generally recommended, as it allows you to link your purchases to a single unified account. If you already have an account and want to change details, however, we are going to help with that, particularly with changing your email on Etsy.

How to Change Email on Etsy:

How to change your email address on desktop

If you are using a desktop computer, go to the Etsy website. From here, select the Your account menu, and then select Account settings. Scroll down until you find the Email section, and then find the Change your email form. Enter your new email address, and then select Change Email. You will then be taken to the Enter security code page, and an email will be sent to your current email address. This email contains a code. Either memorize or copy the code and put it in the field, and click Submit. Finally, your account will be updated to the new email, and you should get an email saying as such.

How to change your email address on mobile

If you are on mobile, there are two methods you can use to do this. The first is to use a browser and use the same methods as discussed above. The next method is to sign in to the Etsy app, though the steps involved are basically the same.

Why won’t it let me update my email address?

Etsy only allows an email to be associated with one account at a time. Thus, if the new email address is already used for another account, such as an older Etsy account, you will need to log in to this old account and change the email. Closing the account will not free up the email. If you have closed this account, you can reopen it.

Do I need access to my old email account to change to a new email?

One of the most common reasons a person changes their email settings on an account is simply because they no longer have access to their old email. However, many websites, Etsy included, require you to have a code sent to the old email in order to change to a new one. This is in order to prevent someone from hijacking an Etsy account and having the email changed to a new one without access to the old one.

If you are planning on deleting your old email, be sure to update as many pages as you can before doing so. If you already have, you may be able to recover it if it has not been too long since the deletion. Check the policy on your email provider’s website.

If you cannot regain your old email, your only option to update to a new email is to either create a new Etsy account with that email or contact Etsy customer support. Etsy may help you figure out how to get your new email address set up with your account.

Why didn’t I receive a code to change my email?

One problem a lot of people report when trying to change their email, whether it be on Etsy or somewhere else, is that they never got the code. There are three reasons why this may happen. The first, and far less common, is that a bug occurred on Etsy, causing the email to not be sent out. If this is the case, be sure to let Etsy customer support know so they can fix it. The second is that the email may be delayed, which sometimes occurs with automated emails. The third is because the email was flagged by your account as spam.

Emails these days have automatic spam filters. These filters typically do quite well at identifying what is and is not spam, but sometimes it may pick up a valid email as spam. This automated spam filter may also be more inclined to label something as spam if you have marked an email received by Etsy as spam in the past. For example, someone may mark an Etsy email subscription as spam because they no longer want to receive such emails from Etsy. Because of this, it is advised that you go through the process of unsubscribing instead to avoid such a conflict.

To find the email, just go to your spam folder. The spam folder automatically deletes all emails after 30 days, though this is moot since you only have five minutes to enter the code in the first place. Open the email, and push the Not Spam button. This will remove it from the spam folder. Next, copy or memorize the code provided in the email and input it on the Etsy website. If it has been more than five minutes, you can request a new code by doing the same steps, and the second email shouldn’t be viewed as spam anymore.

Additionally, double check that you are looking at your old email address instead of your new one. Additionally, you should verify that the current email address on Etsy is the one you are checking instead of another email address besides the new one.

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