How many Episodes of One Piece are on Netflix? 

There are a lot of huge anime out there, and one of the biggest and most popular has got to be One Piece. This series has been going strong for more than 20 years, and has yet to show any sign of slowing down. Whether you are interested in reading or watching it, you have a lot of content to go through. But if you want to watch the anime, you may be wondering where you can even watch it. Netflix subscribers who want to watch One Piece might be wondering: how many episodes of One Piece on Netflix?

In total, Netflix viewers can watch 195 episodes of One Piece on the service, spanning six seasons of the anime. While this may seem like quite a lot by other standards, by One Piece standards, it’s actually a rather small amount. To date, One Piece has a total of 20 seasons, with 1020 episodes overall as of this article’s writing.

But why does Netflix have so few episodes of One Piece? And will there be more episodes on the service in the future?

How many Episodes of One Piece on Netflix?

In total, there are 195 episodes of One Piece on Netflix, and six seasons in all. As discussed, this is a rather paltry amount by comparison to the number of episodes there are at the moment (1020 episodes). Still, if you only have Netflix, it’s worth watching what’s there. Thankfully, by the looks of things, you will not have to worry about whether more episodes will be coming to Netflix.

Will there be more episodes of One Piece on Netflix?

One Piece originally arrived on Netflix in June 2020, and for nearly two years, no new seasons of One Piece had been announced to air on Netflix. Thankfully, earlier in 2022, it was announced that more seasons of One Piece would actually be coming to the service. Expect to see more seasons added, due to the fact that Netflix has an interest in the franchise, with a live-action series in the works.

How many episodes of One Piece are in English on Netflix?

While a lot of people swear by the Japanese dub of anime series and films, that doesn’t mean that everyone does. Thankfully, these people are served by an English dub of One Piece. But how many episodes are dubbed in English? And how many of these English-dubbed episodes are available on Netflix?

To date, more than 800 episodes have been dubbed in English. These episodes are currently all available on the streaming service Funimation, though these episodes may be coming to Crunchyroll sometime in the future. When One Piece came to Netflix, the English dub of One Piece came with it, ensuring that all 130 episodes available at the time were available to watch in both English and Japanese.

Are the One Piece movies on Netflix?

For as many episodes of One Piece as there are, there is a similarly high number of films as well. In total, there are 14 films released thus far, with a 15th film set to release in August 2022. As far as Netflix goes, however, things are a bit more limited and complicated. There are three movies that can be watched on the English version of Netflix, but if you want to watch more of them, you will have to watch the Japanese version of Netflix.

Where else can I watch One Piece?

All things being equal, your best bet when it comes to watching One Piece is likely not going to be Netflix. Even if you are working on a budget, going with Hulu is ultimately a cheaper option than going with Netflix if you want to subscribe to a generalized service like Hulu and Netflix ($6.99 vs. $10).

Not only that, but Hulu has significantly more episodes than what’s on Netflix. Compared to the 195 episodes and six seasons, Hulu has 724 episodes and 11 seasons of One Piece . However, if you are just looking for a good way to watch One Piece legally, Crunchyroll might be your best bet. The big upside for Netflix users here, however, is that Netflix is still acquiring new episodes. While there are still many episodes to go before it catches up with Hulu , there’s a chance that it may.

Crunchyroll does a good job of keeping up with One Piece, offering new episodes dubbed into English only one hour after airing in Japan for paid users ($7.99). However, if you just want to use Crunchyroll for free, it will take a week to see a new episode of One Piece. New episodes of One Piece air in Japan on Saturday.

Is the One Piece manga still going?

The One Piece manga first started back in 1997, and as of the writing of this article, it is still going strong. In total, as of April 2022, 102 volumes of the Manga have been released (covering chapters 1-1035 in all). However, only 99 volumes have been released officially in English, with only volume 100 having a release date (August 2022).

According to the manga’s author, there are still a number of years left of One Piece, and thus, it can be expected that we will also see many more seasons of One Piece, considering how popular it is.

When will the live-action One Piece release on Netflix?

One thing that Netflix may notice is that there are multiple versions of One Piece to view: the anime series we know and love, and a still-unreleased live-action version of One Piece produced by Netflix.

As of the writing of this article, there is not too much known about the live-action remake series, but it was announced that it would be included as part of the Geeked Week 2022 panel. It was originally announced in January 2020, but there is still no release date as of this article’s writing. We hope that Geeked Week 2022 will give us more info though!

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