Do Wireless Earbuds Have Volume Control?

Wireless earbuds are quickly progressing with enhanced functionality focused on providing a better user experience. Even a year ago, earbuds weren’t equipped with some of the smart built-in functionality found in today’s wireless earbuds. One of these features is volume control.

Wireless earbuds are equipped with volume control, allowing you to tap the earbud sensors to increase or decrease the volume. However, there are a few high-end earbuds in the market that doesn’t feature volume control but will still be able to adjust volume hands-free through a voice assistant.

Let’s now take a quick look at a list of the top earbuds in the market and whether or not they are equipped with volume control. Let’s dive in!

Do Wireless Earbuds Have Volume Control?

The majority of wireless earbuds do feature volume control. This is typically done with a smart touch feature which allows you to tap either side of the earbuds to increase or lower the volume. There are a few earbuds in the market, such as the AirPods, which don’t feature volume control. However, you will still be able to control your volume through the built-in voice assistant such s Siri. Most earbuds, however, do come with volume control. Here’s a list of the top earbuds in the market and whether or not they feature volume control.

Wireless EarbudsDoes it Have Volume Control?
Airpods Yes
Galaxy BudsYes
Bose sport earbudsYes
Apple AirPods ProNo
Skullcandy earbudsYes
Raycon Everyday budsYes
Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless EarbudsYes
Jabra Elite 85tYes
Cambridge Audio Melomania 1No
Grado GT220Yes
Lypertek PurePlay Z3 (Tevi)Yes
Bose QuietComfort EarbudsYes
Klipsch T5 True WirelessYes
Status Between ProYes
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2Yes

Do Wireless Earbuds Have a Microphone?

The majority of wireless earbuds do feature microphones; they’re designed specifically for answering calls, for voice assistants, as well as for additional hand-free capabilities. However, the microphone quality on wireless earbuds is not the best. This is particularly true for low-end wireless earbuds. The reason being is that they lack Active Noise cancelation features.

Microphones on wireless earbuds are typically located quite far from the user compared to over-the-ear headphones; because of this, the microphone picks up additional background noise, which is not ideal, especially in noisy environments. However, high-end earbuds feature Active noise cancellation, which enhances the earbuds in two different ways. The first is by blocking out background noise from entering, providing an enhanced listening experience. The second is by filtering out external noise from being picked up by the microphone. This allows you to be heard clearly, even in noisy environments.

Additionally, most high-end wireless earbuds feature multiple microphones, thus picking up your voice more effectively.

Do Wireless Earbuds Fall Out?

Wireless earbuds are heavily focused on fit; this is why many earbuds come with additional tips in order to provide a more custom fit. They are designed to be ergonomic and to sit in your ear securely and comfortably. With that being said, since everyone has different inner ear shapes, you may find that some earbuds fit more comfortably and securely than others. If you notice that you require a larger than average size or a smaller than average size, then ensure that the earbuds come with additional tips to meet your needs.

Do Wireless Earbuds Need To Be Charged?

Yes, wireless earbuds do need to be charged typically through a charging case. Since most earbuds don’t last as long as over-the-ear headphones, they require a case for a supplementary charge. On average wireless earbuds, last 5-8 hours; the case allows for an additional 20-hour charge on average. The case provides a longer battery life even when on the go.

Related Questions:

Can wireless earbuds be used for calls?

Yes, most wireless earbuds feature microphones specifically for phone calls. In addition, they feature hands-free capabilities for answering phone calls without needing to pull out your phone, as well as voice assistants for reading messages and notifications to you when in a rush.

Do wireless earbuds drain the battery faster?

Yes, wireless earbuds do drain more battery from your device in order to maintain a Bluetooth connection. However, this is typically not even noticeable since it’s a very minimal amount.

Can wireless earbuds connect to a laptop?

Yes, wireless earbuds work similarly to over-the-ear headphones. Simply pair your device via Bluetooth, and you will be able to use your earbuds with your laptop. You will, however, need a laptop that’s equipped with Bluetooth.

Do wireless earbuds work on planes?

Yes, however, most Airlines will require you to have Bluetooth devices off during take-off and before landing. Additionally, Airplane mode will need to remain on for the entirety of the flight.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; most wireless earbuds do, in fact, have volume control. There are a few exceptions, such as the AirPods, which does not feature volume control but allows for hands-free adjustments through Siri. If the volume control is an important feature you are looking for, make sure your chosen earbuds do allow them by checking with the manufacturer’s website.

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