Do Apple Headphones (Earphones) Work On PS4?

We’ve all been there, where we lost or damaged our daily headset, and are looking for some way to enjoy our gameplay and just zone out. Luckily we all have a pair of Apple headphones laying around somewhere in the house. And you’re probably wondering whether it will work with your PS4.

Apple headphones do work on PS4 for audio. However, the microphone will not work. The reason for this is Apple uses a CTIA standard headphone jack connecter; the PS4 controller is only compatible with OMTPstandard connectors. 

Let’s take a look at this in more detail, as well as a hack to getting your Apple headphones microphone to work on your PS4, as well as other alternative options for speaking without needing a microphone. Let’s dive in!

Do Apple Headphones Work On PS4?

Apple headphones work on PS4 for audio-only, meaning you will not be able to utilize your Apple headphones microphone. This is because Apple headphones use a proprietary CTIA standard audio jack, which is compatible with PS4 controllers since they are equipped with an OMTP standard audio jack meaning your Apple headphones will not match their proper connectors once plugged into the Audio jack.

Below is a diagram that shows the difference between both connector types.

Since the connector placements don’t match, plugging your Apple headphones completely in will cause your microphone to be incompatible. However, there is a fix for this, plugging your headphones in & out three times simultaneously, however, not plugging your headphones all the way in. This will allow the microphone to fit the correct connector and allow you to have a working microphone!

How to display PS4 Volume to your Wired Headphones

When plugging your Apple headphones into your PS4 if you aren’t hearing the audio outputting from your headphones, here’s what you will need to do:

  • Go to Settings -> Devices -> Audio Devices
  • Plugin your headphones to your controller
  • Select Output Device -> headset Connected to Controller
  • You can adjust the microphone in the Audio Devices Pade and click on Adjust microphone Level.
  • To output all audio to your headphones, go to Audio Devices tab -> Output to headphones -> All Audio.

How to Talk Without a Mic on PS4:

If you don’t own a microphone, then your best option is to install the Remote Play App on your phone; this will allow you to use your Phone as a microphone, and it’s completely free.

Remote Play App

  • On your phone, install the “PS4 Remote Play” App on your App Store or Google Play Store.
  • On your PS4 go to Settings -> Remote Play Connection Settings -> Add Device
  • You’ll now be presented with a code to link your device to your PS4
  • But first, you’ll need to connect your PS4 controller to your phone.
  • Disconnect your controller from your PS4
  • Put your PS4 controller on pairing mode by pressing and holding down the PS4 button and the Share button simultaneously until your controller’s LED begins to blink.
  • On your phone, go to your Settings tab and locate your device’s Bluetooth list.
  • Click on your PS4 controller & pair it to your device.
  • Your controller’s LED will display a solid color indicating that your device is paired.
  • Now go to the Remote Play app on your phone & sign in with the same credentials as your PS4
  • Select Register manually and enter the code presented on your TV screen
  • On the remote play app on your phone, click on Settings located on the bottom right corner.
  • and toggle on the microphone

And that’s it! you will now be able to use your phone as a microphone for your gameplaying adventures!

Connecting Wireless Headphone To Your PS4

If you have a pair of Wireless Bluetooth headphones lying around, you will be able to use them with microphone capabilities by purchasing a Bluetooth adapter that comes with a mic dongle.

here’s how this works:

  1. Insert your Bluetooth adapter into your USB port on your PS4
  2. Put your headphones into pairing mode
  3. Once both devices are on pairing mode, they will automatically pair to one another
  4. Plug in your microphone dongle into the 3.5m audio jack located on your PS4 controller
  5. Select Settings on your PS4 home menu -> Devices -> Output Devices -> Select your USB Headset
  6. Now on Output Headphones, select All Audio

That’s it! You should now be able to listen to your gameplay through your Bluetooth headphones and have full control of your microphone thanks to your Bluetooth adapters mic dongle.

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