Will My Alarm Go Off with AirPods In?

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re using the alarm on your iPhone to remind yourself of the things that should be done or if you need it only to wake yourself up. In case you are an AirPods user, you would certainly want that alarm to go off through the earbuds, but would that actually happen?

For iPhones with an iOS 12 operating system or later, the phone’s alarm will go off, even if you have AirPods in. Do bear in mind that you’ll hear the sound from both your iPhone and your AirPods.

Can you make your alarm go off only via your earbuds? What should you do if the alarm is not going off through your AirPods at all? Keep on reading to find out all the answers!

Will My Alarm Go Off with AirPods In?

If your iPhone has an iOS 12 or later, then your alarm will certainly go off (even when you have the AirPods in your ears).

Hint: you will, most likely, hear your alarm through the AirPods, but you wouldn’t be able to use the earbuds to turn the alarm off. You should either disable the alarm via your phone or unpair the two devices. 

When your AirPods are paired with your phone or another device, any audio that is played on the smartphone will be transferred to the earbuds. This includes music, video, phone calls, and your alarm.

When it comes to your alarm, it will go off not only in the earbuds but also on the actual phone. Even though that might not seem like a convenient feature for some, the manufacturer claims that such a ‘trick’ would help you hear your alarm, even if you lose the earbuds in your sleep.

Can I Make My Alarm Go Off Only Via My AirPods?

The chances are high that you would want your alarm to play only through your AirPods if you already have your wireless headphones in. This would be especially useful if you don’t want to disturb the people around you.

However, this is not quite the case with AirPods Your alarm will first go off on your phone, and only then the sound will get transferred to your earbuds.

Here is a handy tip for those who want their alarm to go off only through the AirPods – download a special third-party app (Earphone Alarm, for example).

The application claims to have detailed volume control and allows you to choose the sound of your alarm. The app’s main ‘pro’ is that it is able to wake you up without disturbing your family members (it mutes the phone speakers).

The creation has mixed reviews, but it’s still a work-in-progress. So, you might want to take the application into consideration.

Will the Alarm Go Off If I Fall Asleep with My AirPods In?

The AirPods were designed to fit tightly, and wearing them to sleep almost feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. Moreover, some people might have figured out that a noise-canceling device or certain melodies help them fall asleep much faster.

Even though sleeping in your AirPods is not exactly the healthiest decision, you can use these wireless headphones to fall asleep when, for example, it is not quite around.

However, here is one important thing that you would have to bear in mind.

On a full charge, AirPods can last for around 5 hours. That is certainly enough time for the majority of people to fall asleep, but when it comes to your alarm, it won’t be able to go off through a device that has a dead battery.

That is the main concern when talking about using AirPods to wake yourself up. Even if you have downloaded an app that mutes the phone speakers and sends the alarm directly to your earbuds, the whole plan might fail if the battery in the AirPods dies


Furthermore, the chances are high that the earbuds would end up falling out of your ears during the night. In such a case, the alarm going off through the AirPods would become practically useless.

Tip: twist the earbuds upwards by around 30 degrees – this will place the base of the AirPods into a somewhat horizontal position (and that is, perhaps, the best way to wear the earbuds when you’re sleeping).

What to Do If My Alarm Is Not Going Off Through My AirPods?

Can’t hear your alarm through your AirPods ? Here is what you can do:

  1. Restart your iPhone (different models will have slightly different restarting instructions).
  2. Unpair your AirPods and then repair them again.
  3. To do that, go to the ‘Settings’, pick ‘Bluetooth’, and tap the information signs next to the Airpods in the devices’ list. Select ‘forget this device’; to repair the devices, you can simply open your AirPods charging case next to the phone.

You shouldn’t have any issues with the alarm after following these steps.

Another way to check whether or not your alarm will be playing through your AirPods is to…

  • Open the Clock app
  • Tap ‘Alarm’ and ‘Edit’.
  • Tap the alarm and choose the sound that you like.
  • At this point, the chosen sound should be playing through your earbuds (if they are paired with the iPhone, of course).
  • If that didn’t happen, try restarting the smartphone.

How to Adjust the Alarm Volume in Your AirPods?

Nobody would want their alarm to blast while they’re wearing their earbuds. That’s why it might be a great decision to take a minute to adjust the volume of your alarm so that the sound wakes you up as gently as possible.

The volume that your AirPods are set to will impact the sound level of the alarm. So, you might not want to set the earbuds to full volume .

Furthermore, the alarm volume can be reduced on the actual phone. You can simply use the volume control on the side of your iPhone to make the alarm less ‘alarming’.

To check whether or not the sound level is appropriate, use the ‘sounds and vibrations’ previewing feature (you’ll find it in the alarm and ringtone settings).

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