Why Nest Thermostat Goes Offline? (Quick Fix)

A common issue most users of the Nest thermostat face is the thermostat continuously displays an offline alert on the screen.

The Nest thermostat goes offline when it loses internet connection. In most cases, the reason for your thermostat disconnecting from the internet can be due to issues with router settings, Wi-Fi interference, low battery, or the thermostat needs to simply be reset.

Let’s now take a look at a few solutions on how to fix this issue.

How to Fix Nest Thermostat Going Offline

There are various different causes to why your Nest thermostat may be going offline, let’s take a look at all the troubleshooting methods for each cause in order to fix the issue.

Check The Battery

Low battery power can be a reason for your Nest thermostat going offline. If the battery power reaches below 3.6 volts it will disconnect itself from the internet in order to maintain power.

To check the status of your thermostat’s battery proceed to the Home Page -> Settings -> Technical Info -> Power.

If your battery is above 3.8 volts but you are still experiencing this issue then proceed to the next step.

Reset Your Thermostat

Another reason for your thermostat displaying an offline message is that Your thermostat may be experiencing a bug and simply needs to be reset.

To reset your Nest thermostat proceed to the Home Page -> Settings -> Reset -> Restart.

After resetting your thermostat check the status of your thermostat by going to Home Page -> Settings -> Network. Upon checking your network status be sure to refresh the page for an accurate status report.

If you’re still experiencing this issue after resetting your thermostat proceed to the next step.

TroubleShooting Your Router

The most common reason for the Nest Thermostat going offline is issues with your router settings as well as Wi-Fi interference.

First, you will need to restart your router to ensure there are no issues with the router itself, to do this simply unplug your router for 30 seconds then plug it back in.

If this didn’t solve the issue head back over to your Nest thermostat go to Home Page -> Settings -> Technical Info -> Network. Now take a look at your ping speed, ping speed indicates how fast your device gets a response after you send out a request.

Anything above 1500 ms is too slow & will cause issues with your thermostat. If your ping is 0 this means that although your network is connected to the Thermostat there seems to be an issue with communication with Nest servers, this is typically caused by interference. Here’s Nest’s guide on how to deal with interference issues with your Nest thermostat.

Next, take a look at the signal strength, anything below 50 is considered to be a weak signal strength and will require you to reposition your router towards your thermostat or you can simply add a wifi extender to solve the issue.

If your Ping speed and Signal seem to be working fine but you are still experiencing this issue move on to the next step.

Firewall Security or Parental Control

Sometimes the issue can be caused by highly restrictive firewall security or parental controls blocking communication with Nest servers. Simply exempt your Nest thermostat from your Firewall security or Parental control restrictions.

Reset Network Settings On Nest

The next method is to reset your network settings on your Nest thermostat, this will erase your network information from your thermostat & will require you to connect your network to your thermostat once again.

To do this simply go to the Home Page -> Settings -> Reset -> Network -> Reset.

If you’re still experiencing the issue move on to the next step.

Check Your App Version

Sometimes this issue can be caused due to using an older version of the Home or Nest App. Ensure your App is up to date by checking the Google Play Store for an update.

Check Nest’s Current Status

If you’re still experiencing the issue after following along with all the steps then the issue may be due to a delay on Nests’ servers, you can check up on Nest’s current status here to see if there is any delay or issue on their server-side.

Check Nest’s Router Compatibility List

There are a few older routers that are incompatible with the Nest thermostat. Here’s a list of Wi-Fi routers that are incompatible with Nest Products. However, some of these issues can be resolved by simply updating the router’s software or firmware.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the most common reasons for your Nest thermostat remaining offline is issues with wifi settings, interference, your device simply needs to be reset, or the network settings of your router simply needs to be reset. If you tried everything on the list but are still experiencing the issue then you may need to contact Nest support as it could be an issue with the hardware itself.

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