Why is MyFitnessPal not Syncing with Apple Health?

There are few things as frustrating as committing to a new fitness routine and discovering that the tools needed to make the endeavors successful will not operate properly. One such issue arises when MyFitnessPal fails to sync with Apple Health. However, this problem is not without a solution.

Often, when MyFitnessPal will not sync with AppleHealth, the problem lies in the initial setup and typically has something to do with initialization or faulty connectivity issues. These problems can be confusing to the novice but can be resolved by following a few easy steps.

There is one misconception that some users have when they complain that their workouts do not sync between Apple Health and their MyFitnessPal accounts. It should be understood that data is only tracked and logged after the first connection between the two apps. In other words, data from past workouts will not be displayed from Apple Health on their MyFitnessPal app.  There are certain troubleshooting steps that one can take to determine other reasons why they might not be syncing.

How to Fix MyFitnessPal not Syncing with Apple Health?

The first step toward resolution is to check the iPhone’s privacy setting to determine whether or not MyFitnessPal has been added as a Health use app and to make sure that none of the permissions settings are preventing it from working.

The second step is to open the MyFitnessPal app and tap More at the bottom of the screen, followed by Steps. If you notice a blue checkmark on the work iPhone, you should go on to the next step. However, if the checkmark is spotted beside Apple Watch instead, it should be changed to iPhone. To do this, tap Apple Watch, followed by “Don’t Read Step from Apple Watch”. This will cause iPhone to be selected automatically.

Next, tap Apple Watch, followed by Update Health App Permissions. At this point, another screen will appear instructing you to open the Apple Health app. Once this app is open, the Sources tab should be tapped at the bottom of the screen. Look for MyFitnessPal on the list presented, and tap on it. At the bottom of the screen, a list of options will appear. It is advisable to tap all of them, or, at least, the Steps, Walking, Workouts, and Distance options.

Upon returning to the MyFitnessPal app , tap the X to shut down the Health App Settings, and select Apple Watch. The back arrow should be tapped next, which will return to the previews screen. At this point, Sync should be tapped at the bottom of the screen.

Other options

The following features should be enabled to assure MyFitnessPal and Apple Health can sync.

First, open the Settings app on the iPhone. Click on Privacy, followed by Motion & Fitness Tracking, followed by Health. Identical steps should be followed for syncing with an Apple Watch. While on the Privacy page, Location Services, followed by System Services should be tapped. This should be followed by enabling the Calibration & Distance settings, and then on Health. Identical steps should be followed for syncing with an Apple Watch. While on the Privacy page, Location Services, followed by System Services should be tapped. This should be followed by enabling the Calibration & Distance settings.

Current Updates

If the above options do not resolve the problem, the issue might be related to the particular version of the apps being used. It may help to check for updates for the Apple Watch operating system, MyFitnessPal, and iOS. If this doesn’t work, one can consult the app developer’s support services. There are also related support groups online that might be of assistance.

In some cases, it can also be effective to uninstall MyFitnessPal and reinstall it, followed by opening the Apple Health app and enabling each of the categories. After this, the categories should be turned on in Sources, followed by closing both apps and reopening MyFitnessPal. This can begin the syncing process again.

Prior to deleting the apps, it should be understood that any data that has not previously been synced will be unretrievable. One should visit the app’s website to determine whether it has been syncing with the site. Once there, the user should sign in with the same password and username that is used with the app. One is able to check his or her data and add any additional information that has not been synced. After the app is reinstalled, any data that is visible online will sync to the app after it has been reinstalled. If the account is not found online, the user should contact MyFitnessPal customer service prior to uninstalling the app because they may be able to resolve the issue without experiencing the loss of data.

Connectivity issues

MyFitnessPal customer service recommends that users check the connections between the two apps in the iPhone settings app. If everything that is supposed to be turned on is, in fact, turned on, the user should attempt to add a test workout into Apple Health to determine whether the manually added data will sync.

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