Why Is My Ring Chime Flashing Blue Light?

Many people rely on the lights of their Ring Chime to let them know how it is working. After all, the light could be one of several different colors. It could also be solid or blinking, so what does it mean when my Ring Chime is flashing blue light? 

A flashing Blue light on your Ring Chime device can mean that your device has just been set up properly, it has been successfully restored back to its factory settings, or someone just rang your doorbell. 

Of course, when you’re getting used to your new Ring Chime device, it may be difficult to figure out which one of the 3 options that flashing blue light could mean. Today, we’re going to go over why that Ring Chime is flashing blue light so you have a better understanding of how your device works. Keep reading to find out more. 

How To Tell If Your Ring Chime Has Been Set up Properly 

A flashing blue light is often an indicator that your Ring Chime device has been set up properly. When this happens, the light will flash blue for one second, and go off for one second. If everything is good to go, it will flash 4 times. However, if this blue flashing light is consistent, then it is a sign that the device is starting up. 

This flashing shouldn’t occur for very long, but if it’s persistent then the device may have gotten stuck in a boot loop. If this occurs, you will need to restore the device to its factory settings. 

What To Expect After A Factory Reset 

Sometimes a Ring Chime device will need to be reset back to factory settings. Anytime you do this, it removes all of the saved data on the device. After you perform a factory reset, you may notice a flashing blue light. This will be flashing at a slightly faster rate than the flash the device does to indicate it’s set up correctly. 

When you see this flash. it means that you successfully restored the Ring Chime device to its factory settings.  

How To Reset The Ring Chime To Factory Settings 

If your Ring Chime device got stuck in the boot loop, you will need to reset the device. These are the steps you need to follow: 

Please keep in mind that anytime you perform a factory reset you will erase all of your saved settings and preferences.  

  1. Look for the reset button, which should be located on the side or rear of the device (depending on which model you own) 
  1. Press the reset button and hold it down. 
  1. Once the device has been reset, it will begin to flash blue.  
  1. Go to the Ring Chime app and follow its directions to set up the device again. 

Is Your Ring Chime Flashing Blue Because Someone Is At The Door? 

A flashing light isn’t always something to be concerned about, in some cases it can mean everything is working efficiently. That is because the Ring Chime device is supposed to flash blue light when someone pushes the doorbell. However, this flash is more of a swirling flash than a blinking flash.  

When someone pushes your doorbell, the Ring Chime will flash a blue light and send you an alert to your phone. Quite often people find this flashing blue light alarming and worry that something may be wrong with their device.  

Another interesting thing to know about this flashing light is that it may occur if it detects motion nearby, even if nobody pushed the doorbell. If a small animal, such as the neighbor’s cat, trots across your doorstep your Ring Chime may send you an alert. Members who sign up for Ring Premium can view recorded motion in the app to see what was really out there. 

Every time this alert occurs, the blue flashing will stop once you answer the alert sent to your phone. You will likely notice that the light turns to a solid white once you respond to the alert.  

Other Reasons Your Ring Chime May Be Flashing Blue 

While these are the most likely reasons you will see a flashing blue light, there are a few more. Anytime you notice an upward-moving blue light, it’s a sign that your Ring Chime is trying to connect to the WIFI. This is something you may notice during setup and anytime you experience a WIFI connection problem. 

If you notice that the top half of your device is flashing blue during the setup process then it means you have entered a bad password. Anytime you see this happen after the device has been set up, it means that the Ring Chime is connected to a power source and is charging. 

It is also important to know that your Ring Chime device may start flashing blue as soon as you begin the setup process. This is nothing to worry about, as it just means that the device is charging. After the device is fully charged, it will stop flashing and you’ll be able to finish setting it up. 

Final Thoughts: Why Is My Ring Chime Flashing Blue Light? 

If you have recently purchased (or were given) a Ring Chime device then you probably have a lot of questions about how they operate, especially when it comes to what the lights mean. When you’re familiar with what the different light colors and flashing motions mean, you’ll have a better understanding of how the device operates.  

Many people worry about the sight of flashing light, but it doesn’t always mean trouble. 

A flashing blue light on your Ring Chime is generally a sign that everything is working perfectly. You’ll notice that blur flashing light when a guest arrives at the door. It should also flash once it has been set up correctly or you have successfully completed a factory reset. Your Ring Chime will also flash blue when it is connected to a power source and the battery is charging.  

When you see a flashing blue light on your Ring Chime, you can have peace of mind that it’s working. 

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