Why is My Oculus Controller Blinking? 

Oculus controller blinking

When you’re dealing with a piece of technology, especially an expensive one, finding that something is going wrong with it is quite a frustrating experience.

Especially if you can’t even figure out what the problem is in the first place! The Oculus line of devices is no stranger to having the occasional problem or confusing occurrence, and knowing just how to troubleshoot your Oculus headset and controllers is important. One thing that may happen from time to time is that their Oculus controller starts to blink. But why does this happen?

Why Your Oculus Controller is Blinking:

Your Oculus controller will blink white to indicate its pairing status. This can be an indication that your controllers are in pairing mode, have been successfully paired to your headset, or your controller is now active after turning on the headset.

Your Oculus controller is in Pairing Mode

If you try to push a button on an Oculus controller while the Oculus controller is not paired, the light will begin to flash white. This indicates that the Oculus controller is, essentially, searching for a compatible headset. The light will eventually stop blinking on its own once it has stopped searching for an Oculus headset.

Your Oculus controller has been successfully paired to the headset

When you are setting up an Oculus controller with your Oculus headset through the Oculus companion app, successfully setting up your controller will cause the light to be white and blink once. In addition, the controller will vibrate. These indicate that the Oculus controller is now paired with your Oculus headset.

Your Oculus controller is now active

If the Oculus controller is currently paired with an Oculus headset, the controller will blink white once when you push a button on the controller while the headset is powered on. This represents the controller searching for the headset. Once it has been connected, the controller’s light will no longer be white.

The firmware of your Oculus controller is currently being updated

If the controller’s firmware is currently being updated, the controller will show a solid white light, as opposed to a blinking white light like most of the other light functions. This light stays on so long as the controllers are still powered, and until the firmware update is complete.

There was an issue with the firmware or pairing

This situation is a particularly strange occurrence, as multiple users of Oculus controllers have reported that the light is flashing SOS in Morse code. This is similar to the blinking battery low light with the pattern. However, unlike with the low battery indicator, this indicator flashes white. Additionally, you can tell whether it is a low battery indicator by checking the total percentage of battery remaining. However, it is possible that the battery level indicator is inaccurate.

To fix this problem, the first thing you should do is to try unpairing and pairing again. Do this for both controllers if the problem appears to be affecting both of them. To do this, open the Oculus companion app on a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android phone. Tap the menu, and then tap the Headset icon. Select the headset the problem controllers are currently connected to, and then tap the Controllers menu. From here, you will see the two controllers that are currently paired: the Left controller and the Right controller. Tap on the Left controller, select Unpair Controller, and then Unpair. Repeat this step with the other controller.

Why does my Oculus controller’s light not blink or show a color at all?

In the event that your Oculus controller’s light does not appear to light up under any circumstances, this means that your Oculus controller either does not have power or there is something about the device that is malfunctioning. In the former situation, replace the battery in the Oculus controller. In the latter situation, you may need to get in contact with Oculus support in order to figure out what exactly is going wrong.

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