Why Is My Nest Camera Going Offline?

Nest cams are one of the most innovative indoor and outdoor security systems right now. It lets the user monitor any activity in the area via using WiFi and live streaming. Although convenient and useful, all of these benefits can be thrown out of the window if the camera is offline.  

In most cases, offline Nest Cam problems are due to poor WiFi connection or camera placement. It can also be due to a software update or router settings conflict. Regardless of the connection issue, the user needs to have physical access to the camera to fix it, avoiding possible security compromises. 

Internet outages, WiFi connection problems, or camera placements can make the Nest Cam ineffective. Even if it can live stream with crisp video footage, this feature is ineffective offline. In this blog, common Nest Camera offline issues and solutions will be discussed.  

Common Nest Camera Offline Problems And Possible Solutions

A nest cam needs proper installation locations to work properly and efficiently. It also needs a consistently good internet connection to stream its live footages. To resume using your camera as intended, you can check out these steps and try the best troubleshooting solution in your situation.  

1. Unplugged Camera 

If your camera is not powered properly, this will make your nest system appear offline. This problem can be caused by different factors, like malfunctioning or unplugged powerbrick,  defective socket, or someone accidentally unplugging the device. By default, your system will send an email that the camera does not produce footage or appears to be offline.  

How To Fix This Problem?  

The quickest way to solve this is to physically check your powerbrick and confirm its not unplugged. If the system is plugged corretly, try to use another socket or replug it using another powerbrick.  

2. Overheating 

Nest cams are prone to different weathering effects, and these might cause problems while operating. Each cam’s ideal working temperature is about 32° to 104°F or up to 40°C. If the temperature exceeds, the cam will try to protect itself from overheating. One of the methods programmed to cool down is turning the WiFi off automatically.  

How To Fix This Problem? 

Unplug the camera and let it cool down before plugging back. You might want to move your camera to a colder place to avoid overheating in the future. Check if the area is prone to direct sunlight. If moving the unit is not an option, additional covering might solve the overheating problem.  

3. Out Of Range WiFi 

WiFi is a necessity for the nest cam and the nest service itself to operate as intended. That’s why when installing your device, you should first try to figure out optimal placements for each cam. If your device will often go offline randomly, or if the video feed is always spotty, your WiFi range might not be enough to power all your cams.  

How To Fix This Problem? 

If your cams are not permanently mounted to the wall, you can move them closer to your WiFi router to get better coverage. Alternatively, you can change your router into a stronger model.  

4. Internet Connection Conflicts 

Connection conflicts happen when your Nest Cam is not able to connect with your WiFi. Since the system is wireless, there might be something that prevents your system components from interacting properly. Think of it as the same conflict that you occasionally get on Bluetooth devices. You might need to restart all your nest cameras to refresh the connection.   

How To Fix This Problem? 

Unplug your camera’s power brick from your socket. Wait for at least ten seconds before replugging. This will restart your nest cam, as well as its connection from your router. If all factors are right, you should be able to see a green light from your camera. Try to restart the router, too, if the problem persists.  

5. Conflicting WiFi Settings 

Routers and other wireless networks have their own configurations different from the Nest Cam. For example, your WiFi settings might be set to hidden and your camera is not detecting. Another thing to consider is the “beamforming” feature, which focuses the wireless signal towards specified devices only.  

How To Fix This Problem? 

If your router supports beamforming, make sure to turn it off and let your nest cams connect. However, if the only devices connected to your router are the nest cams, there might be a problem with your parental controls or firewall. Disable these options and see if this solves the offline problem.  

Check this link and try Google’s recommended WiFi router settings for Nest Cams.  

6. Incompatible Router 

Another thing that Nest Cam buyers often overlook is the compatibility of their router to the product. There is a small list of routers that will simply not work with Nest devices, and you might be owning a router that belongs to the list. Most of these device incompatibilities result from offline, frequent restarts, or the network not being detected at all.  

How To Fix This Problem? 

Unfortunately, there is no way to make two incompatible products work together. Depending on your needs, you might want to consider replacing your router or use other monitoring cameras. Check the list of incompatible routers before buying Nest products.  

7. Bandwidth Restrictions 

If your router and camera are compatible, the offline problem that persists might not be a hardware problem. There is a chance that you already consumed your bandwidth or that there is nothing left for your Nest Cams due to congested network traffic. Some ISPs will try to limit your bandwidth if you’re using too much.  

How To Fix This Problem? 

Disconnect other devices from your router, and try reconnecting with your nest cams. Make sure that your cam is the only thing connected to the internet. If this solves the problem, you might want to change your camera quality and bandwidth settings.  

8. Event-Based Recording 

If you have a subscription to Event-Based Recording or EBR, you might confuse why no videos are getting recorded. When EBR is active, your camera will only record activities that your camera detects. Video history in this mode will seem like your camera randomly goes offline due to gaps of time in which it doesn’t record anything.  

How To Fix This Problem? 

You don’t have to do anything about this situation. EBR is a part of the Nest Aware program, so you might want to opt-out of your subscription if you want a complete video history. However, take note that Continuous Video Recording or CVR is also available and might be better for your situation.  

If Nothing Works… 

These are the most common problems on Nest Cams and their possible solutions. If none of these things work, and you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting options, a hard reset can be a last resort. Your hard reset instruction depends on the type of devices you own. You might want to check this in-depth Google guide on performing a hard reset.  

If your Nest cams are still offline, check if the Nest Service system is down. Google would often close their servers for maintenance and updates. This link can help you determine if the Nest servers are currently under maintenance.  

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