Why Is Arlo Camera Blinking Blue?

The Arlo camera is a top-rated security system app that allows you to watch over your home and its surroundings from anywhere.  The system comes with everything you need for quick installation. 

People are sometimes puzzled when the product starts blinking blue, and they can not get it to stop.  This occurs because the camera is going through a firmware update, and the camera should not be turned off.

The meaning of the different LED behaviors on the Arlo brand

The Arlo security camera brand makes the Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3, and Pro 4, and the Ultra 3 Floodlight camera.  On each one, the LED light pattern means the same. 

When the light is blinking a slow blue, it means that the camera is in the process of pairing with a smart hub or base station. If the light is blinking a fast blue, it has found and paired with a smart hub or base station. 

So, always check the front face of the camera to determine the helpful meaning of the blinking blue light that may answer the question of why it is blinking.  The Arlo Baby is another product of the Arlo brand, and sometimes it will appear to blink blue when it is connected to the Wifi network, but this is usually a purple light, not a blue one. 

The Arlo Baby will only blink blue for about three seconds when it is first connected to the internet after it has been plugged into the power adaptor.  It may be difficult to distinguish the blue from the purple LED lights because of the hardware limitations of the Arlo Baby. 

If it is connected to the Wifi network, it could still have a bad connection to the router.  This will cause it to blink purple which could be mistaken for blue.  If you have the Arlo wireless cameras, there will be a fast blinking blue LED light when it is syncing with the base station.

Understanding the Arlo security camera better

Firmware is software that is installed on a small memory chip on many hardware devices.  It allows updates to take place on hardware like smartphones and cameras such as the Arlo.  Basically, it is a computer program that is permanently contained in hardware devices.  

The Arlo security camera brand is the number one internet-connected camera system in America today.  Knowing the signals that indicate something may be amiss when the LED lights are not a solid color would help you better understand your security camera, and how it functions.

 It would help to know about the Arlo camera firmware updates which will cause the light to blink blue and orange. 

The light is normally a solid blue if the pack is fully charged.  It will begin to flash blue during sync unless the motion test feature is on.  People who are well-tuned to their Arlo camera system will ask what they should do if the blue light does not blink. 

If you know that the camera should update from time to time, and you do not notice the LED lights blinking, you should press and hold the sync button for five seconds until they start blinking blue.  You should then disconnect the Arlo security light’s AC adapter and take out the battery. 

The LED lights can be toggled off if the search cams have not been placed near the edge of the WiFi range.  If this happens, the lights will flash a blue or purplish color. 

The Arlo camera security system comes in a variety of versions, but each has an LED light on the front that will give you an indication as to what may be occurring when they flash.

Become familiar with the Arlo camera before installation

The decision to purchase an Arlo camera brand is the best protection that could be given to a home.  The instructions include explanations about the various troubleshooting issues that may occur. 

The blinking blue light is one of the most common issues faced by many consumers after they have installed the Arlo camera.  It may be difficult to foresee any problems before they actually happen, but being self-informed about the product is very helpful. 

The solid blue light on the camera means that it is functioning properly, but the general public will panic when the LED lights start to blink. 

When the firmware is updating the device, nothing has to be done to the camera, base station, or internet connection.  Patience truly becomes a virtue at that time.  All of the LED lights on the smart hub and base station for the camera have a meaning.  The lights blink once when powered on, a blinking slow blue when ready to pair and sync with the camera, a fast blinking blue when the siren is paired with the camera. 

Be sure to check the battery in the equipment often to assure that the Arlo camera has a full charge .  For most issues, the battery can be removed and reinserted after about one minute, and the devices should work well again.  If the batteries are completely dead, the LED lights will blink a rapid blue. 

During charging, the light will blink for 3 seconds. When completely charged, the lights will blink for only 2 seconds.

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