Where is the Camera & Microphone on Smart TVs? (Quick Answer)

It’s no secret that smart TVs are built with features that can pick up & collect data.

Most Smart Tv companies are open to the fact that they collect user data when using certain features such as the microphone, your data is then passed to a third-party provider to help evaluate & improve features.

This means that if the voice recognition feature is activated, your personal conversations can be recorded & passed on to a third-party party.

The two main features that can cause your smart tv to spy on you are your camera & microphone.

So where is the microphone & camera located on a smart tv?

The camera on a smart Tv is typically located on the top center frame of the Television, however, most smart TVs nowadays do not come with cameras.

the microphone on a smart TV is typically located on the bottom of your screen, as well as on your remote control.

However, most brands vary in their placement of microphones & cameras let’s take a look at this in more detail.

Where is the Camera & Microphone on Your Smart TVs:

The location of the camera & microphone varies depending on the brand of your smart TV. However, the prime location for most cameras on a smart TV is at the top center frame of the TV or the lower center frame. Most smart TVs nowadays however do not come with cameras due to privacy issues.

Almost all smart TV’s however come with microphones, most smart TVs have two microphones, one on the TV itself while the other can be found on the remote.

In order to help you find where your camera & microphone is located on your brand of TV, we curated a list of the top smart TV brands with the location of the camera (If equipped with one), & microphone.

Where is The camera & Microphone on Samsung Smart TV?

Most Samsung Smart TV’s do not have built-in cameras, however, the ones that do can be found on the top center of the frame.

Most Samsung Smart TVs are equipped with two microphones, one can be found on the bottom of the screen as well as on the remote control.

Where is The camera & Microphone on Vizio Smart TV?

Vizio smart TV’s aren’t equipped with built in cameras.

The microphone can be found on the remote as well as on the bottom of the TV screen.

Where is The Camera & Microphone on LG Smart TV?

Newer LG Tv’s no longer have built in cameras.

LG smart tv’s microphones can be found on the remote & on the bottom edge of the TV screen.

Are Smart TV’s recording my voice or conversations all the time?

Smart TV”s can only listen to you at all times if the voice recognition feature is activated. This feature can easily be turned on or off on your settings.

How would I know If The Voice recognition feature is active?

If the voice recognition feature is set to “wake up” mode then, each time you speak a microphone icon would appear on your screen.

However, if this feature is deactivated, the only way your tv can listen to you is once you click on the microphone icon on your remote control.

How To Disable The Microphone On Your Smart TV:

The microphone on your smart Tv is only enabled once you press the microphone button on your remote control.

However, Newer smart TVs have a voice assist feature which allows you to control your smart TV just by speaking to it & without the need of pressing the microphone button your remote control. This means that the microphone is on & listening to you at all times. Let’s take a look at how to disable this feature.

How To Stop Samsung Smart from listening?

Some Samsung smart TVs have a wake-up feature, which listens to you at all times & allows you to control your tv, simply by talking, this works without needing to click on the microphone button on the remote.

This feature; however, can easily be turned off, lets take a look at how to disable this feature:

  1. First press on the home button located on your remote control, then select settings
  2. Click on general & select Bixby voice settings
  3. turn off Bixby “Wake up” feature

Note that turning off your “wake up feature” still allows you to use the microphone & communicate with you TV however it stops your tv from listening to you at all times.

Can Your smart TVs spy on you?

Yes, Smart TVs can spy on you from a feature known as ACR (Automatic Content Recognition). What this does is track everything you watch & do on your smart TV, this makes it easier for the TV to recommend shows you might enjoy but the data can also be used for marketing initiatives, making it easier to target you for ads. However, thankfully you can shut this feature off.

How To Stop Smart TV’s From Spying On You:

Samsung Smart TV:

Settings -> Terms & Policy -> Viewing information services -> Off

Vizio Smart TV:

System -> Reset & Admin -> Viewing Data -> Off

LG Smart TV:

Settings -> All Settings -> General -> LivePlus -> Off

Fire TV:

Settings – > Applications -> Turn Off Collect App & Over The Air Usage Data


Settings -> Privacy -> Smart TV Experience -> Turn Off “Use Information For TV Inputs”

Can Your smart tv be hacked?

Yes, Smart Tv’s can be hacked primarily through the web browser, clicking on a link to an unknown site can cause put your smart TV at risk of being hacked.

Additionally, connecting your tv to a secure Wifi network is another way hackers can gain access to your smart TV. The best way to avoid this is by simply setting up a secure Wifi-network.

Related Questions:

can a smart tv get a virus?

Yes, smart TVs are vulnerable to viruses, just like any device connected to the internet.

Viruses are typically caught from browsing the web clicking on an untrusted link, or downloading software from an untrusted website, or using an untrusted memory stick which can contain a virus.

However, since we don’t use our smart TV’s the same way we use our laptops & smartphones it’s not as easy for your smart TV to get a virus.

Can smart tv listen to your conversation?

Yes, smart TVs can listen to you however this only occurs once your microphone’s voice recognition feature is active. Company’s such as Samsung have stated that anything you “search” with the voice recognition feature will be sent to a third-party server, perform the search & return the results. You can learn more about this here.

Final Thoughts

Most smart TVs collect data to improve their recommendations to you as well as to target you for advertising campaigns. This feature is known as ACR & can be disabled as shown above. Newer smart TVs don’t come with cameras due to privacy concerns, however, all smart TVs do have microphones that do use your data every time you click on your microphone button to speak to your TV.

Your data is then sent to a third-party provider to improve the TV’s features, however, this means anything you say when the microphone is on can & will be heard.

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