Where Are LG TVs Made? Answered

LG sells a variety of TVs with new innovations and features, which is why LG is one of the most popular TV brands on the market. Because of how great these TVs are, many people wonder where they are made.

LG has manufacturing locations all over the world, including South Korea, Latin America, and Europe. So, there are a lot of potential locations, but the exact location depends on what TV parts you are talking about and where you are located.

To learn more about LG’s various manufacturing plants and where your LG TV parts may be manufactured, keep reading.

Where Are LG TVs Made?

Before buying your LG TV, it’s a great idea to do research about where it is manufactured so you can get the best product LG sells. As a Korean company, LG obviously has plants in South Korea, but its global recognition means that there are manufacturing plants all over the globe today.

In fact, there are over 200 factories around the globe so that LG can produce over 60 million flat-screen TVs a year. Factories cover many continents, including Asia, North America, and Europe. Most factories cater to specific global markets, whereas others are dedicated to creating specific products and parts.

Here is a complete look at all of the countries LG TVs are made in:

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • South Korea

As though it’s confusing enough with there being so many plants to consider, the plants all focus on different parts in production. What this means is that certain parts of your TV may come from Mexico, whereas another may come from China.

Needless to say, a lot of factors go into answering where exactly LG TVs are made today.

Product Breakdown of LG TV Plant Location

Here’s a more detailed look at what LG factories make and for what market based on factory location.


There are quite a few LG plants located in China, but most of them do not construct TVs. Only a handful of Chinese plants focus on TV production. For example, a new Chinese factory specializes in the OLED displays. Chinese factories also specialized in ready-made TVs. The majority of Chinese factories, however, manufacture other LG appliances, like refrigerators.

One thing that all Chinese factories do is produce TV accessories. Any LG TV accessory you buy will be made in China, guaranteed. These accessories can span the entire globe, whereas the few LG TVs that are produced in China are also shipped globally, including to America, Africa, and Asia.


Most LG TVs manufactured in India are only sold in the Indian market. However, some Indian-made LG products are shipped to Africa too. Because the Indian plants nearly exclusively make LG products for the Indian market, these plants make a wide range of LG products.


There is a single LG plant in Indonesia. This factory mainly manufactures LED TVs for markets in South Asia and Australia.


LG owns three plants in Mexico, but only two of these plants manufacture LG TVs. There were three plants placed in Mexico because the country was a very economical choice a few years ago, but new regulations and taxes are making it difficult for LG to continue producing there.

Still, thousands and thousands of LG products are produced in the Mexico plants currently, but LG may start producing their products elsewhere and are very unlikely to set a new plant in Mexico.


There are a few LG plants based in Poland. However, LG is starting to scheme out its Polish factories because other countries are becoming more economical for production. Nevertheless, many of the Polish factories still remain and primarily make products for European markets.


There is a single LG plant-based in Russia. This factory develops LG TV products for Caucasus regions, Asia, and of course, Russia. Some of the Russian manufactured TVs are also shipped to Eastern European countries, but Polish plants dominate the Eastern European market.

South Korea

Because LG is a Korean company, there are two plants based in South Korea. The South Korean plants used to be a lot more lucrative and active than they are today. Increased wages in South Korea make the South Korean plants less profitable than elsewhere.

As a result, the company is slowly sending more and more products originally made in the South Korean plants to other plants around the globe. For the time being, the Korean plants deliver electronics to countries like America, Australia, New Zealand, and even Oceana.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, answering where LG TVs are made is no small task. You have to consider the part you are discussing and where you are located. Even then, it can be hard to estimate where your individual LG TV is manufactured.

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