What’s Batman’s IQ? (Smartest DC Superhero?)

It’s no secret that the DC universe is cram-packed with brilliant minds who use their intellect for good or bad, generally speaking. But there is no doubt that there are some who stand out above the rest. One of the superheroes credited with having the highest intellect is Batman.

With an IQ of 192, above that of Albert Einstein, it’s easy to understand how Batman brings some of the most technologically savvy weapons and gear to fruition.

While 192 is the agreed-upon IQ for Batman, it is a number that is debated by those super familiar with the comics. It’s not uncommon to find wildly varying stances on Bruce Wayne’s level of intelligence. Sometimes, fans even suggest that Batman becomes more intelligent when he adorns the mask to become the hero, despite both versions being the same person. You can find the IQ listed as high as 6400, a supposed 64x that of a typical person. What do all the variations add up to?

Gotham Intelligence Levels

When you consider that some of the most brilliant minds of our time have IQs less than 190, it seems unnecessary to say Batman is at 1,084 or 6,400. We get it, no need to go above and beyond to get across the message that the caped crusader is smart.

However, there may be more to it than overinflated numbers. In Gotham, intelligence isn’t measured on the same numerical system as ours is. Their standard is ranked by levels, of which Batman is placed at level 13. By comparison, other Justice League members like Wonder Woman and Superman come in at level 12. Long-term DC villain Lex Luthor probably revels in the fact that he’s level 14, just edging out over Batman.

One more way to further engross the intelligence factor is to highlight the Source. Only three have ever passed this spot on the edge of the universe, which requires a level 13 or more. One of those is Batman.

Batman’s Superiority Complex

A majority of superheroes would be classified as bright, but most have the added bonus of superpowers. So, while being smart is nice, being able to fly and throw vehicles comes in handy. Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne was born as a normal human. Well, normal in terms of being born with a regular body. When it comes to things like money and connections, he’s quite the opposite of normal in comparison to almost every other person. 

So, if he doesn’t have powers, is it his 192 IQ aka level 13 that makes him a superhero? As it turns out, there’s quite a lot about Batman that makes him super without having abnormal abilities. Aside from being trained by the League of Shadows, he has quite a resume. To start with, Bruce Wayne can speak 13 languages and over half fluently. He earned a law degree from Yale and also has degrees in physics, engineering, computer science, and math. That doesn’t include the European universities, such as Cambridge, which he took courses at but didn’t graduate from.

Whether he has been born with a silver spoon or not, Batman has an insatiable mind that drives him towards constant advancement. That, coupled with his passion for justice, makes him one of the most dangerous characters in the DC universe. It also comes at a great advantage that he is a billionaire. Even the greatest mind would be stifled without the resources to bring creations to life or the funding to travel and learn. Here’s a list of some of his other abilities:

  • Sleuthing – he isn’t called the World’s Greatest Detective for nothing
  • Physical combat – both hand-to-hand and martial arts 
  • Tactician – highly skilled at strategy during battle
  • Leadership – commanding armed and nonarmed forces in battle and business
  • Tech-savvy – professional level use of specialized and computerized weapons or equipment

How smart are the other DC superheroes?

If you couldn’t tell by the plethora of achievements by his name, Batman is widely regarded as the smartest of all the super people with a positive purpose in the DC universe. However, the Justice League is full of talented, skilled, and brilliant people trying to make a difference. We put together a get-to-know-me list of other super-smart DC’ers:

  • Michael Holt, Mr. Terriffic. This genius worked with the Bat to put together Brother Eye, a supercomputer and satellite system that the League uses to hunt down violence anywhere on earth. He also is the head of a team of crime fighters called the Terrifics. 
  • Ray Palmer, Atom. There are two Atoms and Ray is the first. He built the shrinking tech used from scratch. He’s also sort of the godfather of atom-sized universes due to extensive scientific research.
  • Ted Kord, Blue Beetle. He’s smart, but like many brilliant people in the real world, he lacks common sense. While Ted is out evolving technology, on one hand, he’s getting into dumb situations on the other. Sounds like a real inability to self-regulate.
  • Tim Drake, Robin. Tim isn’t the first Robin, but he is the brainiest. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons he worked so well as Batman’s sidekick. Luckily for him, he was not only part of but led the Teen Titans. Starting at a younger age gave Tim a boost in potential by being exposed to crazy scenarios that propelled him to further understanding.
  • Barbara Gordon, Batgirl. It must have been quite interesting, and at times very confusing, to be the child of Commissioner Gordon. As the beckon of doing the right thing in a city swarmed with people doing the bad, Barbara’s father was a great source of inspiration. Before transforming into Batgirl, Barbara was Oracle, which grew her already inquisitive mind into an expansive source of knowledge.

Who are the least impressive DC heroes?

Alright, at this point you might be a bit exhausted reading about these overachievers. They put the rest of us to shame and they aren’t even real. So, let’s take a look at some of the more, let’s say unique, characters on this side of the comic realm. 

  • Fruit Boy. Surely he would be handy to have around the house, but as a crime-fighting member of the Justice League? Not so much. 
  • Matter-Eater Lad. It’s all fun and games until you realize your superpower comes from super eating. Yes, this guy is able to eat literally anything. The benefit is he can tell you exactly what something is made of. The bad part is he will only ever be a wee lad.
  • Major Maple Leaf. There are actually two proud Canadians with this name in DC. Louis Sadler Jr, son of the original, was proud to become Major Maple Leaf after his father. Unlike his predecessor, however, he had no abilities. He did ride a super-powered horse, though. 
  • Monkey Joe. This guy doesn’t even live up to his own name, as he’s actually a squirrel with no powers. He did serve as a source of inspiration for Squirrel Girl when he joined her team and gave her the encouragement she needed.
  • Abner Krill, Polka-Dot Man. Okay, so he’s not technically a hero, but he is generally viewed as ridiculous. He is a sad guy full of colored dots that will destroy whatever part of you they touch after he throws them at you.

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