What Does the Orange Light on HP Printer Mean?

Printers have come a long way since their original debut, and have since become a companion for many writers, business professionals, and secretaries alike. If you have an HP printer at home or in your office and you have recently noticed an orange light blinking on the printer itself, you may be wondering what the orange light indicates.

Typically, whenever there is a blinking orange light on an HP printer, it can indicate that there is an issue with the printer’s toner, ink cartridge, or even with the printer’s own firmware and/or software configuration. 

What does a blinking light mean for an HP printer?

Blinking lights on any HP printer typically indicate an issue with the printer, the paper inside of the printer, or the wireless connection it is attempting to use. If the light on your HP printer is blinking rapidly, this may indicate that there is an error with the actual firmware of the printer or that the printer needs a closer inspection.

Flashing resume lights often mean that there is no more paper or that paper has become lodged and jammed in the paper tray of the printer itself. 

Are all the blinking lights and indicator lights on HP printers orange?

No, not all lights on an HP printer that blink will appear orange. Some lights may appear yellow and others may also appear red in color. The color of the lights on your HP printer will also depend on the type of printer you are using as well as the specific make and model of the HP printer itself. 

What does a yellow flashing light on an HP printer mean?

If you notice a light on your HP printer that is yellow and flashing, it will typically mean that your HP printer has an internal error or an issue with the printing machine and its internal components. If you have a hardware issue or a firmware error with the actual HP printer you are using, you may require additional help from a printer technician or by contacting HP directly. 

Should I unplug or reset my printer when an orange blinking light presents itself?

You can; although this will not always fix the issue you are experiencing. The best course of action anytime you notice a blinking orange light on your HP printer is to inspect the printer further to identify a working and viable solution. 

How can I determine the root cause of the issue that is triggering my HP printer to blink with an orange light?

Because an orange blinking light on an HP printer typically indicates corrupt configuration issues or an issue with your current toner or ink cartridge, you can use the process of elimination to determine the root cause of the issue itself.

Inspect the current toner and ink cartridge you have installed in your HP printer to determine whether or not there is an issue with them or if they are empty and need a replacement. If your HP printer’s ink cartridge and toner are still in working order, you may need to check and reset the configuration of the printer itself. 

Why does my printer say error?

If your HP printer says that it has an error or it is presenting you with a blinking error icon (which will appear as an exclamation mark), this can mean a number of things. If you are having an error icon appear, it may mean the following:

  • Your printer ink cartridges and/or toners are empty and are in need of a replacement
  • The cords and cables used to connect your printer to the power supply as well as to any computers you are using with a hardwired connection are not properly connected.
  • Your wireless internet connection is not visible or available to the printer itself, resulting in an error. 

How do I fix my HP printer if it is saying error?

If your HP printer is in an error state, you can attempt to fix it by completing the following steps: 

  • Turn your printer on and ensure it is powered up and ready to go
  • Wait for your printer to boot up and to go into idle mode before attempting to reset it or remove an error message it is displaying
  • Disconnect the power cord from the back of the printer (while the printer is powered on).
  • Wait 30 seconds (minimum) and then reconnect the power cord to check to see if the error message is still visible. 

Is my printer broken or corrupted if I have a blinking orange light emanating from it? 

Not necessarily. Most of the time, an orange blinking light simply indicates that your HP printer requires your attention in order for it to work again properly. This will typically mean replacing ink cartridges and toners or even unplugging and resetting the printer itself. In rare cases, you may need to complete a factory reset on your HP printer, depending on the issue(s) you experience. 

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