What Channel is Paramount on Directv?

With so many streaming services and networks to subscribe to, managing your favorite channels can quickly become difficult to keep up with, especially if you are using a service with a wide range of options. If you are a current customer of Directv, you may be wondering how to find a preferred network such as the Paramount network.

Directv customers can find the Paramount network channel on channel 241 for all Directv subscribers, regardless of the plan or package you currently have. 

Understanding how to find the Paramount channel on Directv and how to tell the difference between both the Paramount channel and Paramount + (Plus) can help you to find the movies and shows you intend to stream without all of the hassles. 

Where to Find the Paramount Channel on Directv

All subscribers of Directv can find the Paramount channel on channel 241. Whether you have a basic satellite cable package from Directv or you have all of the additional channels and extras Directv has to offer, the Paramount channel always remains the same at 241. 

What is the Paramount channel? 

The Paramount network channel is the channel for all Paramount movies, shows, and forms of entertainment. Because Paramount Pictures is one of the largest entertainment producers in the US and around the globe, the Paramount channel is dedicated to all of the creations that Paramount has brought to the public throughout the years. 

Is Paramount Plus the Same as the Paramount Network? 

No. The Paramount network or traditional Paramount channel is not the same as the latest Paramount release, Paramount Plus (+). Paramount Plus is a streaming service that showcases Paramount media exclusively. With Paramount Plus, subscribers will gain access to Paramount movies and shows that are unavailable anywhere else, in some cases, even including the traditional Paramount Network.  

Can I Watch My Favorite Paramount Shows on Channel 241 With Directv?

Depending on the show(s) or movie(s) you intend to watch on the Paramount channel, they may or may not be available on the standard Paramount Network channel on Directv. Most of the shows and movies by Paramount will appear on the Paramount channel or network, although it is not possible to hand-select when you would like to stream them, as it is possible with Paramount Plus. 

Does the Channel of Paramount Change Depending on My Directv Package?

No. The Paramount Network channel on the Directv provider is 241 and is 241 across all plans and streaming packages. It is important to remember that the Paramount Network channel is not the same as the Paramount Plus Network, however. 

Purchasing Paramount Channel vs. Paramount Plus

If you have a subscription to Directv, the chances are high that you already have access to the official Paramount Network’s channel. You can test to see if you have access to the channel with your Directv account by accessing your guide and browsing channel 241 or by entering channel 241 on your Directv remote. Most packages from Directv include the official Paramount Network channel, which is channel 241.

What to do if your Directv does not include Paramount

If your Directv account does not include a Paramount channel, you can call Directv directly to inquire about your current plan and package as well as the options you have available to you that will include the Paramount channel you are interested in. It is important to note that Paramount is not the same as Paramount Plus, even though they share the same parent company.

Adding Paramount Plus to Your Streaming Services

If you are interested in streaming Paramount content anywhere remotely 24/7, you can do so with your very own Paramount Plus subscription. Paramount Plus is available on a variety of streaming devices ranging from iOS and Android smartphones to tablets and traditional browsers. You can take Paramount Plus just about anywhere with a premium subscription.

The Cost of Paramount Plus

If you choose to purchase a subscription to Paramount Plus, you will need to pay a monthly fee. Currently, the cost of Paramount Plus is $4.99 for a basic plan that includes ads to $9.99 per month for a plan that is ad-free. It is also possible to pay for Paramount Plus on an annual basis, with plans ranging from $49.99 to $99.99, depending on your ad preferences as well as your budget.

It is important to keep in mind that a subscription to Paramount Plus is separate from your Directv cable service and subscription. Additionally, all subscribers of Paramount Plus will not only gain access to thousands of movies and Paramount television shows, but also to exclusive Paramount Plus content that is not available anywhere else, even on standard Paramount network channels. All subscribers of Paramount Plus will also gain access to CBS affiliate shows and streams, including live news. This can be a major appeal for those who do not currently have Paramount Plus but enjoy CBS news and affiliate shows along with Paramount movies and television. 

Can I Get Paramount Plus With My Current Directv Plan?

If you currently have satellite television via Directv, you will likely require a Paramount Plus-compatible streaming device in order to activate a Paramount Plus subscription. If you are using Directv streaming services, it is possible to add Paramount Plus to your current subscription plan using your smartphone, web browser, or even by calling Directv directly to speak with a representative.  

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