Spider-Man vs The Hulk: who would win (Marvel confirmed)

You won’t like him when he’s angry. At over 8 feet tall, not only is he intimidating, but Hulk can be downright scary. Surely a 5’10 teen would have no chance in a one on one against the mean green, right?

That isn’t just any teen, it’s a swinging crime-fighter who has to use his wits in addition to his brawn.

While he may not be as ripped as The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man has many advantages of his own. As confirmed by Marvel, Spiderman’s superhuman reflexes, heightened senses & durability are enough to take on & defeat The Incredible Hulk!

It may be hard to imagine when you look at the two superheroes comparatively, but winning a fight is much more than throwing punches. That is something the Green Goliath excels at, which Spider-Man would know and have to be prepared for. But to get a better idea of what a serious tussle between the two might look like, it helps to understand their individual strengths. 

Look Out, Here Comes Spider-Man

Since 1962, audiences have been enthralled by the masked teen swinging into their hearts. This young guy had been through so much in life before he got bit by a spider in high school. Now, he’s taking on all of Queens and then some. Spider-Man is no lightweight. 

So what is Peter Parker bringing to a fight? Here’s an overview of his super abilities:

  • Super strength and agility. The upper body strength of a man who swings around town is on a level that surely no one could contend with. Not only is the bulk of his movement done above the waist, but he is also flexible and exudes superior coordination.
  • Spidey-sense. You know that feeling you get when your hair stands up on the back of your neck? It’s like that but more highly attuned and helpful. He can sense when something wicked this way comes. 
  • Cling. When he’s not slinging web, Spider-Man can run up the walls. He has a super grip that enables him to climb solid surfaces without the need for equipment. 
  • Self-healing. What’s the number one helpful ability in a fight? Bouncing back quickly from injuries. Getting back to perfect in a snap serves as a superior advantage.
  • Brainpower. When you’re not the biggest guy in a room, having a high intellect can help you overcome and see opportunities where others do not. 
  • Affinity for science. Those web-shooters didn’t make themselves. Science and engineering come easily to Spider-Man, which turns out to be good for his neighborhood and the future of technology.
  • Martial arts. If you’re going to take on the town, you had best be educated in effective ways to put up your dukes. Not only is he a master of martial arts, but he’s also an expert at hand-to-hand combat.

Okay, with all things considered, it sounds like Mr. Parker would be quite the sparring partner. Some of these abilities would be extra useful in a match and others would be good for the preparation. Either way, he has some advantages. Now, what about Hulk?

Hulk Smash

Just hearing the name Hulk gives you a pretty clear idea about what you’re dealing with. However, Dr. Bruce Banner has to get pretty hard-core angry before he transforms into the green monster. Thanks to overexposure of gamma rays, when this emotion is felt strongly, his DNA mutates to create the Hulk. The angrier he gets, the bigger he gets.

What else can he do in this form?

  • Superhuman Movements. All other superheroes use the body they are born in to perform amazing feats. Unlike his co-workers, Banner’s body becomes something extraordinary. This new build comes with the benefit of being unbelievably strong, super swift, and incredibly resilient.
  • Indestructible. The skin that comes with the green mass is special. There is almost no weapon that can cause him harm. 
  • Regeneration. So, you may be thinking, if he can’t be hurt, why is healing an ability? Well, we said almost nothing could hurt him. You never know. In the unlikely event that something does happen to cause injury, Hulk’s body will naturally start being repaired. 
  • Shockwaves. When the mighty green puts his hands together in rage, he produces what’s referred to as a Thunderclap. It’s similar in sound and impact to a sonic boom, at times causing death.
  • Gamma-ray manipulation. He can both take in and produce gamma rays that will bulk up his physical power.

Just like Spidey, Hulk has a lot in his arsenal that would help him up against anyone. Dr. Banner’s alter ego’s abilities focus more on what he can do with his phenomenal size. All of those things have proven over and over to be a winning combination. When it comes to pretty epic fights, Hulk has come out on top more often than not. He’s even beaten Wolverine and Ironman. He’s taken down actual gods.

Spider-Man vs The Hulk, Similar Battle Outcomes

So, these two heroes have had their fair share of altercations with other supers. What have those looked like? Let’s take a look at a few times when these guys have won against other popular characters.

We’ll start with Hulk:

  • Dr. Strange. In one corner, the most epic sorcerer, and in the other, a 12-pack of green fury. Would it be cheating for Dr. Strange to casually throw Hulk into another dimension in order to win? Probably. That might be why he instead channeled a demon called Zom to empower himself. In the chaos, Hulk had grown exponentially due to extended rage and was able to find a strategic moment to knock out the magic man.
  • She-Hulk. Jennifer Walters is actually Bruce Banner’s cousin. That didn’t stop her from trying to take him down in World War Hulk. Technically, she got his powers from him, so it’s not completely surprising that he could win against her. Her version of his powers isn’t as strong, but she’s still the strongest female in Marvel.
  • The Thing. Fantastic Four’s rock man is like the Hulk of his group. That might have been what created a tad bit of animosity and tension between the two. However, it’s the whole four that try to put an end to a Hulk rampage. The last one standing is the Thing. Hulk was already on a roll though, so Thing didn’t really stand a chance.

Okay, now let’s check out some Spider-Man wins:

  • Juggernaut. Similar to Hulk, Juggernaut is a pretty intense name that comes with a massive build of 9’5. In order to defeat him, Spider-Man had to use his wits to get on his back and cover his eyes. No matter what Juggernaut did to get him off, Spidey hangs tough until the former gets caught up in wet concrete.
  • Carnage. The symbiote could basically lift a building. He is not playing around. Despite his various skills, he is still outmatched by Spider-Man.
  • X-Men. In an unusual turn of events, X-Men were going to join Magneto and Spider-Man overheard. An altercation breaks out unexpectedly and your friendly neighborhood masked man took them all down.

Spider-Man Takes Hulk, Mostly

Just because Hulk is basically immortal doesn’t mean he is the most likely to win a fight. Remember when he beat Thor? The God of Thunder is immortal, too, but was still defeated by Hulk. So, being immortal does not necessarily give you an edge during a fight. It would definitely help in a war, though. He may win in the long haul, due to longevity, but in the short term, Spider-Man will seize the day. Unless, of course, the fight was to the death.

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