Sony 65 Inch TV Dimensions- COMPLETE GUIDE

One might logically think that the answer concerning the dimensions of a 65 inch Sony television would be a straightforward 65 inches since that is what is written in the description. However, this is a common misconception. Screen measurements are a little more complex than that.

Sony 65 Inch TV Dimensions

We have put together a list of the ten top-selling Sony 65″ TVs.  This list will help you save time by collecting the dimensions for you.

Study the following table of Sony 65” TV dimensions to make your final decisions about which TV is the right choice for you and your space and needs.  It shows the model number, width, height, depth, and weight of ten of the most popular Sony 65″ TV models. 

Sony 65″ TV Specifications to Help you Decide:

BraviaXRA90J59.25″w/stand-33.87″ w/o stand-32.89″w/stand – 12.5″ w/o stand -1.62″w/stand -54.2″ w/o stand -49.6″
KD65X85J57.25″w/stand – 35.75″ w/o stand – 32.87″w/stand = 13.37″ w/o stand = 2.87″w/stand – 50.7 lb w/o stand – 48.7 lb
Bravia XRX95J56.87″w/stand – 33.5″ w/o stand – 32.87″w/stand – 13.37″ w/o stand  2.62″w/stand – 62.8 lb w/o stand 60.6 lb
KD65X80J57.62″w/stand – 36″ w/o stand – 33.25″w/stand  – 13.37″  w/o stand – 2.62″w/stand – 49.6 lb w/o stand – 60.6 lb
XR65A90J59.25″w/stand – 33.87″ w/o stand – 32.87″w/o stand – 12.5″ w/o stand – 1.62″w/stand – 54..2 lb w/o stand – 49.6 lb
XBR65A8H57″w/stand – 35.7″ w/o stand – 32.9″w/stand – 12.8″ w/o stand – 2.3″w/stand – 52 lb w/o stand – 48.1 lb
KD65X750H56.6″w/stand – 35.6″ w/o stand – 33.3″w/stand – 13.4″ w/o stand – 3.1″w/stand – 46.3 lb w/o stand – 44.3 lb
VBR65X800H57.6″w/stand – 35.6″ w/o stand – 33.1″w/stand – 13.4″  w/o stand – 2.8″w/stand – 49.8 lb w/o stand – 47.8 lb
X95OH57″w/stand – 35.7″ w/o stand – 32.8″w/stand – 13/37″ w/o stand – 2.87″w/stand – 52.2 lb w/o stand – 49.2″

How can I determine the number of actual inches of a TV screen

Generally speaking, the majority of TV sizes run from 28 to 30 inches for sets that are classified in the small category. Large TVs, including LED TVs and OLED screens, generally run from 70 to 80 inches.

Measuring a Sony 65 inch TV screen is not overwhelmingly complicated if the person doing the measuring is aware of some simple points. In most instances, a TV screen size is determined by the most commonly used measurement and can be calculated by simply measuring straight across the screen from one corner to the other. However, a different measurement is taken for the purpose of installing the TV in a particular area of a room. This measurement includes both the height and width and also the TV’s depth. It can be taken with a common tape measure, but if the diagonal size is taken, a calculator can be used to accurately determine the height and width of the screen.

How do I determine the actual size of the TV’s screen?

  • Measure the width of the TV
  • Determine the height of the TV
  • Figure out the TV’s depth

The most commonly used method to determine the general size of a TV screen is achieved by taking the diagonal length of the visible areas of the screen. This entails measuring from either the bottom corner of the screen to the upper opposite corner. The bezel or area that surrounds the screen should be disregarded unless one is attempting to determine what some TV manufacturers refer to as the TV’s class. This particular measurement is determined by also taking the total area in inches, including the frame or bezel.

How can I determine the actual width of a Sony 65″ TV for my media room?

Media rooms were once considered luxury items experienced only by wealthy people. Today, they are becoming more popular among average families. This can be attributed to the versatility, return on investments, and the media room’s ability to encourage socialization. Media rooms can involve considerable investments, however, and sometimes space is limited, so the issue of where to place components is particularly important. This is why it is essential to know how to measure the actual width of the TV correctly.

Many media rooms have specific areas, such as an alcove, the area above a fireplace, or some other specific space on a wall where the TV is to be installed. More often than not, these areas require specific dimensions. To determine the measurement, a ruler should be placed on the left side of the screen at the very edge. The ruler should go across to the edge on the right side of the screen, including the frame on both sides.

Measuring the height of the TV is simpler. To determine this measurement, the ruler or measurement tape should measure from the top of the TV’s frame all the way to the bottommost edge of the frame.

To determine the depth of a TV, one should simply measure from the side, from the front to the back. In many instances, the existence of cables for TV components, such as speakers, should also be taken into consideration. All TVs that are manufactured today have a 16:9 aspect ratio, so if the distance measurement of the diagonal eight or width is determined, one can easily calculate the other numbers.

What is the recommended height for mounting my Sony 65″ TV on the wall?

There is no one formula that says one must mount a Sony 65″ TV at a certain height.  In fact, every model has its own ideal height for viewing. Perhaps the most important factors that come into play are the configuration of the seating area and personal preferences.  A good rule to follow is to mount the device with the screen’s vertical and horizontal lines at eye level. 

How far away should I sit from my 65″ Sony TV while watching it?

The different TV models are assigned ideal distance recommendations based on the size of the screen.  Sony recommends that one sit from 8 to 13.5 feet away when watching a 65″ Sony TV. 

How much distance exists between the legs of a Sony 65″ TV?

Determining the space available from one leg to the next on a Sony 65″ TV will also help people who are trying to decide between placing their TVs on a console or mounting it to the wall.  If the space is too large, the TV could be in danger of falling off a console, so, in this case, a wall mount is recommended.  According to BestBuy Sony product specifications, there are  47.62 inches between the legs of a Sony 65″ TV.

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