Why Does my PS5 Shut Down Randomly?

So, the PS5, a marvel of science. Created by Sony and released in 2020 during the worst pandemic the world has seen. The product was sold quickly, its reviews were favorable, its buyers ate it up like hotcakes. 

It can play some of the greatest games this generation like the remastered Demon Souls, where the player must venture forth through castles filled with the undead. And it can play games that were released on the PS4, PS3, and the well-regarded PS2. 

It can play movies, apps, streaming services, and has continually seen updates from Sony, making it even better with each passing week. It’s a high spec computer in all but name, and those who somehow managed to grab one report that they enjoy the console and all that it provides.  

It also turns off randomly for no good reason

There have been reports of the PlayStation 5 gaming console by Sony randomly turning off during certain games. For example, one player has reported the console shutting down while playing Spider-Man: Remastered.  

In addition to this, there have been posts detailing that games have crashed during playthroughs of Demon Souls, Watch Dogs: Legion, Call of Duty: Cold War, and Celeste.  

The reasons vary, with some players believing that the PlayStation 5 cannot handle its power. And at times, this seems to be accurate. When it happens, the PlayStation status screens detail that the console was not turned off properly. 

Which, fair enough, it wasn’t.  

These random power shutdowns are known as system crashes, and they are a tricky business. See, according to some websites, the PS5 crashes due to an internet connection, or faulty power settings.  

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Or, worse yet, there could be an internal hardware issue, in which case, you might have to take it back in order to have it repaired. 

Old veterans of the Xbox 360 are familiar with the concept: the Red Ring of Death, where the internal processor would cease working for the 360 and players would have to ship in their console for a new one. 

This happened during the late 2000s era and was a pain for everybody involved.  

While not completely similar, the PlayStation 5 randomly shutting down does have a familiarity to those who owned an Xbox 360 during those times. 

To that end, while the possibility that you might have to send in your broken PS5 for a new one might be distant, there is still a chance that you might have to.  

But, should there be a local electronic store that can repair a PS5, such as Best Buy, you may have better luck there than just sending it in. 

The PS5 is a remarkable machine, don’t get me wrong, but it’s still a machine. It’s prone to failures of its own due to being so new. 

Should this happen, try to determine the cause before you ship it away.  

Here are some known issues that cause the PS5 to shut down:

The internet connection is faulty

  • A strange case, I know, but it does make sense. These days, being connected to the internet is becoming easier and easier, and for electronic gaming, that means many games need to be online in order to run, and now, so do consoles. 
  • Now, it is possible to play offline as it was in the old days, but randomly cutting out may cause power failures. 

Power Failures

  • At times, the internal power storage system is faulty, and you might have to go to the PlayStation website in order to troubleshoot the issue. You can tell that the power system is faulty when the PS5 turns off quickly after you turn it on, freezes randomly, or crashes suddenly. 
  • Though, some websites say that this is due to extended storage issues, so you might want to turn that off to see if that corrects any problems. 

Loose Cables

  •  A more mundane problem that players might have is that the power cables in the back might be faulty, or otherwise are loose. Likewise, players have reported that using the rear USB ports or LAN cables during the initial setup may cause problems, so you would want to switch to the front ports. 
  • After initial bootup and setup, if there are any problems, try to reset your PlayStation to factory settings. 

While these are only some of the issues, and I can’t claim expertise on any of these subjects, it is worth noting that these are some of the most recurring issues for PlayStation users. That said, should you encounter any of these problems, consult the official instruction booklet or the Sony PlayStation Website.  

Should you have to send it in, however, even after going through all the trouble of troubleshooting and going through the instruction books, be prepared for a long wait time. While the official website does say that they aim to return a fixed PlayStation within 15 days, mail and shipping times do vary depending upon traffic and your proximity to a mailing center.  

In order to send it in, confirm the machine’s problems via the PlayStation website and filling out their form, and be sure to get a reference returns number. Then write down the serial number of your PS5 while making sure that there isn’t a disc inside.  

Then, safely wrap the PS5 with Bubble Tap, and package it inside a cardboard box. take it to an official shipping center, place a mail label with the required details, and then mail it. 

Please refer to the PlayStation Website for more specific instructions, and be sure to read over each of their guidelines carefully. You, or whoever got the PlayStation 5, spent a lot of money on it, and you don’t want something to go wrong because something was overlooked. 

So, that’s about it for the what, why, and hows of the PlayStation 5 randomly turning off. I hope this post was helpful, and I hope that you’ll fix your PS5 soon!   

Note: these instructions were given to the best of the writer’s ability, but no expertise can be claimed. Please refer to the officially given guidelines for PlayStation 5 error and troubleshooting. 

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