Jabra Elite Not Charging? Here’s How To Fix

Own a pair of Jabra Elite earbuds? Have they stopped charging? Here’s what to do:

  • Try charging from the power outlet, not UBS.
  • Clear away any debris from the charging pins.
  • Charge them overnight.
  • Try a new charging cable and more.
  • Remove eabuds from case and charge case for 2 hours with case open.
  • Try Resetting them

That’s right, don’t throw those Jabra Elite headphones out. You invested a lot of money in them. The last thing you’ll want to do is needlessly get rid of them. Many of these problems have common fixes. 

So let’s dive into some of the most common reasons why Jabra Elite stops charging and what you can do about it. 

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Why My Jabra Elite Headphones Won’t Charge

There are many possible reasons your Jabra Elites aren’t charging. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Faulty battery in the headset
  • It has been too long since the last charging 
  • There is an issue with the charging cable
  • There is an issue with the charging pins/port

Each of these issues can result in the earbuds not charging correctly. Let’s discover why. 

Faulty battery

Over time, batteries degrade. They will last approximately 2-3 years, and if you’ve had your earbuds for that long, it could be a possible explication for them not charging. 

Of course, this depends on your headphone use. If you haven’t had your headphones for long, this likely isn’t the issue. Consult your warranty and contact that manufacturer if you think this might be the case. 

Too long since last charge

Batteries that are left with zero charge for a significant amount of time will stop working. 

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Make sure you keep your Jabra Elite’s charged so that you don’t get unwanted battery discharged. A discharged battery is when the battery becomes so undercharged that unwanted chemical reactions occur, damaging the battery’s ability to hold a charge. 

Problem with cable

Sometimes headphones stop charging because there is damage to the cables. We are constantly pulling and twisting on our charging cables. This tension creates damage inside the wires. You may need to replace the charging cables if that’s the case. 

Luckily they are inexpensive and available from Amazon and most electronic stores. 

Problem with charging pins

It could also be a problem with the charging pins. Sometimes they get old and stiff and will not recede and retract from the case to connect with the earbuds. 

If that’s the case, we’ll show you how to fix that in the sections below. Buildup can also occur around the charging pins causing the connection to falter. 

What To Do When Jabra Elite Headphones Won’t Charge

Luckily there are tons of things you can do before deciding to replace your headphones. And in the end, if it’s still under warranty, Jabra might have to replace it for you. 

Here are some things to do if your Jabra Elite earbuds aren’t charging. 

Don’t charge via USB, charge via power outlet

USB hubs can sometimes not give the best charge. Before trying the below solutions to common Jabra Elite charging issues, the first thing you should do is try charging it via the wall charger. 

If this still does not clear up the issue, then move on to the next steps. 

Clean any debris from charging pins

The charging pins can often be subjected to a buildup of gunk and debris. This will result in your Jabra Elite not charging. Luckily it’s super easy to clean them out. 

You will need a small piece of tissue and a toothpick. Gently scrape the debris from around the pins on the charging case. Wipe it off with a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a tissue. 

Use a can of compressed air, if you have it, to clean out any debris that may be inside the case. This should clear up the ports enough to receive a charge. 

Have you dried a different cable?

Charging cables can easily break internally without showing any wear on the outside, making it very hard to determine without getting inside the wires. 

Instead, try a different cable to charge your Jabra Elite headphones. If this makes no difference, you know the issue isn’t your charging cable. 

Is the charging port loose?

Loose ports can also result in a loss of the ability to charge. 

Take a look at the port. If there is visible damage, you will see things like bent connectors or dented metal. This could be an indication that the connectors are damaged. 

Charge them for a few hours or overnight

If it’s been a while since you’ve charged your headphones, consider plugging them in for few hours, or ideally overnight. If there is nothing wrong with the hardware, this will fully charge your headphones. 

Ensure proper connection in the charging case

If your Jabra Elite’s are not positioned in their case correctly, then they will not charge. As we showed above, they connect via small, retractable pins in the case. 

Wiggle them around a little to ensure a secure connection, and check that your earbuds are lining up correctly with the pins. 

Charge case without the earbuds

A solution that seemed to work for several users was charging the case without the earbuds in them. Here are the steps:

  1. Plug your wall charger into the case (non-Apple wall charger)
  2. Remove the earbuds from the case
  3. Leave the case open, and have it plugged in for now less than 2 hours.
  4. Unplug your charging cable from the device, close the case before placing your buds back in the case.

Jabra Elite Headphones Not Charging: Hard Reset

A hard reset should be your last resort, but it can solve many problems, including Jabra Elites not charging. 

To do this, you must place both of your Jabra earbuds in their charging cases. Now press both left and right buttons on the earbuds for ten seconds. To complete the reset, simply close the case and wait for five seconds. 

Now you will want to delete your previous pairing from your mobile device or computer. Then, repair your earbuds, and hopefully, the issue is fixed. 

Final Thoughts: Check the Warranty 

If everything above fails to work, you may be entitled to a replacement pair of Jabra Elites. Check out the Jabra store and contact their customer service department to determine if you are still within the warranty. 

They will ask for the ID or model number located on the case of your headphones to confirm your purchase and send you a new pair in the mail. 

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