If I Cancel Hulu, does it also Cancel HBO Max? [Answered!] 

For as much as streaming services compete with one another, there are definitely cases where they work with each other to mutually benefit (all boats rise in a storm kind of deal). This is the case with Hulu, which allows you to get HBO Max through Hulu. However, a common question asked is, if you decide that you want to cancel your Hulu account, does it also cancel HBO Max?

If you decide to cancel Hulu, unfortunately, it will also cancel HBO Max. However, you can still resubscribe to HBO Max separately.

To find out more about canceling Hulu and resubscribing to HBO Max, read on below.

If I Cancel Hulu, does it also Cancel HBO Max?

Unfortunately, if you subscribed to HBO Max via Hulu, canceling Hulu will require you to resubscribe to HBO Max separately. The good news is that even if you do cancel Hulu, you get to watch content on both Hulu and HBO Max up until your subscription to the two services runs out. To find out how long your subscription is going to last, go to ‘Manage profile’, where it will show you when your next charge date is (or in this case, would be).

One thing that gives some users pause in doing it this way is the idea that, if they cancel Hulu and lose HBO Max in the process, they may also lose their watch history and/or watch list on HBO Max. Thankfully, since these things are connected with your email, so long as you use the same email, you should have no problem resubscribing and having nothing change.

Is it worth getting Hulu and HBO Max together?

Whether getting Hulu and HBO Max together is worth is going to depend on whether the content made available is worth it to you. Thus, we cannot really say whether getting HBO Max in addition to Hulu is even a worthwhile idea. For example, if you enjoy Studio Ghibli movies, HBO Max is going to be the best place for you to be able to watch them (though some other places like Netflix also have some of their movies).

Additionally, where there are sometimes financial benefits to getting a streaming service through another streaming service (such as the Disney Plus/Hulu/ESPN Plus bundle), this is not the case here. Whether you get HBO Max through Hulu or you get the services separately, the cost you pay to subscribe will be the same. In fact, HBO Max actually is more limited if you do it this way, as you only have the $14.99 ad-free version, and cannot choose to use the $9.99 ad-supported one through Hulu.

If you get HBO Max through Hulu, the key advantage is that you can watch a portion of the HBO Max library using the Hulu app. While this portion is a pretty sizable selection of HBO Max’s library, you miss out on certain content, such as their original and exclusive content, which you will need the HBO Max to actually view. Overall, the benefit of actually pairing HBO Max with Hulu considering the limitation is somewhat dubious, and unless you are a big fan of Hulu, there is not a particularly strong incentive to actually do it this way.

Why can I even subscribe to HBO Max through Hulu anyway?

With the above limitations taken into account, one might wonder why this is even a function in the first place. Why have the ability to subscribe to HBO Max and view it through Hulu if you need the HBO Max app anyway for a lot of the content available? Well, the main benefit to doing it this way is more for the sake of Hulu and HBO Max themselves.

Basically, there’s a mutual benefit at play with HBO Max and Hulu working together like this. Where Hulu benefits by encouraging people to use the Hulu app (and getting a portion of the HBO Max subscription cost), HBO Max benefits by the subscription costs and having another way for people to sign up to HBO Max. Thus, it actually makes a lot of sense why this would even be a thing they’d do, even if it doesn’t provide that much benefit.

Then again, there is something to be said about the benefit of having your streaming content located in one spot instead of spread out across multiple streaming websites. You can experience something of a content overload with just one service, let alone the large number of ones that are being operated right now. So hey, if you would rather keep your HBO Max and Hulu content on one streaming service, that definitely makes sense to us.

What if I already have an HBO Max account? Can I add it to my Hulu account?

The answer to this one is a yes… but with a huge asterisk. You can absolutely do this even if you already have an HBO Max account, but you kind of have to go out of your way to do it. The first step is to simply cancel your subscription and sign out of the HBO Max app.

Once you have done this, you can now use the same email address to sign up for a monthly subscription to HBO Max through Hulu. At that point, you can now use the HBO Max app as normal, but you can also view certain HBO Max content through the Hulu app if you like. The only downside, of course, is that if you want to cancel Hulu, you have to cancel HBO Max as well, as we discussed.

Much like how HBO Max remembers your watch history and watchlist if you decide to cancel Hulu and resubscribe to HBO Max separately, doing this will not cause HBO Max to forget it here either.

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