How to Use Hydraulics in GTA 5 

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) offers a range of different experiences, which has helped the game remain active with an enormous player base since its initial release in 2013. That’s largely thanks to GTA 5 online, which has been built upon since its inception and is constantly releasing new updates that offer fresh, new gameplay experiences. GTA 5 online has a lot of content surrounding vehicles in the game, especially their customization. And one of the game’s most popular customization options is vehicle hydraulics. But how do you use hydraulics in GTA 5?

You use hydraulics in GTA 5 by first acquiring them at Benny’s Customs for around $125,000 – $250,000. Then once installed, you’ll hold X, then tap other button combinations that control the direction and movement of your vehicle’s “bounce.” This is often referred to as “car dancing.”

Benny’s Customs is located on the south of the map. You actually won’t be able to access the custom car shop until you receive a call from Lamar. After you get the specific call, you can visit Benny’s shop on your phone. It’s the best way to get your muscle car or low-rider that will be perfect for hydraulics.

First, you’ll need to upgrade your car, and that will cost a lot of money no matter what you’re driving. Then, after you upgrade your car, you can add hydraulics.

Mastering the hydraulics in GTA 5 will not just earn you plenty of street credibility to other players witnessing you ooze cool online, but you’ll create some truly mesmerizing streams if you’re looking to entertain an audience!

First Learn to Bounce, Then Learn to “Car Dance.”

First, know that there are many different button combinations you can use while using your hydraulics in GTA 5. Begin by holding down X, which will begin the hydraulic functionality. Release the button faster for smaller bounces. Or while holding down the X button, press either button to the left or right of the X button, which will cause your vehicle to lean in that direction. 

Because GTA 5 is played on multiple platforms, it would not be helpful to list out every single button combination for every single console. Instead, simply be aware that there are multiple key combinations on every platform; the keys will simply change based on what device you’re using. But X is the universal button you’ll hit to essentially begin using your vehicle’s hydraulics.

Different Tiers of Hydraulics

As mentioned above, GTA 5 is ripe with customization, and that extends to the game’s hydraulics functionality. There are actually different tiers of hydraulics in the game that you can add to your vehicle at any time at Benny’s Customs. Obviously, the cost of hydraulics rises with the tier, and as mentioned above, you’re talking about a cost of $250,000 for the most expensive hydraulics. So, expect to pay more for cooler car dancing capabilities.

Also, be sure you’ve customized the rest of your car before sinking that much cash into it because going with the hydraulics first will have you car dancing in a beater.

The Chrome Pumps

The standard chrome pumps are the cheapest that you can get for just $75,000. But they offer little bounce for your buck. Your car feels heavy and it really misses the fun of using the hydraulics anyway, so if you’re going to spring for hydraulics, I strongly advise choosing the next tier.

The Quad Pumps 4 by 4

The quad pumps start at $125,000, which is just $50,000 more than the standard pumps. You get a higher bounce, which is the entire point and I believe this is the best value available.

The Quad Pumps 2 by 2

Honestly, the quad pumps 2×2 aren’t much different than the quad pumps 4 by 4 in terms of the height of the jump. Therefore, you might as well save some money by just getting the previous tier.

The Quad Pumps V-Pattern

The V-Patterns are the most expensive hydraulics in the game, had for $250,000. This top-tier hydraulics system gets you slightly higher than the previous two tiers of hydraulics; however, there’s honestly not much difference. Therefore, in the interest of not spending every dime you have in GTA 5 on hydraulics, but still capturing how cool they are in your vehicle customization, simply buy one of the middle tiers. 

Unless of course, you’re getting the hydraulics for their look – then the V-Pattern makes sense. 

Make an Impression Online

Spend some time getting the timing of the hydraulics down. The hydraulics mechanic is a matter of rhythm. Press and release your left analog stick to become a fluid car-dancer and impress all your friends or any audience you have streaming GTA 5 online! 

And if you want to simply show off those pricey hydraulics to others, use your interactive menu to open all of your car doors, which lifts the trunk and hood.

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