How to Screenshot on Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A& Lite is one of the popular models of Samsung phones currently used. This smartphone has plenty of features and offers users a range of options, such as the ability to take a screenshot. If you want to learn how to take a screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, keep reading and follow the outlined steps. 

How to Screenshot With the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

To take a screenshot on the Galaxy Tab A7, Press the “Side” and the “Volume Down” buttons on the phone’s right side at the same exact time. Release the buttons quickly at the same time. If you’re volume and hepatic feedback are on, you’ll hear a clicking noise and see a screen flash. The screenshot will be stored in your photos gallery. 

More Details About Screenshots

If you want to take screenshots on your phone, you can also do many things with those screenshots, like move them, send them, edit them, and more. Consider learning the following information about screenshots and their many applications once they are safely stored in the gallery on your phone. 

Editing Screenshots

If you know you want to edit your screenshot right away, be prepared to touch the “Edit” icon that appears right after you take a screenshot. It’s the first square icon with a pencil that appears within a strip that momentarily appears at the bottom of the screen. The option is only there for a few seconds. If you click the icon, your screenshot will appear in an edit mode directly from your gallery. 

If you want to edit the picture, you have many choices. For example, you can draw in various colors by selecting the style of lines and the colors. Choose the appropriate option and color, and drag your finger across the screen to accomplish your edit. You can also select text and more. There is also an erase option if you mess up or change your mind about the lines you draw. 

If you want to edit a screenshot after the option to edit disappears, don’t worry. Simply touch the “Gallery” icon, which is red with a flower. Scroll to the screenshot and select the photo. Once you choose the photo, click the pencil icon, and the editing menu will open. You can then edit directly on the image. Once you are finished, click the save icon or the down arrow. Once the edit is completed, you’ll have a copy of the original and the edited version stored on your device. 

Sending Screenshots 

If you want to send a screenshot, the process is the same, whether it’s been edited or not. You can open the platform or messaging feature on the phone. Select the paper clip icon, and the gallery on your phone will appear. Select the correct screenshot to send. You can select the image to further edit or send to the recipient. Choose the right contact information or account and click the “Send” button. In some cases, the image may fail to send due to a poor connection or malfunction of the service or device. If your image fails to send, an exclamation point icon appears next to the image with the text “Failed.” If this happens, wait until the issue is resolved and click the icon to the left of the image. Select the “Resend” feature. 

Searching for Screenshots

One of the convenience features of the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the search and filter feature of the gallery. When you go to the gallery’s home page, a menu gives you options to search by screenshots. There may also be a layout with the heading “Screenshots.” Select this feature, and you can find all the screenshots currently stored on your phone. Scroll through until you find the screenshot you want to edit or send to someone. You can send the image directly from the menu when you click the image on your gallery. 

Retrieving Deleted Screenshots

If you accidentally deleted a screenshot and want to attempt to retrieve it, the process is simple. Go to your gallery and open it. From the homepage, click the settings menu or go to “Library.” From that menu, click the “Trash” option. You can scroll through all deleted photos from the last 30 days. Once thirty days pass, the images are permanently deleted to preserve space on the phone. 

Why Won’t My Phone Screenshot a Picture Online? 

There can be a few reasons if you want to take a screenshot of something found online, but your phone won’t take it. The most common reason for this is because you are in “Incognito Mode,” and the security permissions won’t allow the device to take a screenshot. Try going back to normal browsing mode and see if you can take your screenshot from there. Another reason may be that it won’t work on the platform or site you want to screenshot. 

It’s also worth mentioning that you send a notification to other parties when using some applications and platforms. Learn the terms and conditions of using any messaging apps or social media platforms to familiarize yourself with this feature. Another reason you can’t take a screenshot may be that your device is malfunctioning. If you encounter this issue, try to delete unnecessary photos and turn your device on and off. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to bring your device to the store you purchased it from or take it to an authorized repair location to see if they can provide a remedy for the issue. 

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