How to Scan Multiple Pages to One PDF on HP Printer 

Being able to scan text and images is a useful feature, and one that is coming to be available to more people, thanks to printers integrating the feature into them. Scanning itself has only become both more convenient and higher quality over the years, with more features being introduced since the scanner’s inception back in 1957. But some people are wondering: how do you scan multiple pages to one PDF on an HP printer?

Place the page on the scanner’s glass face down, and then press the ‘Scan to PDF’ button. Select ‘Document’, and then on the ‘Scan to’ drop-down box, select either ‘E-mail’ or ‘Save to file’.Select ‘PDF’ as the file type. Click ‘Scan’, and then swap it out for the next page, and scan again.

But how many pages can you scan as part of a single PDF? And what do you do if your HP printer is not scanning properly?

How to Scan Multiple Pages to One PDF on HP Printer

When trying to scan multiple pages to one PDF, the process is actually pretty simple, though you need to do them in a certain order. For instance, if you intend the PDF to be in a specific order, you should also scan the pages in that order, if only to simplify the process of creating said PDF.

Take the page you intend to have be the first page on the PDF, and place it face down on the scanner’s glass surface. Next, push the Scan to PDF button, which brings up the HP Scanning dialog box. There will then be a heading asking What are you scanning? Click the Document option, and then choose either ColorGrayscale, or Black & White. Next, select the Scan to drop-box menu, either select Save to file or E-mail. Additionally, make sure that the document is set as a PDF in the File Type drop-down box. You can also select where you save the PDF with the Save to file Save Options.

Click Scan, and once scanned, swap that page out for the next page. Scan that page, and replace it with a new one until all pages are scanned. Click Done, and then the file will be saved into the specified location.

Can you add pages already saved to your computer to this PDF?

If all you are trying to do is add pages you intend to print to a PDF, it is honestly a perfectly simple process. However, if there are pages or images that you would like to add to the PDF, you may be wondering how to add pages to this PDF.

Because the creation of the PDF does not necessitate that the PDF be immediately printed, and because it can be changed after you created it, adding content to the PDF is itself not very difficult. For this, we will look at Adobe Acrobat, which is typically the favored PDF reader/editor on the market. In Acrobat, either click Select a file or drag a PDF into the drop area. Select the PDF, and after the file finishes uploading, sign in. Select where you want to add pages to the PDF. Once it is placed, select Save.

What do I do if I accidentally added pages to the PDF out of order?

Even if you made a point of scanning each page in a specific order, you may have slipped up and accidentally scanned a page out of order, or messed up the scanning process and need to adjust things with it. Thankfully, once you have finished adding pages to the PDF, you are still able to move the pages around. The process may be different depending on which program you are using. In Adobe Acrobat, you can just drag and drop the page thumbnails to make it to your specifications before saving the new version of the PDF. Alternatively, you can

How to delete a page from the PDF

If one of the pages you added to the PDF was scanned improperly, or if you accidentally scanned a page you did not intend to include in the PDF, you will naturally want to have the page deleted from the PDF. The process of deleting pages, much like with moving them, may be different depending on the program used, and for simplicity’s sake, we will also examine how to delete pages in Adobe Acrobat.

Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Once open, select the Organize Pages option found on the pane on the right. Select which page thumbnail you want to delete, and then click the Delete icon (represented by a Trash Can icon). A confirmation box comes up, with dialogue asking you to confirm whether you want to delete it or not. Click Confirm, and then save the PDF.

How to print a PDF

As the name implies, an HP printer is also capable of printing, PDFs included. To print your PDF, you can do one of two options. The first is to open the PDF in a reader program like Adobe Acrobat, and select the Print option. It is found in the File section of Acrobat’s top menu. You can also push Ctrl + P simultaneously to open the print option. The second option is to right-click on the file in Windows Explorer, and then select Print. In both cases, you can tweak the print settings before confirming.

Why aren’t my pages being scanning properly on my HP printer?

If your HP printer seems to be having trouble scanning a page, or if the output of the page is of comparatively low quality, make sure that you check that your pages are placed face down on the scanner, and that the printer is actually operational. If there are no signs of power, the HP printer may not be plugged into a power source. Check that the cord is plugged in properly, both into the back of the laptop and into the power source. Also, make sure that the power source has power. A common mistake is thinking that the device is malfunctioning, when, in fact, the surge protector it is plugged into is switched off.

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