How To Reset Bose Headphones & Earbuds

Resetting most headphones and earphones follow the same general steps. Locate the power button, press and hold that button, and keep holding it until the headphone’s indicator light starts flashing. Even though most headsets follow these general steps, there are some variations based on brand and product. How do you reset Bose headphones and earphones specifically?

Disconnect the headphones from all cables or your device’s Bluetooth list. Plug in the headphones for power and hold the power button while connecting the other USB cable end to the right ear cup’s USB-C port. Release the power button after the Bluetooth LED light begins blinking blue. As for earphones, follow the same general steps, but plug in the case.

To learn more about resetting Bose headphones and earphones, read on. This article provides you a comprehensive guide to resetting your Bose listening devices.

How to Reset Bose Headphones

Unlike some brands that change the factory reset method based on the product in question, almost all Bose products can be reset in the same way. Even headphones and earphones follow the same standard process, even though it does differ slightly. Here is how to reset Bose headphones:

  1. Remove the headphone from any cables if not already.
  2. Plug the headphones into its charger and wall outlet. You could also connect the charger’s USB cable to your computer if it is turned on. Both options work the same.
  3. Press the power button and hold it down.
  4. While you are holding the power button, connect the USB cable to the right ear cup’s USB-C port.
  5. Continue holding the power button down until the Bluetooth light on your Bose headphone begins blinking blue.
  6. Let go of the power button.
  7. Disconnect or forget the Bose headphones on your product’s Bluetooth list.
  8. Reconnect your Bose headphones to your listening device

Steps Explained

Begin by making sure all of the cables are disconnected. One cable that should be connected is the power cable. You want to plug in the Bose headphones either into a wall outlet or a computer that’s on.

While your headphone has access to power, press the headphone’s power button and hold it. At the same time, connect the USB cable to the USB-C port located on the right ear cup. Wait for the headphones to start blinking blue. Release the power button when this happens.

Next, you need to go into your device and remove Bose headphones from the Bluetooth list. Once removed, reconnect the Bose headphones as before and start listening again. 

How to Reset Bose Earphones

In many ways, how you reset your Bose earphones is the same as how you reset your Bose headphones. The only difference is that you will need to utilize the earphone’s case for the charging method.

  1. Plug the earphone case into a power source.
  2. Put each earphone in the charging case while it is still plugged in.
  3. Close the case’s lid for five seconds before opening it again.
  4. Press the Bluetooth button on the charging case and hold it down for 30 seconds.
  5. Release the button after the 30 seconds have elapsed.
  6. The LED lights should begin blinking white then blue.
  7. Disconnect or forget the Bose earphones on your product’s Bluetooth list.
  8. Reconnect your Bose earphones to your listening device.

Steps Explained

Begin by connecting your Bose earphone charging case to a power source. Then, place the earbuds inside the case . Close the lid for five seconds and open it again.

While the Bose earphones are still in the case, press down on the Bluetooth button and hold it there for 30 seconds. After you release the button, the LED lights should begin blinking solid white, then blue.

Now, get ahold of the device that your Bluetooth earphones are connected to. Go to the Bluetooth product list and remove or forget the product. Once forgotten, reconnect your Bose earphones to your device. You have successfully reset your Bose earphones. 

Still Not Working?

If you reset your Bose headphones and earphones and they’re still not working, contact Bose customer support. They may be able to walk you through a different reset process or help you determine what is actually the issue behind your earphones. If your product is still under warranty, they might even be able to send you an entirely new product.


Bose headphones and earphones are considered some of the easiest listening headsets to reset. This is largely because both the headphones and the earbuds follow the same reset method. Once again, don’t be afraid to contact customer support if you are still having issues with your Bose headphones and earphones.

From this article, we hope that you can now confidently reset your Bose earphones and headphones so that you can start listening to your favorite music, movies, and more just as before.

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