How to Reset an LG K51 

Getting your devices to work can be a daunting task, depending on the device and the problem that you are having to deal with. This is just as true with the LG K51 as it is with any other device. The LG K51 smartphone has a lot of useful features, but for as useful as it can be, some users have reported issues with their phone, to the point that they need to reset their phone to fix them. Factory resetting an LG K51 means that you lose all your settings and files, so be careful not to do it unless as a last result. But how do you reset an LG K51?

While off, press/hold the Volume Down and Power/Lock keys on the back of the phone. Release Power/Lock when the LG logo appears, and press and hold again. Release both buttons when the reset screen appears, press Volume Down to highlight ‘Yes’ and press Power/Lock, highlight ‘Yes’ again, and confirm with Power/Lock.

But what other ways can you reset your LG K51? And is there any way to undo a factory reset of your LG K51?

How to Reset an LG K51

There is one main method you are expected to do in order to reset your LG K51 smartphone.

Factory reset while powered off

To do this, your LG K51 smartphone needs to first be powered off. Press and hold both the Volume Down and Power/Lock keys, located on the back of your phone. Wait until the LG logo appears on the screen before pressing and holding the Power/Lock key again. Release both the Volume Down and Power/Lock keys once the factory reset screen appears. On this screen, it will ask you if you want to commit the factory reset.

Push the Volume Down key to highlight Yes, and use the Power/Lock key to select Confirm. It will ask again to make sure that you want to do the factory reset. Push Volume Down to highlight Yes again, and then use the Power/Lock key to select Confirm again. Once you select this, the LG K51 smartphone will begin the factory reset process.

Factory reset while powered on

The other method to do this is to go in the Settings and scroll until you can select System. From here, either click Advanced, or Reset options. Either select Factory data reset or Erase all data (factory reset). Select Reset phone, and then select Erase everything. In order to actually do this for some people, the LG K51 may require that you enter a passcode or pattern to confirm.

How to perform a soft reset

A common mistake people make with respect to resetting their phone is that there are different ways to reset your phone. The factory reset option is meant to be a last-resort option, while some people may just want to know how to perform a soft reset. To do this, you can either hold the button for 20 seconds to power off the phone and then power it back on, or press and hold the power button for three seconds before multiple options appear, including Restart. Select that, and it will restart the phone.

Should I backup my phone’s content?

As mentioned earlier, when you perform a factory reset, everything about your phone will be reset to how it was originally. This means that it will have none of your files, login information, settings, or history that you have developed. If you are worried about losing any of these files or information, there are multiple ways you can backup the content on your phone.

The first thing to note is that some smartphones do not come with a slot for a microSD card. Thankfully, the LG K51 smartphone is not one of these phones, which means that you can easily transfer your files through a physical format. To do this, go to Settings > Storage > Internal storage. Open the folder the files are located in, and then select all files you want to transfer by tapping and holding the first file.

You can select all files by tapping the vertical ellipses menu icon and selecting Select all. Tap this icon again, and select either Move to… or Copy to… Tap the three vertical lines Menu option and then select SD card. Finally, either tap Copy or Move. Next, remove the microSD card, and put it in another device to transfer it, or simply have it ejected during the factory reset method. You may also transfer files via a USB-C cord, or use the Cloud storage method.

Can you undo a factory reset?

When resetting your LG K51 smartphone, the manufacturer makes a point of creating multiple barriers as part of the factory reset process. The reason for this is because of the process being very final. This makes sense, as if it was too easy, it may cause people to accidentally factory reset their phones. People who are considering a factory reset, or who have had their phones reset to factory settings, may be wondering whether it is possible to undo the process. Unfortunately, the factory reset is truly final, which means if you reset the device, everything is gone and cannot actually be recovered.

Why isn’t the factory reset working?

One of the most common issues with the factory reset method not working properly is because the phone has no charge. Much like it would normally work, if your phone has no power, it will not actually be able to power on. Plug your LG K51 into a USB-C cable, which can plug into any USB port, and allow it to charge adequately before attempting to factory reset the smartphone again. Another reason why your LG K51 may not be functioning properly is because the phone is broken, which either causes the phone to not power on or the screen to not display properly.

If your LG K51’s screen is not operating properly, the good news is that if you follow the power-on factory reset settings properly, you can factory reset your phone. Additionally, your phone may have non-functioning buttons that are used in the factory reset purpose. For example, if either the Power/Lock key or the Volume Down Key are non-functional, you may experience difficulties making the factory reset go off without a hitch.

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