How to get Hulu Live on LG Smart TV 

There are a lot of different reasons to consider a subscription to Hulu, and Hulu Live is chief among those reasons. Hulu Live gives Hulu users access to both on-demand content and live TV from more than 50 channels; additionally, they will be able to save up to 50 hours of DVR space on a cloud storage system managed by Hulu. Hulu Live can be used on a variety of devices, but how do you get Hulu Live on LG Smart TV?

To get Hulu Live on LG Smart TV, you need to go into this TV’s app store, and then search for Hulu Live TV (as it is a separate app from the regular Hulu app). Once you open the app, you either have to sign in or create an account, which should get you access to their library.

What do you do if the app is having troubles on LG Smart TV? And does Hulu work best on LG Smart TV?

How to get Hulu Live on LG Smart TV

Before you can get Hulu live on your LG smart TV, you’ll need to check if your LG TV is compatible. While Hulu works with the majority of LG models, certain features such as Hulu Live and Premium Add ons are not compatible with older LG TV models.

If your TV is compatible then getting Hulu Live, as well as other kinds of apps on LG Smart TVs is actually a pretty simple process. The LG Smart TV has its own app store, which has an app for both Hulu and Hulu Live available for download. Search for Hulu Live in the search bar, and select the option to install it to your Smart TV.

Once you have Hulu Live installed, your next options are to either sign in or create an account. Even if you do not have an active subscription to Hulu Live, you can still have a Hulu account from a previous subscription. You can restart your subscription for Hulu Live, or if you are new, you can register for an account and get your subscription started.

In the future, you can access Hulu Live (as well as other apps) via the LG Smart TV’s Home Screen.

What do I do if Hulu Live isn’t installing on LG Smart TV?

While the LG Smart TV is by no means a bad Smart TV, it is not without its issues. One issue that users of LG Smart TV have reported is that sometimes, apps will simply not load properly, or suffer from repeated crashes, and neither Hulu nor Hulu Live are exceptions to this issue. If you are experiencing issues with your Hulu Live app not opening, or crashing during use frequently, the first thing you should do is turn your television off and on again, just to do the simplest option first.

If that does not fix the problem, check to see that the app is the most up-to-date version and clear the cache. All else failing, uninstalling and reinstalling the app may help with the issue. If even that doesn’t work, contact Hulu and/or LG support to try to see if they have a solution to the problem.

Can I get Hulu Live on other types of Smart TVs?

If you do not have an LG Smart TV and want Hulu Live, or if you have another brand in addition to the LG Smart TV, don’t worry: most Smart TVs will be able to install the Hulu Live app just fine. If your Smart TV is not able to use it, then there is a solid chance that you have a bad Smart TV. In that case, your best bet is to look into a better Smart TV to replace it.

How much does Hulu Live cost?

Hulu is not the priciest streaming service on the market, with the cheapest subscription being the $6.99 ad-supported one. However, if you want to go for a more expensive option without ads, you can go with the $12.99 subscription. But how much does Hulu Live cost?

Hulu Live costs significantly more money than either of these subscription tiers, coming out to a total of $69.99 per month (10 times as much as the basic subscription tier), and this is for an ad-supported version. This service is a combination of the content you would find in regular Hulu, as well as the aforementioned live TV content. Thus, if you plan on getting a subscription to Hulu Live, just understand that you will be expected to pay a pretty penny to have it.

There are actually two other price points you can choose for your Hulu Live subscription. The most basic of these plans is the one that only offers live TV services, which is $68.99, and frankly, this is a bit pointless, as only one more dollar gives you Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu’s regular library of content. The most expensive subscription tier you can get is $75.99, which has all the above-mentioned content, but on top of all that, you do not have to worry about ads.

Is Hulu Live worth it?

With such a high price point, Hulu Live is the kind of service that you want to be 100 percent sure that you are interested.

Is Hulu Live a good alternative to the competitors?

While Hulu Live is one of the bigger options out there for watching live television, it is hardly the only one. So the question is, is Hulu Live a more worthwhile choice than going with one of its competitors? Well, the answer to that is “it depends,” as there are various pros and cons to be found with different Live TV services.

As far as cost goes, Hulu Live matches competitors like YouTube TV, DirecTV, and fuboTV. YouTube TV is $64.99 per month, while the latter two services are $69.99 per month. Meanwhile, the live TV streaming service Sling TV has the lowest price of all these services at $35 per month, but that does not necessarily mean that it is the best live TV streaming service out there.

If affordability is less of an issue for you, the downside of going with Sling TV is that the low price is because it is relatively lacking in content.

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