How to Fix Raycon Earbuds One Side Not Working?

Raycon earbuds are an awesome pair of earbuds. However, sometimes, you may run into issues with them. Perhaps the most common issue is that one of the earbuds may stop working or, in some cases, may not be producing as much sound as you hoped. We are going to help you to deal with that problem.

So, how do you fix Raycon earbuds not working on one side?

The most common reason for one of your Raycon earbuds not to be working is that one of the batteries has died. Putting the Raycon earbuds on charge should help. In other cases, a factory reset of the earbuds should be more than enough.

We do have a bit more to share with you here. We want to help you get those earbuds up and running again. Don’t worry. It is a whole lot easier than you may think.

How do you fix Raycon earbuds when one side is not working?

How you fix Raycon earbuds not working on one side will be completely dependent on what is causing the problem. We are going to run you through a few different solutions here.

Check the battery levels of the earbuds

Each of your Raycon earbuds will have a separate battery.

Because batteries are not constructed to exacting standards, one battery may drain a little bit quicker than the other. This means that it may cut out far faster. This means that you may be left with one earbud that doesn’t work. Although, unless there is a serious issue with the battery on one of the earbuds, the other will probably stop working 5-10 minutes after.

Obviously, the best way to deal with this is to put the earbuds on charge. 

Factory reset the earbuds

If the battery level doesn’t seem to be the problem, then you may want to consider a factory reset.

To do this, you are going to want to turn both earbuds off.

When the earbuds are off, locate the power button on each of them. You will need to hold both of these power buttons in for 30-seconds.

Remember, once you have factory reset the earbuds, you are going to be restoring them to factory settings. This means that you are going to need to repair them with your device. Of course, how you go about this will be 100% dependent on the device that you own, so we won’t talk about that here.

For most people, this solves the problem. There is a chance that one of the earbuds had an issue with the software inside, and the factory reset will essentially eliminate this.

Clean the earbuds

As grotesque as it may sound, your earbuds are going into your ears. This means that there will start to be a small amount of wax buildup on them. There isn’t anything that you can do to prevent the wax from getting on the earbuds. However, you can clean them.

A lot of people have noticed that unclean earbuds can lead to the sound outlets becoming clogged. While this will not necessarily stop any sound from coming out of the earbuds, it may make everything a little bit quieter.

Cleaning them shouldn’t be too difficult. Just brush away any earwax with a small amount of paper. This should help the sound to come out of the earbuds again. You may need to get deep into the mesh. Make sure that you are careful. You don’t want to push the earwax in even further.

What if you can’t fix Raycon earbuds when one side is not working?

There are some cases where you may find that the Raycon earbuds just can’t be fixed, no matter what you do.

Raycon does offer a limited 1-year warranty on all of the products that it sells. This means that if your Raycon earbuds can’t be fixed and you have owned them for under a year, then you will be able to send them to Raycon and they can replace them for you.

If you are outside of the 1-year warranty, then you will have no choice but to buy a brand new pair of Raycon earbuds. The company does not offer repairs. However, thankfully, Raycon earbuds have been so well-built that the chances of this happening are quite minimal. It seems that there are very few people that have a completely broken pair of Raycon earbuds that cannot be salvaged.


Raycon earbuds are solidly constructed earbuds. This means that you likely will never have to deal with any problems with them. However, there may be a time where one earbud stops working. Your first job should be to recharge them. If that doesn’t work, then a full factory reset will likely do the trick. There isn’t much else that you can do, although this will solve around 99% of all earbud issues.

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