How to Fix LG TV Turning Off Every 5 Seconds 

Does your LG TV sometimes randomly turn itself off? While LG products are popular for their quality and durability, they’re as susceptible to experiencing issues as every other appliance. Luckily, there are several things you can do to get to the source of the problem and fix it. 

If your LG TV keeps turning itself off, the problem could be anything from the power cord to connected devices. LG users have reported several different catalysts that can all lead to phantom TV turn-offs.  

We’ll explore several of the most common issues that may be responsible for your LG TV’s behavior. We’ll also walk you through how to clear them up and get back to streaming in no time. 

Check for Power Cord Damage 

When dealing with an unruly smart appliance, the temptation is often strong to assume that the problem lies in some complex technical issue. 

But first thing’s first. Always start with the simplest solution by checking the power cord to ensure it hasn’t been damaged. 

Whether it’s fallen prey to moving furniture or a pet who loves to chew random items, cord damage could definitely be the culprit. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the cord to solve the issue. 

Make Sure Your TV Is Plugged in Properly 

If your LG TV plugs into a power outlet, then have a good look at the plug-in to make sure it isn’t simply coming loose. 

Some wall or extension cord outlets, known as GFCI outlets, also come with test and reset buttons. These are meant to monitor your home’s electrical currents and will sometimes break the circuit if there’s an issue. 

Try pushing the set and reset buttons to see if that’s what could be posing a problem. 

If not, then follow the cord back to the other end, which plugs into the TV itself. Make sure that it’s plugged in securely as well. Even if so, some customers have reported fixing the issue by up-plugging their TV, removing the rear plug-in and cleaning out any dust before plugging everything back in. 

If any of these turn out to be the issue, then making sure your TV is plugged in properly should set things right.  

Time Menu Settings 

Another possible reason that your LG TV keeps turning off by itself could go back to the time menu settings. In order to see if this is the problem, press the Smart button on your remote. 

Then navigate to Settings> Time > Enter 

This will bring up a menu of several options, one of which includes “Off Time.” If the Off Time feature has been set, even accidentally, it will automatically turn off your TV at the selected time every day. 

In order to stop this from happening, simply select “Off.” 

You’ll also see another option on the time menu called “Sleep Timer.” If the Sleep Timer has been set, it will automatically turn off your TV after the selected period of time. 

This can also be fixed by pressing the “Off” option. 

Cache Overload/Memory Issues 

If your LG TV tends to turn off on its own after you’ve been doing a great deal of streaming, then it may be trying to clear its own cache. Much like computers and smartphones, smart TVs also have a cache which stores temporary data. 

Each time you turn off a device, the cache automatically cleans itself out until the device is powered on again. 

If this is the case with your LG TV, you may see an alert that says “This app will now restart to free up memory” right before it shuts down. 

One way to avoid this situation is to make sure you exit or close out individual apps, such as Netflix or YouTube, after you’re done watching. 

Another important thing to be aware of is that the QuickStart+ feature may affect your TV’s memory. As long as this feature is on, your TV’s cache will not automatically clear even when you turn it off. 

Turning off the QuickStart+ feature may resolve the issue. In order to do so: 

· Press the “Home” button on your remote 

· Select “Settings” 

· Choose “General” 

· A dropdown menu will appear that includes “QuickStart+” 

· Disable the QuickStart+ and SimpLink settings by setting them to “Off” 

Once this is done, you’ll need to perform a hard reset to let your TV process the changes. 

Here’s how to do a hard reset on an LG TV: 

· Turn the TV Off 

· Unplug the TV from the wall socket 

· Wait at least 30 seconds to 1 minute 

· Plug the TV back in 

· Remember to exit each streaming app when you’re done using it. 

Check for Updates 

From time to time, LG will release firmware updates to fix bugs, enhance features, and make sure your TV is running at its best. If you’re experiencing issues, then making sure that your TV is running on the latest firmware may help solve the problem. 

The easiest way to stay on top of the latest firmware is to set your TV to automatically update upon a new release. 

To enable this feature on an LG TV that uses a webOS operating system: 

· Press your remote’s “Home” button 

· Select the “Settings” icon on the upper-right-hand side of the screen.

· Select “All Settings” 

· Select “General Menu” 

· Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select “About this TV” 

· From here, you’ll be able to check to see if the “Allow automatic updates” option is enabled. If not, then go ahead and turn it on now. 

· You’ll also see a button that says “Check for updates.” You can also push it to check to see if any new updates are currently available. If so, then follow the prompts on your screen to download them. 

If your system uses Netcast, then the directions will be a bit different: 

· From your TV’s Home screen, navigate to the “Settings” option on the bottom left of your screen. 

· Select the “Others” tab and then choose “Software Update”. 

· If “Software Update” is turned off, then your TV will not be able to automatically check for and install any new updates. 

· To allow automatic updates, check the “Software Update” box and make sure it’s set to “On.” 

· From here, you can also manually check for updates using the “Check Update Version” button. If there is a new update available, then follow the prompts to download and install it. 

Amazon Firestick Issues 

Many customers have reported that their Amazon Firestick ended up being the cause of their TV repeatedly turning off and on again. In fact, this seems to have been an issue for users regardless of which brand of TV they were using. 

If you think your Amazon Firestick may be the issue, then try the following solutions that may help solve the problem: 

· Use the Firestick’s voice remote to tell the TV to turn off. Then turn it back on again. For whatever reason, this has stopped the On/Off cycle for some customers. 

· Check your Firestick remote’s batteries. Some customers reported that a Firestick control with low batteries turned out to be the problem and that exchanging them for new ones fixed the issue. 

· Switch to another HDMI outlet if available. 

· Try disabling CEC, which allows HDMI devices to be controlled with a single remote. In order to disable, select Settings > General > SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC) > Off. 

Check Your Video Signal Source 

Does your LG TV only tend to randomly turn on and off when you are viewing content from a certain source, such as a Blu-ray player or cable box? If so, then make sure you check the wires that connect the video source in question to your TV. 

Ensure that none of the wires are damaged and that they are all plugged into the correct sources. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then the issue may be with the video source itself. 

If you suspect that this may be the problem but aren’t sure which device is causing it, then you might consider unplugging them all to see if this fixes things. If so, then only plug in one device at a time each time you want to use one. While this may be a bit of a pain, it will hopefully help you narrow down the source of the issue. 

BOSE Sound Bar Issues 

If you have a BOSE soundbar connected to your LG TV, then it may be turning your TV off even if it’s not in use. Many BOSE soundbars feature an “Auto-Off timer” that instructs them to shut down after 20 minutes of inactivity. 

If your BOSE soundbar is connected to your Samsung TV, it may turn your TV off whenever it goes into standby mode after being inactive for 20 minutes. Luckily, there’s an easy fix if this turns out to be what’s going on. 

You’ll need to access your soundbar through the BOSE SoundTouch mobile app. Once you’ve accessed the app, locate and disable the “Auto-off timer” feature. 

You may also be able to fix this issue by turning off the Quickstart + and/or SIMPLINK options on your LG TV as detailed in the instructions above. 

How To Factory Reset Your LG TV 

If you’ve already tried everything above and nothing appears to be working, then it may be time to consider more extreme measures. Sometimes the best approach is to simply start all over by resetting your TV to its original condition. 

Be aware that you’ll need to redownload and log into any apps that didn’t come pre-installed on your TV. With this in mind, take this opportunity to make sure you have any log-in information you’ll need to get back into the apps you plan on re-adding. 

If you have any personal info that you don’t want to lose on the TV, you may also want to do a cloud backup before you begin.  

Once you’re ready to begin the factory reset, unplug any other devices that may be attached to your TV. Then follow these directions to start the reset:  

· From your TV’s Home screen, navigate to the “Settings” menu 

· Scroll down to “All Settings” and press “Select” 

· Select the “General” Icon 

· Select “Reset to Initial Settings” 

Your TV should immediately begin resetting. How long it will take to complete the full factory reset will likely depend on the strength and speed of your internet connection.

Contact LG Customer Service

If none of the solutions above helped solve your problem, then it’s time to contact LG directly. If there is a solution to your TV’s issue, LG should be able to help you find it. If not, then they can advise you on warranty information or the best way to get your TV replaced. 

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