How to Fix Jabra Elite One Earbud Not Working

The Jabra Elite One is a decent pair of earbuds. However, for some reason, the left earbud can stop working on occasion. Luckily, it is going to be an easy fix. On this page, we are going to teach you exactly how to fix the Jabra Elite One left earbud not working.

So, how do you deal with the problem?

All you need to do is factory reset your earbuds . This means holding the power button on each of your earbuds for around 10-seconds. This will restore them to factory settings. In the majority of cases, this will clear up the problem.

We do want to expand upon this a small amount. This way you are going to know exactly how to deal with a Jabra Elite One earbud not working. We also want to teach you how to update your headphones, just in case an update is causing the issue.

How do fix Jabra Elite One earbuds not working?

We are going to walk you through how to factory reset your Jabra Elite One earbuds in this section. However, before we walk you through how to carry out that factory reset, we do want you to check the charge levels of your Jabra Elite One earbuds.

As earbuds get older, the batteries for them will find it more and more difficult to hold a charge. In some cases, you may be left in a situation where one earbud drains its battery faster than the other earbud. So, before you factory reset anything, which can be quite a hassle, then you will want to ensure that the battery is fully charged. You will be surprised at how often this is going to be an issue for people.

Checked the battery is fully charged? Great. Now you need to follow these steps to get your Jabra Elite One earbud working again.

Reset the Jabra Elite One Earbuds

Your first job is to locate the power button on each of the earbuds. You will need to press the buttons in for 10-seconds.

You will know that the earbuds have reset because the light on them will flash purple.

Remember, the Jabra Elite One earbuds will have had their factory settings completely reset here. This means that if you have saved any special settings on them, then you will need to reset everything. 

Remove the Jabra Elite One Earbuds from your Audio Device

While this part isn’t strictly necessary, many people find it good to remove the earbuds from their audio device.

This means that you are going to need to open up the Bluetooth connections settings and then select the earbuds. You can then ‘unpair’ them. The extra process will be completely dependent on whether you own an Android or iOS device. However, it should be fairly self-explanatory. When you hold your finger on the headphones, an option should appear.

Re-pair the Jabra Elite One Earbuds 

Now it is time to get those earbuds re-paired up.

To do this, start by turning your Jabra Elite One earbuds off.

Now, hold the power button for 3-seconds (sometimes 5-seconds, consult the manual for your specific model and release. The earbuds should now be in pairing mode.

Once again, you are going to need to dive into the Bluetooth settings for your audio device and connect them up. The exact process will be dependent on whether you have an Android or iOS device. Although, it is likely that there will be some sort of ‘scan’ functionality in the same location that you un-paired the earbuds in the previous step.

In the vast majority of cases, this is going to get the broken earbud working again. However, there is one more thing that you can try if it doesn’t.

How do you update the software on Jabra Elite One earbuds?

The final step is to get the Sound+ app installed on your audio device. If you can’t install the Sound+ app on your device, then find a phone or tablet that you can install it onto. Get your earbuds paired up with this.

Once the app is installed, load it up. The app will then encourage you to search for a software update for your earbuds.

This software update will install new software for you. You will need to leave the earbuds in your charging dock while it does this.

A lot of the time, the software update will overwrite any software problems that may have resulted in one of the earbuds not working.

The entire process should only take a few minutes. There will be a purple light that flashes on the charging case during the update. When this purple light stops flashing, then you know that the process is complete. Do not remove the earbuds until the process is complete!

What if you can’t fix the problem with your Jabra Elite One earbuds?

It is incredibly rare that you can’t fix one of the earbuds not working. 

If you can’t, then you may want to get in touch with Jabra. They may be able to replace your earbuds if they are still in warranty.

If your earbuds are no longer in warranty, then you don’t really have a choice other than to replace the earbuds yourself. However, thankfully, this is going to be incredibly rare. Most people find that the issues with their Jabra Elite One earbud will be completely cleared up with a simple factory reset. 


Your Jabra Elite One earbuds are a decent pair of earbuds. The chances of there being something wrong with them should be incredibly slim. However, let’s face it, they are a sophisticated piece of technology. There is always the risk that something could happen. The most common issue being one of the earbuds, normally the left one, failing to work properly. Thankfully, a good factory reset or a firmware update should be enough to resolve the vast majority of these issues. It is exceedingly rare that your earbuds are broken.

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