How to Fix Hulu error 301

Hulu is a relatively inexpensive video streaming service that allows subscribers to enjoy various add on content, including thousands of TV shows and movies. Since it is a paid device, users have to pay a specified sum to activate their accounts and begin to enjoy the privileges. However, Hulu subscribers sometimes encounter certain difficulties while trying to stream videos or watch their favorite TV shows on the app. Users are unable to watch videos due to playback errors that prevent the system from loading. Some times, these errors come with codes that allow users to know what the problem is and how to fix them.

What is Hulu error code 301?

The Hulu error code 301 is one of the most popular error codes that appear on the streaming device and disallows subscribers from enjoying a smooth streaming or live TV. The code shows that there has been a playback failure while streaming on the device. Although the Hulu error code 301 can be quite frustrating when one is in the middle of an exciting movie, fixing it is easy once you know the causes.

The most common causes of Hulu error code 301 are a slow internet connection, hardware setup errors, DNS server malfunction, overwritten cookies, overloading of a single Hulu account, and sometimes, a problem with the Hulu channel provider’s service. If the issue is with the Hulu provider server , you will have to wait until it is fixed. Otherwise, you should try the methods listed in this post.

How to fix the Hulu error code 301

There are different options to fix the Hulu error code 301 depends on which one you suspect or which one works first. This means if the first option doesn’t work, then you have to move to the second option.

Method 1 – Reboot your device

The first step to undo a Hulu error code 301 is to turn off all your devices and restart. Most streaming errors can be fixed by turning off and restarting the streaming device. Take the following steps to reboot your devices and clear off the Hulu error code 301

  1. Shut down or turn off your devices
  2. Disconnect your streaming and network appliances completely
  3. Leave them off for about two minutes
  4. Reconnect and turn on all your devices.

By this time, the playback error should have disappeared, and your movies should be streaming correctly. If the error persists, try the next method.

Method 2 -Disconnect devices on your network and check your connection speed

Sometimes having so many devices connected to your networking device may stress out the connection and prevent you from streaming on the Hulu app with ease. Follow these steps to disconnect any device that may be overworking your connection.

  1. Disconnect extra network devices like smartphones, additional computers, game consoles you are not using from your network connection
  2. Check your connection details to ensure that no foreign or unknown devices are on your network. If there are any, disconnect them.
  3. If your system is not secured, this may be the right time to secure it using a password or any form of protection.
  4. Now check your network speed. Hulu video requires at least 3.0 Mbps, while live TV requires 8.0 Mbps. Check that your connection speed is up to this range for what you are doing.
  5. Take an internet speed test to verify your internet connection speed.
  6. Check your streaming now to see if it is working correctly, if there is still the Hulu error code 301, move to method 3.

Method 3 – Disconnect other users from your Hulu account

If your internet speed is excellent and other internet-based activities are working fine on your device, then the issue may be from your Hulu account . When there are too many devices connected to a single Hulu account, streaming of videos and live TV will be hindered.

Hulu sometimes suspects dubious activities when too many devices are streaming at the same time and may cut down on service distribution. To resolve this, turn off all other devices on your Hulu account, leaving only your streaming device.

If this still doesn’t resolve the error code on your device, try the next method.

Method 4 – Check Router settings and Adjust domain name server

  1. If you have a device for tracking traffic signal on your network device, check that the signal traffic on your streaming video is prioritized.
  2. If not, get a multi-band router or a router that is capable of prioritizing streaming traffic and set the advanced feature for prioritizing traffic to have the Hulu device first.
  3. Consider changing the domain name server (DNS) settings of your router.
  4. If you are unsure how to change the DNS setting, you can find a guideline on the internet
  5. Once you have changed the router setting, try streaming your video again. If the error persists, use the next method

Method 5 -Change your network to a wired connection

Sometimes changing from a wireless to a wired network connection might help fix the Hulu 301 error code.

  1. Get an active Ethernet cable, modem or router to connect your streaming and broadcasting device.
  2. Make sure your device is positioned close to the router. The closer your device is to the router, the stronger the connection.
  3. Now, your Hulu service should be working fine.

Method 6 – Clear cache and cookies

Another common way to resolve error codes is to clear cache and cookies. This is possible if you are using your Hulu on a personal computer or MAC.

  1. Open the browser preferably chrome and click on options (the three dots at the top right corner)
  2. Select the option more tools’ and click on Clear browsing data.’
  3. Scroll to the time range’ option, select all time’ and click on clear data.
  4. By now your cache and cookies will be cleared from the browser.
  5. Try relaunching the Hulu streaming service and see if it works fine.

If, after all these methods, your device is still unable to stream videos from Hulu without the error code 301, you may have to delete the Hulu app from your device and reinstall.

Method 7 – Delete and reset Hulu application on your device

  1. Highlight the Hulu app and click on delete
  2. Go back to your digital app store, PlayStation on your any device and download the Hulu application again
  3. Install the Hulu application and log in to your account
  4. Now try streaming your video or watching a live TV
  5. By now, the Hulu error code 301 must have been fixed.

If the problem persists after reinstalling your Hulu app, then you should contact Hulu customer support through their website.

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