How To Fix Google Pixel Buds One Not Working

Google Pixel and Google Pixel buds are the competing equivalents to the iPhone and AirPod earbuds. If you have a pair of Google Pixel earbuds, you know how handy they are, especially when traveling or spending time in a public place. If you own a pair of Google Pixel buds but one has stopped working, you may be wondering if it is possible to fix the bud and if so, how to go about it.

How to Fix Google Pixel Buds if One Side is Not Working?

Resetting your Google Pixel Buds is the best way to attempt to get one of your buds working again if there is no audio coming from it. In other cases, disabling smart features such as “automatic ear detection and “automatic updates”, “forgetting” your Previously connected devices from your device’s Bluetooth list, or updating firmware, solves the issue.

Resetting Your Google Pixel Buds

The most common solution to this issue is to simply reset your earbuds. However, before you do so, you’ll want to disable your device’s smart features such as “automatic ear detection” and “automatic updates“, as this may be interfering with the connection process. This can be done on your Pixel Buds app by navigating to the settings tab.

Now once that’s completed, follow the steps to reset your Google Pixel Buds:

  1. Plug in your Pixel Buds charging case. Ensure that your Pixel Buds are in the proper position in your charging case and that they are fully charged.
  2. Keep the charging case open, with the Pixel Buds in place in an upright position.
  3. Press and hold your Pixel Bud’s pairing button for approximately 30 seconds in total. This button is located on the back of the Pixel Bud’s charging case.
  4. Once the light stops bouncing and disappears entirely, you can stop holding the pairing button.
  5. Observe your Pixel Buds as the resetting process takes place. You should see a light that is blinking both orange and white while the reset is in process. Once the reset is complete, the light will begin bouncing and will appear white only. 

Tap Your Pixel Bud or Hosting Device

Tap the earbud that is not working or the host device you are attempting to stream on. At times, this may help the earbud to begin working again or the host device to find the proper wireless signal.

Verify That Your Google Pixel Buds are Fully Charged

Ensure that your Google Pixel Buds are completely charged and that there are no firmware issues or visible damage to the buds themselves. If your earbuds are not charged or if they are not charged evenly, there is a chance that one of your earbuds will not work alongside the other at some point.

Syncing the charging of your Google Pixel Buds can help to eliminate this problem. 

Update Your Google Pixel Buds Firmware

Update your Google Pixel Bud firmware to ensure that your earbuds are simply not outdated. Whenever the firmware of a product is outdated, you run the risk of experiencing glitches, bugs, and errors. If your Google Pixel Bud’s firmware is outdated, the audio output of the buds themselves may become corrupted. A simple update can often eliminate this issue altogether. 

Bluetooth-Enabled Verification

Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your Pixel Buds, as this will allow the buds the ability to connect to a host or streaming device of your choice. 

Ensure that your Google Pixel Buds are within pairing distance of the Bluetooth-enabled device you have chosen to cast to using your earbuds.

Allow your Pixel Buds a few minutes to connect to your preferred device(s) using Bluetooth, as this does not always happen instantly.

Note: If your preferred streaming device does not seem to be pairing properly with your Google Pixel Buds, you can attempt to locate the earbuds using the device’s own Bluetooth menu. Use your preferred device’s Bluetooth menu to locate “Pixel Buds” from its own menu if your Google Pixel Buds are unable to locate the hosting device themselves. 

Forget Your Device(s)

Another way to attempt to fix a Google Pixel Bud that is not working is to disconnect or forget your earbuds from the hosting device of your choice. You can then restart your device after forgetting your pixel buds from your preferred hosting device to attempt a proper Bluetooth wireless connection again. To forget your earbuds from a streaming device, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Bluetooth menu from the device(s) that you would like to forget your Google Pixel Buds.
  2. Select “delete” or “forget” next to “Pixel Buds” within the menu. This will allow the device to forget all aspects of your Pixel Buds, which will allow for a brand new connection when you attempt it again.

Attempting to Pair Your Pixel Buds After Forgetting Them

Once you have forced your device(s) to forget your Google Pixel Buds, ensure that your buds are fully charged and that their firmware is updated.

Ensure that your Pixel Buds are in their proper case. Hold the pairing button on your Google Pixel Buds for approximately 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, you will see a bouncing white light on the case of your Pixel Buds. A notification will then appear that will walk you through the remaining steps necessary to complete the pairing and setup processes.

Clean Your Google Pixel Buds

In some instances, your Google Pixel buds may pick up dirt and debris while traveling or in use. If this is the case, a simple cleaning may help to fix one of your Pixel Buds if it is no longer streaming audio or working properly. When cleaning your Google Pixel Buds, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Inspect the earbuds to get a closer look at potential blockages or buildup that should be removed.
  • Use a small Q-tip to wipe around the edges of your Google Pixel Buds.
  • Avoid sticking any items directly into the earbud holes. If you have debris lodged in your earbuds, seek a professional cleaner or technician for assistance.  

Having a Google Pixel Bud that is not working or that does not stream audio can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are unsure of the root cause of the issue. Taking the time to inspect, update, and reset your Pixel Buds can help you to get both earbuds in working order without requiring professional assistance. 

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