How to Connect the Sonos Play 1 to Your TV

The Sonos Play 1 is a compact and powerful smart speaker that can provide high-quality sound to any room in your home. Although the Play 1 isn’t designed to be used with TVs, there are several ways to get your Play 1 to broadcast audio from your TV. 

Since the Sonos Play 1 isn’t a Bluetooth speaker, and because it doesn’t have a line-in port, you’ll need to connect this speaker to another device in order to pair it to your TV. The Play 1 can be used alongside several other devices from Sonos, such as the Play 5, the Connect, and the Connect: AMP.

The process for connecting the Sonos Play 1 to your TV will vary based on the device you use. Read on to find the best way to get your Play 1 and your TV connected. 

Connecting the Sonos Play 1 to a Play 5

The Sonos Play 5 is a powerful wireless speaker equipped with features the Play 1 is lacking, like a line-in port. If you use the line-in port to connect your Play 5 to your TV, you can connect your Play 1 to the Play 5, allowing you to play TV audio from your Play 1 speakers. 

To connect the two speakers, open the Sonos Controller App. Choose the room that your Play 1 is located in. Once you’ve selected the Play 1, choose line-in and then Play 5 to start broadcasting TV audio from your speaker. 

This is an excellent option if you have more than one Sonos speaker in your household. It’s a way to play clear, high-quality TV audio in multiple rooms at the same time, allowing every member of your household to hear what’s playing on the TV. 

Connecting the Sonos Play 1 to a Connect

The Sonos Connect is a wireless audio receiver that’s designed to help you expand your Sonos system to multiple rooms in your home. Like the Play 5, the Connect has line-in ports that can be used to connect it to your TV. 

Once your Connect is hooked up to your TV, you can connect it to your Play 1 speaker via the Sonos Controller App. Just select the room the Play 1 is in, line-in, and then Connect to start playing TV audio. 

Connecting the Sonos Play 1 to a Connect:AMP

The Sonos Connect:AMP is a compact amplifier that can enhance the audio from any existing speakers in your home. It can also be used to play audio from the TV on other wireless speakers like the Play 1. You can connect this amp to your TV through its line-in ports. 

Once your amp and your TV are connected, you can use the Controller App to play TV audio from your Play 1. Since the audio will be coming from the Sonos Play 1 and not your amp, the audio won’t be enhanced in any way. 

Connecting the Sonos Play 1 to a Playbar

The Playbar is a powerful soundbar that can serve as a sound system for your TV. You can connect the Playbar directly to your TV via the line-in port or connect it to your Sonos home theater system. 

After the Playbar is connected, you’ll go through the same process with the Controller App to sync your Play 1 to your Playbar. Once your Sonos Play 1 is a part of your Sonos sound system, it can play audio from any Sonos device that’s hooked up to your TV. 

Using Other Devices to Connect Your Sonos Play 1 to Your TV

If you have a soundbar or other speakers connected to your TV, you may want to use these devices to play TV audio through your Play 1 speakers. While it’s possible to do this, you’ll need another Sonos device, such as the Sonos Connect, to sync your Play 1 to your other devices. 

While the Play 1 provides high-quality audio, it has limited connectivity options. You can get more utility from the speaker if it’s part of a larger Sonos sound system. Although it’s not possible to connect a Sonos Play 1 to most TVs without additional Sonos devices, the Play 1 can be synced to an Apple TV. 

How to Connect the Play 1 to an Apple TV

Even though the Play 1 doesn’t have Bluetooth or a line-in port, it does support AirPlay 2, an Apple feature that allows you to stream audio to multiple devices. You can enable AirPlay 2 on your Play 1 by following these steps:

1. Update Your Apple TV

Make sure you’re running the latest software on your Apple TV. You can check for updates by opening the Settings menu on your TV, then selecting “System” and “Software Updates.”

2. Update Your Play 1

Once your TV is updated, you’ll want to update your Sonos speaker as well. Open the Options menu in the Controller app and select “Settings” and then “System Updates” to check for updates. 

3. Connect the Play 1 to the Home App

Use an iOS device, like an iPhone, to connect your Play 1 to the Home App. Open the app, click “Add Accessory,” and select your Sonos Play 1. You’ll be given instructions that will help you connect your speakers to the app. 

4. Broadcast TV Audio to Your Play 1 Speakers

Once the Play 1 is connected to the Home App, you can broadcast audio from your TV directly to your speaker. To do this, press and hold down the TV button on your Siri remote and open the Control Center. Select “Audio Controls” to see a list of available speakers. 

Select your Play 1 speakers to start playing audio from your TV. Your speakers may appear on the list more than once. If this happens, choose the speakers that are listed as “Receiver Speakers” for the best possible audio quality. 

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