How to Adjust Dell Monitor Height

A Dell computer monitor is an excellent thing to have. This quality monitor will serve you well for a long while. If you work at home, you know the importance of being comfortable, and for this reason, it’s a good idea to take the time to put your monitor at the best possible height for your use. 

It’s key that you set up your desk, computer, and chair in a way that will allow you to be the most comfortable. This is especially the case if you spend long hours in front of your PC with freelance or a work-from-home job. Even if you use your PC for gaming, you might end up spending hours at a time there and want to have your screen in the right position. 

How to Adjust Dell Monitor Height

It’s a fairly easy process to make adjustments to your monitor height, particularly when you have a Dell computer. Sit up in whatever chair you’ll use when you’re at your computer. Raise this monitor by pulling upwards on it until it slides up on the base. You may need to lower and raise it a few times until you end up at the ideal height. 

If you find that your height adjustment on the monitor base is stuck, this may be locked down. The monitors have this feature in order to keep the adjustment from sliding while you’re transporting it. You can unlock the Dell monitor with ease. All you have to do is press on the release/lockdown button on the back of the adjustable stand at the same time as pushing down a little on the monitor. After that, your monitor should release from being locked down. 

Additional Methods of Getting Some Height 

Another good way to add height to your monitor is to put your central processing unit (CPU) on its side on your desk/workstation. It offers that height while simultaneously giving you access to the ports and drives that are in your CPU. This still may not be enough of an adjustment for your needs. You can place a book or some other stable object in between your monitor and CPU so that you have some extra lift. 

You also might consider buying a stand for your monitor. There are a variety of stand styles you can purchase at an electronics or office supply store. You can use measurements you’ve already determined for the desired height to help you in making a choice with your monitor stand. Some of these stands even have slide-out keyboard trays.

Another attractive option (although it will take some extra work) is to make your own monitor stand. If you’d rather not spend your money on a stand, find items in your house to raise your Dell monitor to the ideal height. 

Why Do You Need to Adjust Your Dell Monitor Height?

There are various reasons why it would be important to adjust the height of your Dell computer monitor. For one, you want greater comfort that will ensure you can sit and look at your computer screen for work and other activities. There’s nothing worse than making phone calls for business, answering emails, or otherwise taking care of work duties and needing to look up at the screen or hunch over in order to see what you’re doing. You don’t want to develop a neck strain or hurt your shoulders or back all in the name of sticking to a strict work schedule that doesn’t give you time for many breaks. 

Another reason to adjust your Dell monitor is to provide you with access to your computer for quick actions such as online banking, paying your bills, and keeping in touch with friends and family. It’s in your best interest to get the perfect setup with your desk and monitor as soon as you’ve got it all. This way, you can ensure that you stay up to date and don’t have to let your busy work schedule and home duties get in the way of connecting with others. 

Look to Manufacturer Instructions 

If all else fails when you’re working on your Dell computer monitor setup, it’s important that you read the instructions that have been provided to you by your manufacturer. This is because the method you use to adjust the height varies based on the make, model, and manufacturer. Reach out to your manufacturer directly if you don’t have a user’s manual that helps you with the process of fixing your monitor’s height. You may only need to press a button or toggle a lock in order to freely adjust your monitor, but it’s best to know for sure so that you don’t end up breaking anything.

What’s the Best Ergonomic Position for a Computer Monitor? 

When working from home, it’s important to consider carefully how to position your chair, desk, and the computer monitor. You need to be able to sit and look at your screen without straining. There is an entire scientific category of ergonomics with research done on the perfect way to maintain comfort and reduce your risk of neck strain and other injuries. 

Your monitor should be centered directly in front of you. The monitor should be 18 to 24 inches from you. If you don’t want to break out the tape measure, use your arm in order to measure the distance. 

When you know you’re about to start working from home, figure out the Dell computer monitor adjustments early on. If there is a problem, reach out to a professional for assistance on this matter. It’s in your best interest to get the right ergonomic placement to meet your needs.  

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