How Much Is an Atari Console Worth?

If you’re an owner or fan of an old-school gaming system, you may be wondering just how much an Atari is worth. We’ll answer that question and some common questions about various models and what you may be able to get. 

Atari systems generally sell for values between $50 and several thousand dollars. Several factors help determine how much an owner or collector can get for them. 

There’s no quick black and white number you can get for your Atari system. The amount you get for it will depend on several factors, with the condition being one of the most important. Like anything else, an Atari system that’s in perfect condition will sell for more than one that has many scrapes, scratches, and other imperfections. 

The system you want to sell makes a difference as well. Some models are more desirable to collectors than other models are. You must keep that in mind so that you don’t expect much more than you can receive. 

It may also depend on what you offer with your system. A complete set with two controllers, a power cord, and some games will sell for more than the base alone. 

Which Atari Systems Are Worth the Most?

Original systems that are still sealed are worth the most amount of money. For example, an original Atari 2600A in the box can sell for $1,800 with the right ad. Original games can go for thousands of dollars. An Ultra Rare version of Mr. Do’s Castle went for $1,600 in December of 2021, for example. 

You’ll find that the Atari Jaguar is a highly-priced system for sellers as well. The Jaguar system first made its appearance in 1993 and contained a 64-bit processor. In fact, it was the world’s first 64-bit system. The Jaguar isn’t designed like any other Atari model. Even its controllers differ. Thus, you might receive over $1,000 or more for that system if you own one. 

The Atari Lynx and its games are also highly desirable. The Lynx is a 16-bit portable system that’s also very rare. Its rareness can land you in the ballpark of $250 or more for the system and $200 for popular games alone. 

An Atari 7800 can sell for $60 to $300, depending on the condition and what you offer with it in your bundle. 

How Much Are Atari Games Worth?

What you get for Atari games will vary by title and condition. Donkey Kong is a popular game that has sold for values between $50 and $150. A brand new Donkey Kong Junior game went for $1,450 because it was in great condition. 

Where Can I Sell My Atari?

The best place to sell your Atari system is straight to a collector. You can use online classified ads to post your item for the price you want. Alternatively, you can use an online auction site and list it as an auction. This process will allow interested parties to bid on it. Bidding wars can get pretty intense when rare electronics are up for sale. 

Do not take your item to a pawn shop or chain store that  buys electrics because you will most likely not get what the item is worth. 

Can I Sell My Broken Atari?

You can offer your broken Atari, and someone will buy it from you. Many people look for parts off of older systems to restore them. Therefore, you can sell an Atari system that is broken, missing pieces, or not working at all. You will not get the full value for it, but you can get something if you’re in a jam and need cash right away. 

How Much Can I Get for a Broken Atari?

You can still get a couple hundred dollars for an Atari system that isn’t working. It all depends on what the buyers are looking for and whether your unit has the needed parts. You can get a great price for a system in not-so-good condition if you’re lucky. 

How Can I Make My Atari Worth More?

A lot of the pricing has to do with collector demand. You have no control over such a demand. However, you can make your Atari system more desirable by cleaning it up really well and taking stunning pictures of it for your ad. The unit should glisten when you take pictures of it so that collectors’ mouths will water. 

You’ll also need to add as much as possible to your offering. For example, offer a bundle with controllers, power supplies, and a few games with your listing. Ensure that you don’t short-change yourself by searching for the value of the games before you add them. Sometimes, it’s better to keep certain games out of a bundle because you can get more money from collectors battling over them by themselves. 

You’ll also want to accommodate your buyers in some way. Maybe you can offer them free shipping. Free shipping is a hot commodity because it makes people feel like they are saving money on something. 

Finally, your item description is the most powerful tool you have. Therefore, you’ll want to avoid slacking on it. Use flowery wording, vivid colors, and uplifting speech to describe the item they’re getting ready to buy. You can get more for your system if you use the tips to improve your listing. 

What Other Old Gaming Systems Are Valuable?

Sega Genesis consoles and games are ridiculously valuable. You’ll be in good shape if you can come across one of those. One mint condition game for this system usually sells for nearly $3,000 but can sell for as much as $35,000. The systems themselves can run anywhere from $500 to over $1,000.

Nintendos and Super Nintendo systems are hot classics as well. One Super Nintendo sold for $25,000 with 300 original games in December of 2021. An original NES sold for $3,500. 

These figures vastly depend on which games and model serial numbers you have, the condition of the items, and what you offer in the bundle. 

Now you have a bit more information about your existing Atari system and any other systems you might be interested in selling. Use the information to get the most out of your gaming system if you have one to sell. 

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