How Long Does It Take a PS4 Controller to Charge?

The PlayStation 4 controller, also known as the DualShock 4, is a pretty solid one, to the point that people still use it after the PlayStation 5 controller – the DualSense – has come out.

Not only does it have a solid form factor, but it is also the best way to play PS4 games, both on the PS4 and PS5.

Another great aspect of the controller design is its ability to use it without having to have the controller connected to the PS4 or PS5 itself and play wirelessly. But how long does it take for a PS4 controller to charge?

If your PS4 controller is completely dead, plugging it into the USB port on the PS4 or PS5 will have it fully charged in approximately two hours. However, if you are using the PS4 controller while it is charging, it will take longer for it to finish charging, especially under certain circumstances.

But why doesn’t the PS4 controller appear to charge sometimes? And how long does the PS4 controller take to run out of battery?

How Long Does It Take a PS4 Controller to Charge?

The PS4 controller takes about two hours to fully charge while the controller is not being used. This estimate is based on when the PS4 controller is completely drained of battery life.

However, there are factors that may influence how long it ultimately takes to charge. For example, you can use your PS4 controller while it is charging, which, like any chargeable device, means that the battery will take longer to charge.

The charging method makes a difference

The charging method also plays a role in how long it takes to finish charging. Even if you are charging using the PS4 or PS5’s USB port, if you use a lower-quality USB cable, the quality of the charge may be worse. You do not necessarily have to purchase an official USB cord for the PS4 controller, but at the very least, you should not purchase USB cables that are too cheap and/or have poor reviews. Not only can these often negatively impact the charging time, a bad USB cable could potentially cause damage to your PS4 controller or console.

You can also charge your PS4 controller using a USB wall charger. The same principles as the above apply: the quality of the USB cable will make a difference in how long it takes to charge your PS4 controller. Wall chargers typically have a 5V voltage rating, and is more or less a good way to charge your PS4 controller. If you go for a higher voltage rating than 5V, however, there are things you should know about this. First, if you use a 10V or 12V power brick, this will charge the PS4 controller faster than normal. However, it is not advised to use a voltage rating higher than 5V, as they may damage the PS4 controller.

You may also use a USB cable to plug into another device, such as your computer. However, not all USB ports are able to charge as quickly as others. Some USB ports charge quite slowly, and if you are using your PS4 controller while it is plugged into the port, you could even have the controller drain faster than it charges.

If you want to boost your PS4 controller’s charging speed, you can purchase a charging dock for your console. This device can be used to charge multiple controllers, and boosts the charging time from drained to fully charged to 1.8 hours.

How old is your controller?

Another factor that you need to consider is the age of the PS4 controller. Over time, electronics begin to degrade slowly but surely.

For the PS4 controller, this degradation comes in the form of the battery lasting for less time, as well as the battery taking longer to fully charge.

This increased length will happen whether you are using the controller while it is charging or not.

It will take quite a while for the PS4 controller’s battery to lose charge to a significant degree, though in the ten years since the PS4 was released, you will likely notice a decrease in the capacity over time.

How is the weather?

If the temperature in the room is too far below 10C or above 30C (50F and 86F respectively), the charging speed will be reduced.

How long does a PS4 controller last before the battery runs out?

The PS4 controller is only capable of being charged so many times, but it will take many thousands of charges before you may need to consider having the PS4 controller replaced.

However, at maximum capacity, the PS4 controller allows for somewhere around 4-8 hours of use. This range depends on multiple factors, such as what you are using it to do.

For example, actively playing a game versus simply having it on (such as while watching Netflix) will make a difference. You can also extend the battery life of your PS4 controller by changing the settings of the light on the top of the PS4 controller.

Why isn’t my PS4 controller charging?

When your PS4 controller is charging and in rest mode, the light on the top of the controller will slowly blink orange. Once the charging is complete, the light will turn off.

However, if your PS4 controller is not charging, the controller may not have access to a power source. Double check that the PS4 cable is plugged into both the USB port and the PS4 controller, and if so, make sure that the device you are using is powered on. For example, the PS4 console may be unplugged from a wall outlet.

If the PS4 is plugged in and has power, but the PS4 controller is not charging, make sure that the USB cord is working correctly. You can do this by attempting to use this USB cable in another device, or trying a different USB cable to charge the PS4 controller instead.

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