How Long Do Vizio TVs Last?

If you are looking to purchase your first smart TV then you may have noticed that Vizio TVs look great and are attractively priced. This is tempting but the first thing that most people wonder is this: 

How long do Vizio TVs last? 

A Vizio TV can last you about 7 years on average, but you can extend their life up to a possible 10 years with a little sensible care. 

Vizio are great TVs that you can enjoy for a long time and today we’ll tell you all about how you can do that. 

We’ll let you know how long smart TVs usually last, cover warranty concerns, and tell you what you can do to get the most life out of your Vizio Smart Television. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

How long do most smart TV’s last? 

It might interest you to know that while you can get an average of 7 years out of your lower-priced Vizio, Sony advises on their own TVs that you are looking at 4 – 6 years of use with their highest settings. Light or moderate use, by contrast, might get you about 10 years – the same amount of time you get if you actually take care of your Vizio TV. 

The average for MOST smart TVs is around 7 years, so don’t be fooled into thinking that you are getting a lesser TV when you purchase a Vizio. As you can see by the quality when you view one in person, you are simply getting a great TV at a lower price and 7 years of use is certainly longer than Sony’s promised 4 – 6! 

What kind of warranty comes standard with a Vizio TV? 

The standard warranty that comes with a Vizio TV is a period of 90 days. With that in mind, if you are offered a chance at an extended warranty through your vendor then this might be worth considering. 

While your Vizio TV is a solid, state-of-the-art machine, power surges and other unpredictable issues can arise and a good extended warranty can help to protect your investment. There are also some simple things which you can do to extend the life on your own and that’s what we are going to detail next. 

With these steps, you can likely extend your enjoyment of your Vizio TV to as much as 10 years before any sort of degradation begins to creep in. All it takes is a little forethought and preventative maintenance care on your part and don’t worry – these are just simple, common-sense solutions and hardly take any time at all! 

What can I do to maximize the life of my Vizio TV? 

Maximizing the life of your Vizio TV just boils down to understanding your settings, selecting the right location for displaying your TV, a little cleaning, and some simple common-sense care. The most common problem with smart T Vs, your Vizio Smart TV included, is an issue with the backlights caused by your brightness settings. 

This is typically the first thing that can cause eventual degradation in you display and so we will address that one first. 

Lowering your brightness settings 

Setting your brightness settings as high as they can go is not good for your TV. This puts a lot of stress on the backlight and this is generally the first thing that goes in any Smart TV. It doesn’t improve your viewing either, when you think about it. 

When your brightness settings are too high, any movie scenes that are filmed in the dark will be too defined, taking out some of the mystique of the scene, and if you are a gamer then this will affect shading and other things such as character costumes, stealth play, and more. 

You simply don’t need the brightness that high. 

Vizio TVs are capable of 4k resolution and employ more that 8 million pixels to give you a clear, beautiful image, so with a Vizio that brightness setting is really just there to minimize your reflections and glare. 

To get a great image, we recommend that you first try the factory preset options to see if any of them looks good with your favorite movies or games. Set your brightness a little lower if you are viewing your TV in a dark area. 

This is all you need to do to get a great picture from your Visio and to take a little stress off of your backlight. 

Make sure that your Vizio television is in an optimal space 

You might not realize it, but where you put a smart TV is going to make a lot of difference. Your Vizio has components that are sensitive to heat and moisture, so the first thing you want to do is keep your Vizio away from windows 

. An open window invites splashes of rain but even a closed window can inadvertently damage your TV – because of sunlight. For added protection, keep your Vizio TV away from any other appliances that you might have in the room which emit their own heat, too. 

That way you don’t have to worry about additional heat that Smart TVs simply aren’t designed to handle. This also brings us to proper ventilation. You want your cabinet space to have good circulation, and a mini-fan is a good idea if your cabinet is a little cramped. 

They don’t use much electricity, they run silently, and they are good for all of the electronics close-by in the cabinet, not just your TV. Also, if it’s possible, try to make sure that your Vizio TV has about 2 inches of space behind it so that it can ‘breathe’. This will help keep its running temperature at ideal, tested levels. 

Finally, don’t put it anywhere that roughhousing kids or clumsy guests might bump into it. A wall mount is a good idea if your model supports it and a cabinet is simply not an option due to space concerns. 

Invest in a good surge protector 

This is a good idea for all of your home electronics. Surge protectors don’t cost much and they just make good sense. When a storm is brewing or even on rare occasions during normal use on a cloudless day, a surge of electrical power can burn-out your expensive electronics in seconds. 

A surge protector solves this and gives you additional outlets in the bargain, allowing you to plug in more devices without having to run power cables haphazardly around the house. You can buy then as cheaply as $5 in some places or you can get higher-end models for around $20 and they last for years and years. 

Don’t risk your expensive electronics by running them without one. One power surge can cost you a lot of money and this is easily preventable, so don’t skimp on this step. Protect your home entertainment investments with this simple step. 

Don’t let your TV get too dusty… clean it regularly 

You don’t think about it, but if you don’t regularly look at the back of the items in your home entertainment cabinet then do and do it now. See that dust? 

That dust is really bad for your electronics. Dust accumulates over time, slowly but surely, and eventually it will accrue in amounts that can reduce the efficiency of ventilation in your electronics. With a Smart TV like your Vizio, this can affect components like your Backlight and more. Dust can get inside and that can come back to bite you. 

The solution? Just dust it once a week. It will take you about 2 – 3 minutes and it makes a huge difference. Don’t use any sort of cleaning solutions, as they aren’t designed for your TV. Instead just get yourself some dry microfiber cloths for wiping down the front and for dusting the back of your electronics. 

This will keep your screen clean and it will dislodge the dust in the back before it can build-up and cost you money! 

Turn it off when you aren’t using it 

The final way to get more life out of your TV is to turn it off when you aren’t using it. Leave it on if you want a little background noise, of course, but if you aren’t using it then it only takes a second to pick up the remote and turn it off. 

If you normally leave it on do to losing the remote from time to time, get a ‘remote boat’ or stick get come Velcro tape and put a little under your TV table and a little on your remote and just stick it there when you aren’t using it. 

Problem solved. 

Some final words on Vizio TVs 

Vizio TVs are great smart televisions that support high resolutions and will last up to 10 years if properly cared for. Just be sure to locate it somewhere that is well ventilated and away from windows, keep it clean, protect it from surges, and to turn it off when you aren’t using it. 

A little common sense goes a long way and if you take care of your Vizio then you will be enjoying that crisp, clean picture for many years to come. You can count on it! 

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