How Do I Pair My iHip Headphones?

When it comes to headphones, iHip is one of the most popular manufacturers right now. This is because they produce headphones that are just as good of quality as the high-end ones companies like Bose and Sony at a more affordable cost. Often when people get a new set of iHip headphones they are unsure of how to pair them to a device. 

Once your iHip headphones are paired to one or several devices, they will start automatically looking for one to pair with once they are turned on. However, if they haven’t been paired to a device yet you will need to manually pair them to one.  

If you haven’t paired a set of iHip headphones to a device yet, it’s very simple to do. With a few steps, your new iHip headphones will be paired to the device of your choice. Keep reading to find out what you need to do.   

How To Pair iHip Headphones To Your Device 

Every set of iHip headphones will have a multi-function control button. When you press that button, the LED indicator will start to flash. If you’re not sure which button this is, try to find the button that turns the headphones on. It’s important to know where all the buttons are and what they do before you start. 

Once you are ready to connect your iHip headphones to a phone or tablet, follow these steps to pair the devices successfully: 

  1. Press and hold down on the Power button for 2 to 4 seconds. You need to do this to turn on the iHip headphones and allow them to go into pairing mode.  
  2. When the LED indicator is flashing blue and red, the pairing mode is now on. There will also be a sound to alert you that they are ready for pairing. 
  3.  Select the device you wish to pair the iHip headphones to. Make sure the device is Bluetooth enabled.  
  4. On the device, turn on the Bluetooth and wait for the iHip headphones option to show up. This may take a few seconds.  
  5. Once your device has recognized the iHip headphones, choose them to pair with. 
  6. A sound will then alert you that the iHip headphones are connected to the device. You can now enjoy your new set of iHip headphones. 

This is how you pair the iHip headphones to a device for the first time. The next time you wish to use them with that same device you will only have to press down on the Power button for 2 seconds. A blue light will start to flash from the LED indicator to let you know they have been paired. 

Is There Anything That Could Prevent Your iHip Headphones From Pairing? 

Before trying to pair your iHip headphones to a device it’s crucial that you check the battery level. What you may not have known is that a low battery level will actually interfere with the pairing process. If your headphones are brand new then they will definitely need to be charged before pairing because new headphones only come at a 40 % charge. 

Another thing that could affect the pairing process is if there are any other Bluetooth devices around. Before you start, check the other devices in the room and make sure their Bluetooth has been turned off. This way they won’t interfere with the pairing. Once you have taken care of the battery level and turned off the other devices’ Bluetooths, you shouldn’t have any issue pairing the iHip headphones. 

Are There Any Issues That Arise With Pairing A Set Of iHip Headphones To A Device? 

The pairing process is relatively simple. As long as there isn’t anything interfering with their connection people shouldn’t have a problem getting their iHip headphones to pair to a device. However, some users have noticed that their iHip headphones don’t always hold the best connection. While the sound is excellent, sometimes the connection will drop in the middle of the song. 

What Devices Can Be Paired To The iHip Headphones? 

While many people would believe that iHip headphones are designed specifically for Apple devices, that’s not the case at all. These headphones can be paired with either IOS or Android devices. There are many different iHip headphone models available, and each one is compatible with either make of devices. 

As long as your device is able to sync to Bluetooth, then you should have no issue pairing it with the iHip headphones. This is just one of the many reasons a set of iHip headphones makes the perfect gift, even if you don’t know what device the receiver uses.  

Why Are My iHip Headphones Not Pairing? 

If your iHip headphones aren’t pairing, it’s probably a simple fix. The most common issue with a set of iHip headphones not pairing is that they are out of range. Try to make sure the device and the headset are closer together when pairing. Another reason that you aren’t pairing could be that the headphones aren’t in pairing mode. 

However, if you are experiencing persistent problems with pairing and holding a connection then you should consider resetting your device. While issues with Bluetooth connection may be annoying, they are usually relatively easy to fix.  

How Will I Know When My iHip Headphones Are Ready To Be Paired? 

You should always wait until your iHip headphones are fully charged before you try to pair them because you don’t want a low battery interrupting the pairing connection. How do you know when your iHip headphones are fully charged? When you start charging your iHip headphones, you may notice the LED indicator is flashing red.  

Once the LED indicator has stopped flashing and is just a solid red light, the headphones are fully charged. When you notice this, you can safely pair your iHip headphones to any device without interruption. However, you should always make sure the device you want to pair your headphones with is fully charged as well to avoid any issues during the process. 

How Long Do iHip Headphones Take To Charge? 

If you just got a brand new pair of iHip headphones, then you’re probably excited to put them to use. That’s why you’ll want to get them on a charger as soon as possible. Most iHip headphones take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours to fully charge, depending on which USB they are connected to.  

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a new pair of headphones to get for yourself or to give as a gift, you may have heard the name iHip get tossed around. Many people love these headphones because they can get great quality sound without having to pay insanely high prices. Another perk about these headphones is that they are compatible with almost every Bluetooth device.  

Pairing your iHip headphone to any device of your choice is a very easy process, and any issues that arise are generally a quick and simple fix. Once your new headphones are fully charged it won’t be long until they are paired and ready to start playing your favorite songs. 

If any other issues do arise while trying to pair your iHip headphones to a device, reach out to the manufacturers for further instructions. 

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